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  • Material Ceramic

Short Description

Aries - Personality Sun Sign;Stainless Steel Bottle by Brand Hot Muggs. Nice Personality Trait "Adventurous and Agressive - That Is Me" on Bottle with your Zodiac Sign. Bottle can hold 750ml of your favorite drink. Made from stainless Steel, the bottle is BPA free, leak proof and light weight. No Odours and no changes in taste. Capacity 750 ml.

FREE ZODIAC SIGN BOOKLET WITH THE Bottle. Lots of trivia information in booklet based on your zodiac sign like: your favorite pick-up line, your favorite colours,your coffee choice and a lot more. Comes in a HotMuggs Bottle Box. Ideal as a birthday gift. Only One Bottle (1) Bottle. If you see two Bottles in the picture, it is there to show both the sides of the Bottle. Please note that this is not a FLASK and does not have heat retention capacities. In case you need a flask, you can search for Hot Muggs Flasks.


Sippers are really handy travel accessories and this Aries themed one should definitely deserve a closer look. This comes in silver and is made of steel.

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