Pots & Planters

Planters Complete the Home's Look

How can a house be transformed into a home? By making it look and feel good, of course. Having pots and planters around, go a long way to create a homey, comfortable feeling that differentiates a house from a home. At hometown.in, you will find an amazing array of plant pot selections that will absolutely knock you off!

Pretty Planters for Pretty Flowers

It really does not matter whether you like green, leafy plants, or if you prefer colorful flowers to decorate your home. There will be the perfect planter, to contain whatever decorative plants you have in mind. Even if you want to go for artificial flowers rather than the real ones, we have a range of suitable planters that fulfill your requirement. From natural, earth tone colors to bright, vibrant shades of purple, pink, green and yellow, you will be spoilt for choice when making the selection!

For example, if you are into rustic and antiquated looks, we have a delightful little bucket that comes with a charming metallic finish. Be it deep green or bursting with colors, the arrangement in the brown planter will surely fascinate any onlooker. On the other hand, if the modern look is what brings you visual delight, then try our sky blue aluminum pot with a charming floral motif. Or go for our dazzling purple one that is decorated with a bright yellow flower in the middle.

Some people see beauty in repetition. If you are one of those, then you will be happy with a couple of our repetitive collections - like our three-piece bronze finish planter set that comes in three different sizes, each one making a statement of its own. You can place freshly cut or artificial flowers in them, or even sow the seeds of real plants. You might also be interested in our bright red aluminum planter set of three that comes in a tray. Arrange them to take advantage of the fabulous cluster effect that they produce!

Not Just Planters at hometown.in

Planters are not the only decorative items that can soothe the eye when at home. There are many others that give the same effect - like lovely upholstery, pleasant cushions, beautiful throws and elegant wall hangings - to name a few. Why don't you spend some time browsing our catalogue? You will be mesmerized at our amazing collection, which are created to transform India's fancy houses into beautiful homes.