Coat Hangers

As winter is starting to kick in, the need for additional layers kicks in too. Nobody wants to constantly fold and keep their layers back in their closets, only to remove it out the next day yet again. Additionally, heavy winter layers can hoard large amounts of closet space, leaving little to no room for your other belongings.

Avoid incessant folds and the constant hassle of ironing! Coat hangers make our lives easier, and they’re also a growing trend in interior design - making a quirky decorative element that funks up your room by a fraction. There are many available options for coat hangers online, be it a standing coat hanger, a coat hanger unit, a wooden coat rack, or a door hung coat rack. So how to incorporate this functional upholstery in your home that doubles as a space saver? Ask yourself these questions before you set out to pick your coat hanger:

- What type of coat hanger are you looking for?

- What function are you hoping for it to fulfil?

- Which kind of coat hanger will match your interiors? (standing coat hanger, wooden coat rack, coat hanger unit)

- What material and design are you looking for?

- Does the coat hanger fall into your budget?

How to pick the perfect coat hanger for your home?

There are many options to buy coat hangers online, so carefully assess what you deem best for your home. First, measure the dimensions of your walls and free space and ensure they match the dimensions of your chosen coat rack. Second, try to envision the design on the designated spot you chose in your home. Third, ensure that the colour and style match your interiors. Finally, if you think you’re good to go, make your purchase.

Check out HomeTown’s range of designer coat hangers that are a must-have:

HomeTown offers several standing coat hangers as well as other options to suit your needs. Whether you want your coat hanger to stand out, or blend seamlessly with your surroundings, check out our list of selections curated for you:

Engineered Wood Coat Hanger:

Get yourself a wooden standing coat hanger for your room. Place it near your bed or in the corner of your room to showcase your favourite pieces from your collection. Engineered wood coat hangers are the perfect solution for your storage problems. Durable, functional, and even stylish, they’re a quick solution to hang your clothes.

Metal Coat Hanger:

Metal coat hangers are highly functional with their excess durability. These are ideal for heavier clothes such as your winter apparel or embroidery heavy clothes.

Sheesham Wood Coat Hanger:

Sheesham wood coat hangers are best to hold your ironed clothes to prevent any wrinkles. These space-savers can be highly useful, especially in small homes where there are constricted areas of movement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which kind of coat hanger is best suited for my bedroom?

- A standing coat rack would be ideal if your bedroom is spacious and in need of a quirky decor upgrade. Whereas, if your room is small and you’re trying to save on space, a wall coat hanger or a door coat hanger would be ideal.

2. What kind of material is best suited for coat racks?

While wooden coat racks are highly popular, there are metal one’s available too. Ultimately the decision is up to you, as both can be highly stylish. Keep in mind that metal is more durable and can withstand more weight.

3. Why should I opt for a coat hanger?

- Coat hangers are a great way to save space while also aesthetically elevating your room. A simple piece of decor can go a long way in interior design, so why not make it functional too?

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