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Usually in the entire house, you spend most of your time on the sofa. It could be just for watching television, to entertain guest, take an afternoon nap or chill out with friends, it is a comfortable piece of furniture to relax on for a while. An aptly suited sofa set enhances the look of your house, whether you place it in your living room or bedroom.

Types of Sofa

Keeping in mind the style and interior of your house, you can experiment with differentsofa set designs . Usually the common types of sofa design are wooden sofa set, leather sofa and a sofa couch. However, if you are bored of traditional wooden sofa design and want to buy variants of conventional wooden sofa for your living room, you can try the new sofa design in foam, PVC and half leather from Hometown. You can also explore the different sizes, color and style of sofa sets at Hometown to buy the best one for your house.

Sofa Price

Sofa set price depends on the size and looks of the sofa you are looking for.

Sofa Set Prices

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Clyde Rubber Wood Three Seater sofa in Dark Cappuccino Colour by HomeTown ₹17,530
2 Chelsea Fabric Two Seater Sofa in Brown Colour by HomeTown ₹21,059
3 Miller Fabric Three Seater Sofa in Grey Colour by HomeTown ₹24,105
4 Christopher Fabric Two Seater Sofa in Brown Colour by HomeTown ₹21,000
5 Paddington Fabric Two Seater Sofa in Beige Colour by HomeTown ₹15,000

Sofa Ranges on HomeTown

While choosing the appropriate sofa sets for your house, you can try the options from the following top sofa ranges on HomeTown.

  • Arrow
  • Petey
  • Miller
  • Herman
  • Patrick

Buy Sofa Online

Before looking for a sofa online, decide the kind of look you want for your living room. Do you want it to be contemporary with a modern touch? Or a simple rustic look that oozes a misty feel. Whatever it is, you can take a look at sofa set online at Hometown. At Hometown you can buy sofa set online that fits best in your living room while providing you with enough comfort and ease. If you have a spacious living room, you can choose a three-seater sofa or a full sofa set in different materials like leather fabric, solid wood, rubber wood, etc. If not, you can also buy a two-seater sofa or a single seat sofa with or without armrest in PVC or wood. While looking for sofa online India, also look at its utility. If you have frequent guests visiting you, you should get a sturdy wooden sofa set online India that is durable as well as spacious to accommodate all guests. Similarly, if your sofa is going to be used less, you can take a PVC fabric sofas that are easy to be cleaned and managed.

Experiment with Sofa Designs

You can place a good sofa set in your bedroom too. For example, with a bed that has a leather headboard, you can place a single set leather sofa design in your room to compliment the overall look. Similarly, you can keep a fabric sofa with open wooden frame in your verandah for your afternoon naps, as you can place a leather recliner in your living room for a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Get the Best Sofa Set Offers

While looking at the sofa for sale online, you can grab the best deals at the sofa sale on Hometown. Though there are various sofa set for sale all round the year on Hometown, often there are attractive deals and offers on its different sofa designs. These offers include discount up to and above 80% and additional discounts when you purchase other home furnishing items on Hometown.

Complete the Living Room Look with Hometown Furnishing

While the sofa is essential for your living room, it is still incomplete without the other furniture and furnishing products. With Hometown, you can be assured that you complete the living room look, all under one roof. Along with the different sofa designs, you can shop for Tv units , end tables and bar cabinets to further decorate your house. Once you have placed the furniture, you can add in the furnishing and decor items to accentuate the whole look. You can pick some curtains in matching design and color and throw in some quirky colored pillows on the sofa to get the impressive living room ready to welcome the guests.


What's the Difference Between a Sofa and a Couch?

A sofa is a bench like furniture with straight and full arms and back to sit on whereas a couch is more like a low lying bed with to sleep or lie down. Generally, couches do not have a full back, and even if they do, they are for a designer purpose.

Which is the Best Material for a Sofa?

The best material for a sofa is wood. It could be rubber wood or solid wood. Wood is sturdy and long-lasting and keeps the sofa intact. The sofa fabric could be cloth or leather depending on the look you want.

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