If you are looking to create the ultimate spot to relax, you have come to the right place. One of the most loved and sought-after types of chair, the armchair is often overlooked. It plays the role of a decorative accent that holds your living room furniture together. One of the home necessities, an arm chair deserves some appreciation and attention.

Why only limit to a cosy sofa when you can buy stylish and comfortable armchair. An arm chair is one of the best ways to express your style in the living room. With so many options to choose from, we must educate you before you buy an arm chair online.

Before buying an arm chair online make sure you consider the following listed factors:

- What purpose do you want your arm chair to serve?

- What kind of fabric and type of armchair are you looking for?

- Do you intend to mix-match the arm chair with the rest of your interior or keep it up in harmony with the space?


Sit back, put your feet up and relax as we bring forth our finely curated range of arm chair. Comfortable, stylish and modern and bifurcated in a plethora of styles, shapes and sizes, designs, colours and materials, HomeTown has a variety of armchairs to suit your needs.

Wingback armchair

Ranging from classic to contemporary, the wingback arm chair comes with statement side panels that are extended from the chair, thereby making the chair arch upward and higher. Its tall back makes it look elegant in a room with a high ceiling. It offers upright seating comfort.

Club armchair

Plush design, spacious seats and usually made out of leather, the club arm chair is one of the classic pieces of furniture. It is designed with rounded curves for ultimate comfort.

Mid century armchair

Mid century arm chair stands out exceptionally well irrespective of a mid century themed interior. Best located in hallways and bedrooms, the mid century arm chair comes with a lower back, round-shaped framework and curvy styled arms.

Chesterfield armchair

One of the traditional styles of arm chair, the chesterfield arm chair goes well with the chesterfield sofa. It is buttoned back and comes in large, scrolled arms. Although simple in design, the chesterfield arm chair is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Contemporary armchair

The contemporary arm chair features modern aesthetics and functions such as removable covers, slim tapered legs or short boxy style legs. The chair is designed in much sharper, sleeker and angular lines than curves and rounded edges.

Leather armchair

Leather is a synonym to luxury. A leather arm chair is easy to clean, non-staining and of course, comfortable.

Wooden armchair

A wooden armchair gives out a traditional look. It is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Choose from the fine finishes of sheesham, mango and teak to complement your interiors. A wooden armchair is a good value for money.


Different types of armchairs serve many purposes. An arm chair needs to be functional as well as comfortable.

A smaller arm chair is ideal for smaller spaces, however, it does fit well in larger places as well. It is easier to move it around the house, and also offers extra seating. While a contemporary armchair will beautifully complement your interiors, a high back armchair could act as your reading spot.

Spilling food and drinks is not avoidable. To overcome this turmoil, make sure you buy arm chair online that comes with a removable cover. In case of spilling food or drinks, you can just toss the cover in the washing machine. However, in case the covers are not removable, use a damp cloth. Maximise comfort by throwing in a few cushions and a soft blanket in your armchair.


A well-placed arm chair can bring the living room furniture together. It not only offers extra seating in the room but also accentuates your place. Our distinctive arm chair designs are adorned with style and comfort.

If you are looking for luxurious armchair designs at reasonable rates, then you will not find a better selection than ours. With such a fine assortment of arm chair online, HomeTown offers reasonable arm chair price including timely sales and discounts. Avail EMI options and enjoy unbelievable discounts of up to 80 per cent on your purchases. Besides, HomeTown also offers a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects on any product you buy through us.


1. What is the difference between an armchair and a chair?

- An arm chair comes with a set of arms on both sides, offering support for arms and elbows, whereas a chair may or may not come with side arms for support. An arm chair acts as an accent piece. It can be an additional piece of seating around the sofa set. However, a chair is not paired with a sofa set. An arm chair comes with soft cushioned seats whereas a chair may come in flat surfaces without any cushioned seats.

2. Does an armchair have to match with the rest of my sofa set and furniture?

- An arm chair serves the purpose of standing out alone. However, you can certainly pick an arm chair online considering its colour contrast with the rest of the furniture and the arm chair price. As armchairs have no fixed placements, they can be placed anywhere.


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