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Buy Four Door Wardrobes for Sale Online at HomeTown

Do you want to use a little extra closet space in your bedroom? A 4 door wardrobe can be an excellent addition. It allows much needed additional storage solution. Being free-standing pieces of furniture with many compartments and doors, a 4 door almirah comes with several styles and models. It is an ideal option for hanging garments, organizing linens, electronics, and other bedroom items. HomeTown offers you closets with a natural finish or ones that are painted.

Pick the Best 4 Door Wardrobe Design

A Wide Range of Wardrobes Available Online at HomeTown HomeTown brings you a wide range of standard quality wardrobes. Like two doors, three doors wardrobes, our four -door wardrobes are also designed to have mirrors or intricate details on them. Four door wardrobe models have more depth, allowing you to accommodate and organize your everyday style essentials. 4 door wardrobe with mirror can also be used to store out of season formal wear, clothing and outerwear.

Some of the popular 4 door wardrobes available at HomeTown are Premier Engineered Wood Four-Door Wardrobe, Utsav Engineered Wood Wardrobe, Stellar Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Mozart Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Imperial Rubber Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Archer Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Diana Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Alexandria Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Savana Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Bavaria Solid Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Edwina Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe, Cambry Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe and much more.

4 Door Wardrobe With Mirror and Drawers

Materials of Wardrobes The best wardrobes are made from engineered to solid wood that is both dense and durable. While some cost-effective options come with particle wood and laminate, they cannot withstand the test of time. Moisture and dampness may cause them to eventually wrap and swell. So, choose the 4 door wardrobes with mirror made of engineered or solid wood. They are also elegant and durable and perfect for a natural wood finish to match light colored furniture. Our range of 4 -door wardrobes can complement other furniture in the bedroom. They have deep, rich overtones of dark brown and deep red. Shop for wardrobes already painted a solid color.

Four Door Wardrobe Designs

Take a look at the interior space while shopping four door wardrobes online. In general, we have this storage item with three main types of storage options: a hanging bar, shelving, and drawers.

  • Wardrobes with a bar - In case, you want to use wardrobe as a closet storage, purchase one with a bar. This is perfect for hanging garments.

  • Wardrobes with shelving space - Wardrobes with shelving space are is ideal for storing folded clothes, like t-shirts, shorts, or even linens. They are also a convenient option to store knick-knacks.

  • Wardrobes with drawers – These wardrobes give you an excellent choice to store socks, underwear, and other small items.

Most of our four -door wardrobes come with a blend of all the three types of storage solution.

Safety Tips for Solid Wood Four Door Wardrobe

To keep your wardrobes safe, you can choose to attach it to the wall with wall-mounted brackets. This prevents the furniture from tipping over. For the betterment of the item, tend to store heaviest objects on bottom shelves or in bottom drawers. In contrast, choose to keep lighter items in top drawers to prevent tipping. Also, our wooden 4 door wardrobes come with locks so use them to stop children from climbing shelves.

Shop For HomeTown 4 Door Wardrobes

Size and Style While shopping for wardrobes online from HomewTown, make sure the model you have chosen fits your room's motif and space. Before selecting a 4 door almirah, decide where you will place it. If you have a limited room, don’t fail to measure the surrounding dimensions (the height and width, also depth) to ensure you they are not buying an oversized piece. This will allow you to have more storage space.