A stylish piece of furniture to accentuate your interiors, a place where you can enjoy a good read, and a retreat to rejuvenate you after a long day at work – loungers are much more versatile than we give them credit. A good lounger will give you comfort but a perfect lounger will not only give you comfort but also enhance your interiors.

Loungers need to offer comfort and style. One has to make a thorough choice and carefully pick from the wide variety of materials, colours, sizes and shapes, and of course the price. Taking into consideration your budget and the size of your living room, buying loungers is made easier, especially at HomeTown – where you can buy a wide variety of loungers from l shape sofa to l shaped sofa bed with storage at a reasonable price. Whether you are running on a tight budget or a luxury splurge, HomeTown has got you covered. We have scoped out the very best loungers for you and have partly done your homework on the living room l shape sofa as well. So before you kick start your shopping spree, make sure you understand what a lounge is, factors to consider before buying one, the types and so on. Scroll down to know more about l type sofa and more…


The word lounger is often thrown around a lot without truly appreciating its functions and usability. When buying a lounger, ask yourself how your purchase will best fit into your home. Will the l shape sofa be a place for your guests to relax? Will the l shape sofa set create a comfortable sanctuary for you and your family in the bedroom? Will the modern l shaped sofa be used by your children quite often? Will an l shaped sofa bed with storage be a smart investment? Will l shape leather sofa be a perfect addition to your home décor ? Will l shape sofa price fit your budget?

Each of these questions serves one true purpose – how to pick a perfect lounger. You must get clarity on your living room l shape sofa before buying it. The size, style and material are a few of the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying an l type sofa. There are a few additional elements that would influence your choice, of which is l shape sofa price. Depending on the size and material, its price will vary. Take the time to factor in your needs and requirements and then make a sound choice.


HomeTown brings you a lavish collection of loungers designed by in-house craftsmen ranging at affordable prices. From fabric and l shape leather sofa to loungers featuring recliner chairs and l shaped sofa bed with storage, HomeTown has everything under one roof. Dive in through our online inventory of loungers, l shape sofa, l shaped sofa bed with storage, l shape leather sofa, and more.

Classic lounger

A traditional form of a lounge chair, the classic lounger is armless and is permanently reclined backward. These loungers do well in spaces that offer lots of natural lights, thereby indulging in a more relaxed and resting ambience.

l shape sofa set

In the l shape sofa set, the chaise appears on the left side while the sofa is on the right side. The l type sofa fits perfectly in a small room, and is easy to maintain.

Modern l shaped sofa

Often made out of metal, the modern l shaped sofa features minimalist design features with sleek legs and neutral, earthy shades.

l shaped sofa bed with storage

The l shaped sofa bed with storage plays the role of a daybed lounger as well as a storage unit. Encompassed with an internal storage space, you can store blankets, linen or even books.

l shape leather sofa

One of the classier pieces of a sofa, the l shape leather sofa adds a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Although a bit expensive, the l shape leather sofa is one of the best sofa materials in the market. Leather is strong, durable and resistant. It does not wear out easily and keeps up its charm for years.

Recamier loungers

Recamier loungers come with a high curved headrest in contrast to its low footrest. It is a backless couch that provides uber comfort.

Chaise loungers

Meaning a long chair, chaise loungers are loungers that are long enough to stretch out without the help of an ottoman.

Eames lounge chair

One of the most sought-after and popular lounge chairs, the Eames lounge chair comes with deep seats and low backs. Also called club chairs, these chairs have been popular since the 18th century.

Wing loungers

In contrast to the Eames lounge chair, the wing lounger chair comes with high backs and wings which are designed to keep drafts of air from the users’ back. They are more comfortable and overstuffed.


Indoor loungers are made from luxurious materials as compared to outdoor loungers. Minus the risk of weather conditions, the indoor loungers are crafted in premium quality leather, engineered wood, high-quality fabric and metal. The upholstery options for indoor sofa sets will be endless. If you are looking for something more traditional, go for silk or velvet fabric with brocade patterns. However, linen and suede are ideal for a contemporary look. Leather adds a touch of sophistication and pairs well with the rest of the furniture. That said, most of the home furniture is designed out of wood. Wood offers structural support to the inner working. There are many modern l shaped sofa carved out of wood with intricate designs and are finished in lacquer to make them appear elegant. One of the contemporary choices, metal loungers are widely used.

Ideal for tricky corners, where placing a piece of furniture is remotely not possible, the l type sofa does the job, thereby balancing the living room furniture with minimal centre space. The l shape sofa fits in the corner leaving ample space in the centre of the living room. The central space of the living room can house an accentuating centerpiece and yet have enough space for you to move around. HomeTown offers a variety of l shape sofa set designs in different colours and materials. The best thing about the l shape sofa is that you can select a sofa suitable for a specific direction or both directions. Few of the living room l shape sofa set comes with a chaise at one of the ends that can be used as a serving table.


Crafted in premium quality materials, loungers are available at HomeTown at a reasonable price with timely discounts and sales. Leave your guests amazed with HomeTown’s range of loungers that will transform the look and feel of your living room. With comfortably enough seating for everyone, you can now easily host movie nights and family get-togethers with a modern l shaped sofa or lounge with recliner seats. The l shape sofa prices at HomeTown vary from each other in terms of brand, material, size and features.

Our l shaped sofa comes with premium quality upholstery and high-density foam on the seats giving you a plush and relaxing feel. The framework is made from engineered wood and sturdy metal. At HomeTown, we offer different varieties of l shape sofa set that would fit in your home. Apart from occasional discounted offers, HomeTown has a clearance sale and daily deals offer. The l shape sofa are available with nearly 80 per cent discount. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your comfortable sofa at the earliest and get a maximum per cent off.


1. How do I position an l shaped sofa in the living room corner?

- There are various ways in which you can position your l shaped sofa in the corner. You can position them with both arms against the wall or add a space divider in between by placing one side against the wall.

2. How do I position an l shape sofa in the living room?

- Firstly, keep in mind the availability of space. You will have to measure the length, width and height of the area where you are planning to place your l type sofa. It is recommended to position the l shape sofa by the window if the room is small. This way, it will not block the centre space and keep it open. It is best to place your modern l shaped sofa in the corner where both its arms are against the walls. This does wonders for a small room. This is a trick to use dead corners and keep the centre space open. In case you have a larger living room, then you can place the l shaped sofa in the centre, while the empty section in the back can be used for positioning other furniture. You can also add an ottoman or armchairs to your l type sofa.

3. How many pieces do an l shaped sofa set come in?

- It majorly depends on the number of seating. Modern l shaped sofa are modular units which are easy to handle and install. The l type sofa caters to more seating without dominating much space. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, l shape sofa comes in 3 seater l shaped sofa, 4 seater l shaped sofa, 5 seater l shaped sofa, 6 seater l shaped sofa, 7 seater l shaped sofa and 8 seater l shaped sofa.

4. What are the types of l shaped sofa set?

- Widely divided into three categories, l type sofa includes right hand facing l shape sofa, left hand facing l shape sofa and corner sofa. When standing and facing the sofa, in a right hand facing l shape sofa, the sofa is on the left while the chaise is on the right. Similarly, when standing and facing the sofa, in the left hand facing l shape sofa, the chaise is on the left while the sofa is on the right. Equal on both sides, the corner sofa can be placed in the middle of the room or in the corner.

5. What are the benefits of l shape sofa set?

- The l type sofa fits well in smaller rooms, and accommodates more people as compared to regular sofas. This also makes it an economical choice. The l shape sofa set is comfortable and can also double as a daybed. Besides, many l type sofa also comes with storage. In an equal size of 95″ x 95″ with depths of 36″-40″, the configuration of the modern l shape sofa is conducive. On account of its modular units, you can customize your sofa set as per your needs and requirements. Additionally, the l type sofa pairs easily with ottomans, end tables, recliners and subtly blends with your interiors.


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