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                Redefine Your Bathroom Decor with Stylish Shower Panels

                Shower panels are pre-fitted with overhead and hand showers. You can install these shower wall panels to create a division between your shower area and the rest of your bathroom. This way, you can avoid the mess of water spillage everywhere. Moreover, these bathroom panels are easy to set up and can be changed when required.

                You have different types of shower panels available. With thermostatic shower panels, you don't have to worry about the bathwater temperature. You can easily adjust it to the desired temperature so that you don't suffer from severe burns or too cold water. The shower panels with jets are a boon for relaxing the strained muscles of neck and shoulders through hydrotherapy, as they provide a soothing massage. There are even waterproof bathroom shower panels and fixed glass shower panels, so you can choose the one as per your needs.

                At HomeTown, you will find a wide variety of modern shower panels and multifunctional bath shower panels. You will find options in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass shower panels. Some of these come along with FM radio so that you can indulge in some good music as you start off your day.

                Check Out the Sleek Shower Panel Ranges at HomeTown

                HomeTown offers you a lavish range of shower panels that are a necessity for an efficient, relaxing, and quick bath. You don't have to rush in the mornings when you are already running late for work, or you won't feel bathing to be a task when you come home from work all tired. HomeTown offers an in-house range of stylish shower panels. These include:

                • Metal & Glass Modern Shower Panels:
                • Lascia, Spark, Snow, Ocean, Avon, Grace, Della

                • Steel Multifunctional Shower Panels:
                • Apollo, Charm, Bliss, Paradise, Platinum

                • Glass Multifunctional Shower Panels:
                • Ornet, Spectrum, Matrix, Sylvia, Splendid

                Grab Affordable Shower Panel Prices from HomeTown

                Who said your home needs to be nothing less than a mansion to own a shower cubicle, bathtub, and shower panel. You can, too, adorn your home and leave your guests amazed by modern bathroom accessories like a thermostatic shower panel at affordable costs. You can choose from a variety of shower panel designs, where the shower panel prices may vary based on brand, type, material, design, and discounts. Here is a table that displays some of the best shower panels and their prices:

                Sr No. Product Name Price
                1 Apollo Stainless steel Shower Multifunctions in Steel Colour by HomeTown ₹21,900
                2 Ornet Glass Shower Multifunctions in White Colour by HomeTown ₹21,900
                3 Lascia Shower Panel ₹17,190
                4 Spark Shower Panel ₹17,190
                5 Bliss Stainless steel Shower Multifunctions in Steel Colour by HomeTown ₹22,410

                Purchase a Shower Panel Online at HomeTown

                With so many designs available on one single platform, you don't have to visit places to pick the right bathroom panel. Also, when you buy shower panels online from HomeTown, you can pay via credit or debit card. So, your trip to an ATM or bank is saved. You can also pay via credit card EMI.

                If you are confused with spacing or measurements, then you can be worry-free, as we at HomeTown also offer design and build services. You can consult our in-house designer and get help with customized bathrooms, space planning, budget planning, measurements, furniture for all rooms, design concepts, mood boards, soft furnishings, and more.

                Check Out the Various Shower Panels Deals at HomeTown

                With so many sale offers such as different seasonal sales, clearance sales, and daily deals, you can avail massive discounts on the shower panels for sale ranging from 20% to 80%. With the exciting shower panel offers online, you can buy the bathroom shower panel of your choice conveniently.

                You can also check out other products such as storage cabinets,double bed mattress , office storage, sheer curtains, wall mirrors, table and floor lamps, platters, forks, spoons, towel sets, refrigerator, and more.

                Frequently Asked Questions:

                What is a shower panel?

                A shower panel is a bathroom fitting for a shower area that is pre-fitted with overhead and flexible hand shower, thermostatic control, body jets, diverter, mixture, and spout. Some of them also feature a control panel to play music over Bluetooth and FM radio and to display water temperature.

                What are the different materials used for making shower panels?

                Shower panels are made from different materials, such as glass, stainless steel, PVC, acrylic, plastic, bronze, and aluminum.

                How much space is required to install the shower panel?

                Shower panels don't require much space and can be installed even in smaller bathrooms. They take up to 160 x 30 cm of space.

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