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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

In need of a nice, new mirror to add that special touch to your home? Look no further, by simply browsing on hometown.in we're sure to ensure you will find the perfect furnishings for your home. Specializing with a wide range of mirror designs here at hometown.in, whether its big, small, round, triangular. we're sure we can find you something to suit your home. Our prices are not a point of question either; with regular sales hometown.in is sure to find you a bargain! With so many mirror designs it's difficult to choose which one is right for you, but while you're mulling it over - why not have a browse at some of our other furnishings to match? Right next door, in our Home Decor tab, there is some beautiful Wall Art that could match wonderfully and that might just catch your eye.

Designer Mirrors

Indeed, all our wall art at hometown.in is individually designed to capture any modest eye. Such as our 'Abstract Mirror', ideally as a prominent piece for the Living Room or even Entrance, friends and family are guaranteed to notice such a subtle representation of modern art. Even our Mirror Collage could look stunning in a Hallway or Bathroom. These mirrors are designed to look beautiful, stylish and fashionable, wherever you decide to place them - as they need to be admired, as well as the person gazing into them!

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Our selection of wall art is very diverse! Don't be completely overwhelmed by the different types we have displayed, nor discouraged if you cannot find one completely to your taste. If browsing and gazing has stirred you to look for more, why not take a look at some of our lovely light fittings? If your initial mirror search was to lighten up a room, surely a momentous Table Lamp might match. Or even just a few elegant artifacts to add about the house, as we have an array of handcrafted showpieces at reasonable prices!

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hometown.in is here to provide you with fantastic, free shipped, fabulous furnishings. We stock other great furnishings for every room in the house such as: sofas, tables, linen, kitchen appliances... the list is endless! So, why not check out India's number one furniture shop,today!