Essential Oils 101

Even wellness doubters may be persuaded to anoint their pulse points with a head-clearing oil scent during a time when our stress levels are at an all-time high. After all, the herbal healing method, which has been praised by everyone from celebrities to scientists in recent years, can have major mind-body benefits. In general, aroma oils will improve your capacity to rest and relax. A home fragrance oil is likely to add an aesthetic appeal to your home as well as offer you a space that’s spruced up and is essentially your safe haven. Breathing in the vapour of essential oils modifies our brain patterns immediately, making us feel calmer and more grounded. While they aren't a cure and can't take the place of medication, they can help us take better care of ourselves. That's something we certainly need more of! They help to keep calm, negate worry and confusion by enveloping you in a hug that will quickly transport you to a tropical vacation, a fresh flower, clean and clear nature, or anything else you can think of.

What exactly are essential oils good for?

Essential oils are a natural, holistic solution to address a wide range of health problems caused by stress in our life. They provide a surge of energy during a noon dip, as well as aiding sleep and relieving tension. They're also great for when you're looking to enhance a space or even spruce it up. On HomeTown, you can easily buy perfume oils online, making your task that much easier. Essential oils are likely to be a solution since they’re so easy to maintain and take care of. All you need to do is take the plunge and choose from the many options available on HomeTown!

What to know before you buy a blend

In such a crowded market, it can be difficult to know which essential oils to invest in. There's a lot of ambiguity that comes along when purchasing an essential oil online and it is extremely important to only turn to verified and trusted sellers. This is where HomeTown comes in! Don’t look for a bargain, look for quality and stay away from oils that are adulterated, diluted, or overly processed, which can degrade the efficacy and irritate you and your breathing passages.

How to use essential oils?

Mindfully inhaling the aromatic essential oils can be the quickest way to change your state of mind and alleviate stress levels. We recommend using diffusers, reeds, or maybe even placing some drops of them in bowls of hot water. The best thing about these is that they are very easy to maintain and you're sure to be able to incorporate them into your daily routine, seamlessly.


What’s one unique way to use essential oils?

You can put some in your bath or shower, or even sprinkle some drops of it on your bedding. Essential oils have so many uses and are very versatile.

What should I keep in mind when I buy essential oils?

Start by collecting and stocking up on the essentials. Choose to invest in oils like cleansing citrus; a mood-enhancing flower, such as lavender; a relaxing resin or root and a stimulating scent, like basil, or rosemary.

Why are essential oils great for my home?

They're lovely for when your aim is to make your home or any area more inviting and sophisticated.

Why are essential oils good for wellbeing?

The gap between when a scent touches the nose and when it impacts an emotion is quite short because the olfactory senses connect to emotional regions very early in brain wiring.

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