Clean and Care Instructions for Leather Furniture's

General Care

* Always remember not to clean the leather furniture’s with harsh soaps or chemicals. You can use leather specific cleaners occasionally.
* It is always better to keep sharp objects away from leather as it is more prone to damage.
* Avoid keeping the leather furniture’s under direct sunlight or near other sources of heat.
* It is always better to conduct a patch test before using any cleaner to clean the whole set of leather furniture's as improper handling may lead to voiding leather furniture warranty.
* It is recommended to clean it with a lint free cloth or a mild wet sponge.

Spot Cleaning Leather

* For stubborn stains, seek professional cleaning services.
* For light stains it is recommended to prepare a solution of mild soap and distilled water in 1:1 ratio and by dip a piece of cloth into it. Clean the stains gently using it.

Clean and Care for Instructions Wood Furniture's

General Care

* Always make a point not to use silicone based furniture polish.
* Wipe the furniture gently by using a lint free cloth on a daily basis in order to keep it dust free and clean.
* Do not drag across the wood furniture's very harshly as it may damage its joints.
* Do not keep the furniture's under direct sunlight or heat as it may deteriorate its color and cause cracking .
* Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals and abrasives on wood furniture.
* To maintain the finish and moisture of wood, application of beeswax is recommended at least once in a year.

Spot Cleaning Wood

* If you tend to spill over something, wipe it up immediately in order to avoid any stains.
* Prepare a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and cooking oil and rub in the same direction of the grain for removing water rings.
* To remove cloudiness, prepare a solution of one tablespoon of vinegar mixed with one quart of water and rub in the same direction. After this use furniture oil or polish.

Clean and Care Instructions for Painted Furniture

General Care

* Dust off the painted furniture or clean it using a wet cloth.
* Post cleaning; always make a point to leave the surface dry as water spots turn to permanent marks upon drying.

Spot Cleaning Painted Furniture

* Use the following process to clean the spots/stains on painted furniture’s.
* Dip a soft cloth in the hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent solution.
* To remove excess liquid, wring the cloth well.
* Now using this piece of cloth, rub the surface gently in a circular motion.
* Never forget to dry the surface, immediately after cleaning it with a soft towel.

Clean and Care Instructions for Mattresses

General Care

* To prevent staining, always make a point to use a mattress pad.
* In order to smooth out contours, turn and rotate a new mattress after every few weeks.
* Always avoid dry cleaning products on your mattress as it may severe cause damage to some of the materials.

Spot Cleaning Mattresses

* Blot excess moisture using a soft cloth in case your mattress gets wet or soiled.
* Prepare a solution of mild soap with cold water and rinse it well on the affected areas to remove stains. Pat it dry afterwards.

Clean and Care Instructions for Upholstered Furniture

General Care

* Never keep the upholstered furniture in direct exposure of sun.
* Every once a week vaccum it using the upholstery attachment.
* Avoid over spraying household chemicals near upholstered furniture.
* Seek professional cleaning services periodically for better maintenance of upholstered furniture.

Spot Cleaning Upholstery

* If you tend to spill something over the upholstered furniture’s, clean it immediately to avoid permanent stains. Do not rub it harshly, use mild circular strokes.
* Avoid the usage of harsh detergents and chemicals to clean your upholstery.
* Before using any care product, it is always better to do a 'patch test' over a hidden area.

Clean and Care Instructions for Metal Furniture

General Care

* For regular dusting, use a vacuum cleaner brush or a mildly wet piece of cloth.
* Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners.
* Never keep the metal furniture exposed to excessive humidity
* Never forget to use coasters under all beverages.

Spot Cleaning Metal

* If the piece of metal tends to get soiled, wash it using a slightly wet cloth.
* Rinse it in mild detergent (hand dishwashing liquid) and lukewarm water and if required, repeat the process.
* In order to avoid any water spots, wipe it dry using a piece of cloth or paper towel.

Clean and Care Instructions for Glass Furniture

General Care

* Sliding rough objects across the glass surface can lead to permanent scratches.
* Use lukewarm water or a lint-free soft cloth to clean the glass furniture. Wring out excess water and wipe the surface using gentle strokes.
* For the cleaning purpose, use of a non-abrasive commercial glass is only recommended.