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Buy Shoe Rack Online from Exclusive Collection of HomeTown

Every household needs an effective shoe storage solution to keep the home tidy and uncluttered. It’s essential to every typical small or large family. Given to that, HomeTown brings you a number of shoe racks & shoe cabinets with different designs, size, and shapes that can give you a designated space to store your shoes as well as add style to your interior design. Just explore our vast collection of shoe storage solutions such as wall-mounted shoe cupboard, shoe shelf, hanging shoe rack, chappal stand, slipper stand, wooden footwear stands, and much more. Since today’s homes are becoming smaller, pick the right shoe racks. Choose large shoe cabinets for a large family or a compact one for small family.

Why the Need for Shoe Cabinet in Your Home?

It’s may be that your room ends up looking like a messy shoe shop, with a large number of loafers, boots, sleepers and heels of your family members cluttering up the floor around the entrance to your home. Not only does this look untidy, but it also represents a health & safety concern as visitors can easily stagger or twist their ankle on the shoes that are placed disorderly.
A shoe rack plays a very critical part. It keeps your home clutter-free, your expensive shoes dust-free. Besides, the shoe rack increases the longevity of your footwear as you keep them in the safest place, moisture-free weather. It also displays your class and status.
A good quality shoe rack lets your small home have additional shoe storage space. It enables you to arrange your sandals, sneakers, and boots, etc. Also, it allows you to organize every pair of footwear according to style, color, function or your needs.

Shoe Racks Online Shopping - How to Choose the Right Shoe Cabinet?

Since HomeTown offers you an exclusive range of shoe racks, you should always choose one that suits your requirements. Consider the following things to buy the right shoe racks for your home.

Measure the Space

It is advisable to measure the space before buying a shoe stand online.
For a little space – Go for a small standing shoe stand if you would like to place it under closet bars or if you have rooms with a lot of floor space but little space overhead.
For a large space - If you have plenty of floor space, a tall standing shoe cabinet is a perfect choice for you.
For entrance halls – Opt for an entranceway shoe stand, featuring a slim design. It’s an excellent option if you want to place it at the entrance of your hall.
For limited wall space – For a limited floor or wall space, picking an over the door hanging shoe rack is ideal.
For no space – If there is no additional space on the floor of your house, then buy a hanging shoe rack and install it against the wall.
Since different shoes require different styles racks, HomeTown offers you a superior selection of shoe racks, especially designed for you.

Consider Aesthetics & Sturdiness

Aesthetics is not your concern if you would like to place the footwear storage system which is seen only by you. But, you should focus on the sturdiness, which primarily depends on the material used. It also dictates its appearance. If you go for a cheaper and less expensive shoe rack, it may be thin, flexible and cannot match your room’s décor. Again it’s the right option if it’s not visible to your guests. However, for choosing a product which can complement your home décor, going for wooden shoe stand or wooden shoe rack is the right move. It is sturdier, heavier, inexpensive and long-lasting.

Determining the Size

Consider the requirement your of shoe storage space before making a final decision. Avoid too little or too much storage. For this, it’s wise to count the number of sleepers, loafers, shoes, and footwear you would be likely to store. This helps make a calculated buying choice. Most of the shoe racks available online come with an estimated number of sleepers and shoes they can store.

The Complexity of the Shoe Stand

Keep in mind that assembling is needed for some shoe stands, especially the larger, heavier wooden footwear storage system. Others can be easily placed or mounted against the wall as they are ready to fix. It’s good to go with the shoe rack that is simple to put. However, with HomeTown you need not worry as we provide free assembly solution.

Don't Buy Only One Shoe Rack

No doubt, you have different types of shoes like boots, dress shoes, high heels, etc. You should know that versatile shoe storage solutions are available for different shoe options. Some of your footwear may require special shoe cabinets. Buy more shoe racks if you have enough space, it helps separate your home wear shoes from the office wear and less worn shoes.

Purchase Shoe Racks at HomeTown

At HomeTown, we give you perfect shoe storage solutions. Our vast variety of wooden shoe racks/stands doesn’t let you be disappointed. Explore a variety of shoe stands available in different colors such as brown, white right within your budget. These shoe storage furniture pieces ensure the safe and simple arrangement of all footwear. Just browse the website from the comfort of your home and choose from any of the shoe storage solutions you find to add it to your shopping cart. We promise fast and safe shipping across India on all items purchased through the store.