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                Water Fountains

                Shop for Fountains Online at HomeTown

                A rippling sound along with its sight of cool water coming from a fountains has a significant effect on your mind and mood. Not only does it add an aesthetic value to your house but also a sense of peace and ambience. That is why water fountain has been widely used as a home decor items since generations. Water fountain for home, also called an indoor water fountain, are a perfect decor item to bring a small part of nature to your homes. An indoor fountain is compact, beautiful, and easily manageable décor product. Such a home fountain adds a rich look to your overall house, along with making the environment soothing and calm.

                Explore the different types of Fountains on HomeTown

                At Hometown, you can find a variety of home decorwater fountains. Along with different sizes, there are multiple fountains designs to help you choose the best one for you. If you are looking for fountain home decor, you can look for a small water fountain for homes that does not occupy much of your space. For example, the Buddha water fountain is widely preferred for its elegance and sophisticated look.

                Top Range of Fountains on HomeTown

                While exploring fountains for your home, you can look for different varieties from the following ranges-

                • Impression
                • Buddha
                • Ganesha

                Explore variants of Fountains on HomeTown

                At Hometown, you can find a large variety of fountains. These are handy, lightweight, cost-effective, and beautiful, which can be kept anywhere in your house. Depending upon where you want to place them, you can choose from these varieties as per your preferences and overall look of your home. On Hometown, you can find a variety of unique designs too. For example, the Buddha fountain can add a calm and charming look to your living room or bedroom. Similarly, the Ganesha small fountain can add a relaxing ambiance to your home by its universal appeal. Ganesha fountain can be easily placed in your place of worship or even in your study for positive vibes and good luck.

                Buy Water Fountain Online at HomeTown

                To buy fountains, you can explore the world of diverse fountains online. At Hometown, you can take your pick from the multiple designs and options available. Made in plastic and polyresin, these mostly measure 6x6 inches and are in a color combination of brown and gold. If your space allows, you can also buy a wall fountain online in India. Water fountains are also a great item to present as a gift to your loved ones. They are light yet durable, making it an ideal gift when you are struggling to find a suitable gift for your family or friends. With Hometown, you can get these fountains delivered to your home in no time. Moreover, Hometown also provides free shipping along with a beautiful gift packaging that makes it a perfect gifting option. So, be it a birthday party or a house warming, go ahead and gift your friends a small cute water fountain.

                Get Water fountains at discounted prices on HomeTown

                At Hometown, you can buy a water fountain at a low cost. They offer discounts of up to 60% on small fountains. If you are looking for a discount, the water fountain section under the Hometown website has various beautiful options. You can select the price, discount range, color, and material of fountain from the drop-down list and buy the one that you liked the best.

                What are the other items on Hometown?

                Along with fountains, you can shop for wall decor items like wall clocks, wall accents, photo frames , and paintings. Along with these, you can also look for different furniture and matching home furnishing itemslike pillow covers,sofa covers, cushions, bedcovers bedsheets, etc. Further, you can also buy candles, figurines, idols, lamps, lanterns, vases, etc. at Hometown.

                Frequently Asked Questions:

                Can we keep the fountain at home?

                Yes, you can keep a water fountain at home. Small water fountains are lightweight and handy, making it perfect to be kept at home. You can also place a wall fountain in big houses and bungalows.

                Where should I put my fountain in Feng Shui?

                According to Feng Shui, you can place a fountain in the east, southeast, and north areas of the house.