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Short Description

* Material: PU And Nylon
* Color: Brown
* Style: Contemporary
* Finish: Matte
* Frame Material: Nylon
* Seat Upholstery Material: PU
* With Arm Rest: Yes
* Mid Back: Yes
* Chair Height: 40.2 inches (101 cm), Length: 24.4 inches (61 cm), Width: 28.7 inches (72 cm)
* Delivery Condition: Knock Down
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Chair)


Dainty Looks

Make a comfortable addition to your workplace with this brown coloured visitor chair. The subtle colour will blend in with existing decors and interiors. The modern contemporary layout of this chair exudes a classy effect. Matte finish imparts an enticing effect to this piece of furniture.

Comfortable Design

Skilfully framed from nylon, this visitor chair promises quality and excellence. The trustworthy name of HomeTown commits of the best performance of the furniture making this visitor chair a must-own product. PU is used as upholstery material providing deep comfort while sitting. Upholstered arm rests give a leading edge on relaxation.

Finish the Look

Place it on a rug of contrasting shade and opt or voguish office interiors of similar colour scheme.

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