Recliners have brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘chilling at home’. A recliner is an ideal place to curl up or stretch out in comfort and unwind after a long day at work or to lounge on a lazy weekend.

A 3-seater recliner sofa is a great way to add stylish seating space to your living room. It can serve as a replacement for the traditional sofa sets and amps up the cool quotient of your home like some distinct pieces as part of décor.

For a small family, a 3-seater recliner sofa is a perfect way to spend family time together for movie nights or binge-watching Netflix over the weekends.

With HomeTown, you can now look at three-seater recliner sofas made from premium quality materials and across a wide range of price points, starting from the affordable to the luxurious.


With recliners being a more recent addition to the home furniture space, we have compiled a list of some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind when deciding which three-seater recliner chair to opt for.

  • How much space do you have in your room?
  • The most important factor to keep in mind when buying a three-seater recliner chair is the space available in the living room. A three-seater recliner is going to take up a fair amount of space so ensure you take the measurements of the space you have set aside for this while planning the interiors of your home.

  • Opting for a comfortable three-seater recliner over a stylish one
  • While a three-seater recliner chair is likely to become the standout furniture piece in your room which everyone wants a piece of, the basic idea behind getting one is usually comfort. Getting a stylish three-seater recliner that is not comfortable to sit on for long periods is just bad housekeeping. Choose one whose material is comfortable sitting on and one that also provides enough back support.

  • Match it with the décor of the room
  • It’s everyone’s dream to own a stylish well-furnished home that is appreciated by those who visit. You need to be mindful of the décor of the room before you go ahead and finalize which three-seater recliner chair to go for.

    Leather recliners are great in living rooms with a classic décor while fabric recliners, with their vibrant colours and patterns, blend in better with a contemporary style theme.

  • The Resiliency of the Frame
  • All recliner sofas are mounted and woven on a basic frame. The stronger and sturdier the frame, the more likely your recliner chair will last more years. Pay attention to the quality of the frame when you buy a three-seater recliner sofa since this is a high-involvement furniture item and is not a recurring purchase.

  • The materials used
  • 3-seater recliners are usually made out of Fabric, Leather, Half Leather and Leatherette. Choose the material that you vibe well with and can sit on for longer periods and also one that matches the rest of your furniture and colour combinations of the space.

  • The Style Quotient
  • A three-seater recliner sofa is bound to attract eyeballs and comments from guests who visit. Going in for a stylish recliner that is uber comfortable that makes your guests want to plonk themselves on is the ultimate compliment for any owner.


HomeTown has a stunning range of comfortable and durable three-seater recliner sofas that meets all kinds of style and budget needs. Here are some of the different types of 3 seat recliners available on our website.

  • Leather Recliner
  • Leather recliners are the most common and popular type of three-seater recliners available today. Leather provides a classy and elegant look to your home and is extremely comfortable to sit on.

  • Fabric Recliner
  • Fabric recliners are also a popular option when it comes to three-seater recliner sofas. With fabrics, there is a lot more room to experiment with colours and patterns as compared to leather and these recliners are a great way to brighten up your living room.

    HomeTown’s dazzling fabric recliners are available in several colours, including black, brown, tan, grey, dark brown, mint, tan and cognac.

  • Half Leather Recliner
  • HomeTown also offers a stunning collection of half leather three-seater recliners. Half leather means that genuine leather is used only on the areas which are going to be in contact with our body.

    For those who are conscious of their budget, Half-leather recliner sofas are a great option as they are comfortable and also provide a great finish.

  • Leatherette Recliner
  • Some people find leather expensive or unsuitable for use. For them, HomeTown offers a collection of leatherette 3-seater recliners. Leatherette refers to artificial or synthetic leather. This is used as a substitute for leather in upholstery, clothing and footwear.


      1. What materials are used to make 3-seat recliners?
      2. 3-seater recliner sofas are made from materials such as Fabric, Leather, Half Leather and Leatherette.

      3. Which is the best place to install a three-seater recliner sofa in your home?
      4. A three-seater recliner sofa is most suited for a large living room that can be placed in front of the TV Unit or in a spacious bedroom as part of lounge seating. If your kids have a special gaming room of their own, this will make a great addition in front of their latest PlayStation console.

      5. What is the price of a 3-seater recliner sofa?
      6. At HomeTown, three-seater recliners start from the price of 44,000 for the economical range and go up to Rs. 1,55,000 for the most luxurious.

      7. Is sitting on a recliner chair healthy for your back?
      8. If your recliner chair provides sufficient lumbar support, then you are unlikely to have any back or spine problems due to prolonged seating. That said, it is best to consult a professional doctor for the same.

      9. What are the different types of recliners available at HomeTown?
      10. HomeTown has a wide range of recliners on our website and in our stores, such as single-seater recliners, two-seater recliners, and three-seater recliners. Recliners are either manual or motorized and both options are available with us.

      11. Can you buy 3-Seater Recliner Sofa Online?
      12. The Hometown website is the ideal place to buy a 3-seater recliner sofa online. Buying furniture online cuts down the time that you would otherwise take to travel to different stores. Online shopping also offers you the benefit of browsing through the entire collection while being at home.

      13. Are discounts available when you buy a three-seater recliner sofa online?
      14. HomeTown offers discounts of up to 50 per cent and more when you purchase three-seat recliners on our website. You can easily apply a filter on the discount ranges on our website to find the best deals and offers when it comes to recliners.

      15. What are the different payment modes available for online shopping?
      16. When you buy a 3-seater recliner sofa online on the HomeTown website, you can choose to pay by any one of the following payment options such as debit/credit card, Internet banking, or cash on delivery.

      17. Can you exchange recliners online from the HomeTown website?
      18. HomeTown’s exchange and return policy are extremely customer-friendly and convenient. If the recliners you get delivered are not what you ordered or are defective, you can contact us for a replacement.

      19. Besides recliners, are other sofa seating options available at HomeTown?
      20. Besides recliners, you will find a host of sofa seating options at HomeTown. This includes the single chair sofa design, Two-seater/ Three-seater sofa design, Sectional sofa set design, Leather sofa set design, Sofa cum bed design, Contemporary sofa set design, Sofa with storage design, L shaped sofa set design, Recliner sofa set design, Wooden sofa set design, Fabric sofa set design and Metal sofa set designs.

      21. Besides recliners and sofas, what other types of home décor items can you purchase at HomeTown?
      22. HomeTown is your one-stop shop for any furniture or home décor items that you may need. At HomeTown, you will find everything including beds, chairs, tables, benches, chest of drawers, bar cabinets, TV racks, serving trolleys, coffee tables, bedside tables, idols, figurines, wall clocks, modern clocks, mattresses, crockery cabinets, bookshelves. Cupboards and almirahs among other things.


    HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after-sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bath ware. Happy browsing!