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King Size Beds: Explore Online King Size Bed Collection at HomeTown

Nothing exists in your bedroom that prepares you for a beautiful day than a wonderful night's sleep. And, a wonderful night is only possible when you sleep in a comfortable bed. That’s why HomeTown ensures state of the art king size beds, designed to let you roll, stretch or kick till your heart’s content. Our king size beds give a sufficient amount of space for sleeping. If you have a large bedroom, opt for a king sized bed with storage. This furniture lets you have a lot of space for each member while sharing. Choose from Atlas king beds, Leopold king size bed to Morrison king size bed and Amelia’s king size bed with hydraulic storage and so on. We give you endless options when it comes to purchasing quality and durable beds at affordable prices.

King Size Storage Bed

When it comes to buying the right bed, going for a king size bed with storage is the right bet. This type of bed is a perfect solution for a couple. Reason being, king size beds are manufactured to have broader and enough space for two people to sleep with hands and legs spread wide or either snuggled in one corner. At HomeTown, you can find a variety of king size storage beds. Our beds are not only classy but are also ideal for ample storage options & provide utmost comfort.

King Size Bed with Hydraulic Storage

If you are looking for a bed that can allow easy access to storage spaces, then our king size beds with hydraulic storage are the right option. These beds are designed with the aid of a lifting mechanism. King size hydraulic storage bed is made using two or three sets of gas springs that are fixed on metal lifting frames and installed under the bed boards. A gas spring consists of a pressure tube and a piston rod that help lift and position the bed. With this, you can access the storage space under the bed. We, at HomeTown, help you buy hydraulic king size bed online at an affordable price.

Wooden King Size Beds Online

A comfortable wooden king size bed leads to having a sound sleep, which is a significant part of every man or woman’s life. It’s an instrument of a nap. If you didn’t have a good sleep throughout the night, your next day work would be severely affected and your energy levels will be all-time low. Quality sleep and beds are collectively associated with each other. If your beds are uncomfortable, too small, and leave you feeling itchy, and so on, you cannot expect to enjoy good-quality sleep. Therefore, shop from wooden king size bed collection which are durable, comfortable, and look good at the same time.

Choose from King Size Bed Designs that Speak Your Style

A bed is a long time investment, carrying a good effect on your health. So, spend enough time searching for it as per your affordability because basically, you are buying your sleep. With this, you should also stay focused on choosing good deals. Before making a purchase decision, ask these questions:
  • For whom you’re buying the bed design? Is it you, your child, or a guest?
  • How often will you use it? Is it for everyday use by you, and not your guest?
  • How many people will be using it? It’s important to know that a king size bed design is suitable for a couple, where a single bed design is best suited for a single person.
  • Do you want to purchase a king size bed design with storage?
  • What king size bed design preference are you making?
HomeTown houses a wide range of king size bed designs. They are perfect for box-bed solutions & drawers. They also serve the purpose of ottoman storage spaces. You can find king size bed designs online with a headboard, or bunk bed and platform bed. Choose one that speaks your style.

King Size Bed Size

Make sure you are looking out for a suitable king size bed size. Count the number of people who will be using it. Measure the space where you are going to place the bed. Single bed size differs from a king size bed. Also, king bed size and queen size bed are the two double bed designs. Typically, these beds are available in different sizes. Have a look:
  • Single Bed Size – 75” x 38”
  • Queen Bed Size – 60” x 80”
  • King Bed Size – 76”x 80”
  • King Size Bed – This is good for double occupancy because of their large size.
  • Queen Size Bed – Also, called single beds, queen size beds are ideal for single occupancy.
Furthermore, if you often move or spread while sleeping, size turns out to be an essential factor. Depending on your needs of the hour, explore our range of single and double beds. Also, look into the items with headboards and storage.

King Size Bed Furniture

Consider the style of your king size beds, depending on your requirements.
  • King Size Storage Bed– Nowadays, storage beds are trendy. They are perfect for extra storage with a drawer or box under the bed.
  • Solid Wood King Size Bed – Known for their contemporary and straightforward style, these beds have a wooden base. They come without a box spring. They are a low floor, light in weight, and can be moved easily around.
  • King Size Vintage Bed - Add an old style to your bedroom. Coming with the curves of old-fashion, these king size beds give a decorative look to your room.

Buy King Size Bed Online at HomeTown

As a leading name, we provide you with a vast range of hometown king size beds at discount prices. To avail the right beds, explore our products. Read the descriptions, look at the size, and go through to the easy-to-maintain guides. Then pick the king size bed online that is best suited to your requirements. Get the best king size bed furniture online today!