One of the most common things that bind human beings together is religious faith. For many of us growing up in a country like India, it’s common to have religious idols & figurines in our houses. Some people prefer to set aside a dedicated section of their homes to set up a temple while others decorate different corners of their homes with idols & figurines. For many people, their faith in God and religion helps them overcome adversity and gives them the strength to go about the uncertainties of everyday life.

Idols & figurines bring about a sense of calm and positivity to our homes and also make a great gifting option for special occasions such as weddings and house warming parties.


With that, here are some of the important things one should keep in mind while buying idols and figurines online.

    1. Make sure the God idols are the right ones
    2. Religion holds sentimental value for many people. There are some very minute details one should be mindful of when buying a religious idol or figurine. When it comes to certain God idols such as Ganesh idol and Lord Krishna idols, it is important to ensure that the idol is in the right posture. Some Gods are represented in a specific colour, for example, Lord Krishna murti in blue, so one needs to be mindful of those aspects too.

    3. The material used for God idols
    4. Idols & figurines are available in various materials such as polyresin, brass, ceramic and metal. When it comes to materials used, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. Firstly, the aesthetic appeal of the material is extremely important. Some may have a liking for brass idols while others may prefer a metal one. It is also beneficial to keep the room décor in mind while selecting the material. A wooden idol may blend well in a room with wooden flooring whereas a metal idol can look better in a room with marble flooring.

      For those who believe in Vaastu, different materials are said to give out different energies in different parts of the house, and idols should be placed in a particular direction. Thus, it may be best to consult a Vaastu specialist before buying a specific God idol or figurine.

    5. Other things to keep in mind
    6. There are many other factors one should keep in mind, which are based on beliefs passed down for generations. For example, it is said that you should never buy a laughing Buddha for your own house and that it is apt for someone to gift you one. The trunk’s direction in a Ganesha idol is another important factor to pay attention to.


Hometown offers a wide range of idols & figurines made from various materials including polyresin, brass, ceramic and metal.

Some of the most popular idols & figurines at HomeTown include laughing Buddha idol, Radha Krishna idols, sleeping Buddha idol, sitting Ganesh idol, Krishna idol, Three Monks figurine, Ganesh figurine, reading Monk figurine, praying Monk figurine and serene Buddha figurine.


    1. Why is it considered auspicious to gift a Ganpati idol?
    2. In our culture, gifting a Ganpati idol on an important occasion is considered auspicious. Many people pray to Lord Ganesh, especially before starting a new venture or an important task in their lives. It could be starting a new business venture or job, buying a new home or vehicle, or going for an important meeting or examination. This is why Ganesh idols for home are a popular gifting option in India, as it is believed they ward off difficulties.

    3. Can you buy idols & figurines online?
    4. Shopping for idols & figurines online from HomeTown is extremely easy. From the customer’s point of view, it saves the time required to physically travel to different stores before deciding on which idol or figurine to buy. They can also view several more options while sitting within the comforts of their homes.

    5. What are the different types of idols available online on HomeTown?
    6. At HomeTown, you can buy Krishna idol online and Ganesh idol online. We also have several other types of religious idols available on our website including different avatars of Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Hanuman and other Gods.

    7. Can you exchange idols and figurines that you buy from the HomeTown website?
    8. HomeTown has a very customer-friendly exchange and returns policy that lets you exchange an idol or figurine which is not what you ordered for.

    9. Besides idols, what other types of furniture can you purchase at HomeTown?
    10. Besides idols and figurines, you can also shop for a wide range of other home and office furniture at HomeTown including sofa cum beds, bunk beds, bean bags, almirahs, computer tables, chest of drawers, bed sheets, sofa sets, chair pads, curtains, study tables, serving trolleys, TV units, bookshelves, dining tables, dining chairs, filing cabinets, crockery cabinets, floor lamps and more.


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