Artificial Flowers

Plants & flowers bring a perfect dash of the outdoors inside your home. They are also known to be a great mood enhancer and looking at flowers and nature is known to have a therapeutic effect on human beings.

However, having plants & flowers in your home, garden or office can be a very high maintenance activity. They require a lot of time, attention and effort. If flowers and plants are not given the adequate amount of water, sunshine and nutrients, they can wilt easily and can take away from the rest of the ambience you have tried to create at home.

However, those who do not have the time or resources to take care of natural plants & flowers in your home, do not need to worry. You can always opt for artificial flowers to brighten up your home, office or backyard. Even if you have natural plants & flowers, you can always add some artificial to enhance the style in your home.

Artificial flowers are also great for special occasions like occasions, functions and festivals. Flowers are commonly used for decorating homes & venues and stages for special functions. Artificial flowers are a great way to ensure you get what you need without the hassle of ensuring they remain fresh while looking just as good as natural flowers.

One of the biggest advantages of going in for artificial flowers is that people are far less likely to be allergic to artificial flowers as compared to the pollen of natural flowers and plants. Having natural flowers and plants in your home can activate your allergies to a great extent in some cases and can cause a great deal of inconvenience.

Factors to keep in mind while buying Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers maintain their colour and shape for a long time and are very low on maintenance. They do not wilt or droop as natural flowers do and look fresh for a long time with just a little bit of cleaning.

HomeTown offers a fabulous collection of artificial flowers for decoration that will help amp up your home's vibrancy and elegance quotient. One of the biggest advantages of buying artificial flowers for your home is that you are not restricted to using the flowers of the season and can opt for your favourite flowers any time of the year.

Artificial flowers for decoration are available in a wide variety of materials, designs and sizes. Therefore, you must choose the flowers depending on where you are going to position them, the vase that they will be placed in, and the room’s overall décor.

You will find decorative flowers available across the whole spectrum of budget and size requirements to ensure you do not have to go beyond HomeTown for any of your needs.

Hometown’s collection of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers add a perfect finishing touch to any home décor style and they add colour, design and beauty wherever they are positioned.

Artificial flowers for decoration look as real as natural flowers and are far easier to maintain. HomeTown offers a wide range of artificial flowers that can be placed in different places in your home.

While most choose to place decorative places in more common places such as on a beautiful glass or metal vase on the dining table or centre table, you can also position them in unique places such as in bathrooms, powder rooms, bookshelves, storage areas, the entryways and foyers of your home to make those areas look more glam.

At HomeTown, you can choose from a whole array of artificial flowers for your home including artificial sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, tulips, orchids, carnations, mogas, roses, bougainvillaeas and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Where is the best place to keep Artificial Flowers in your home?

    2. - You can keep artificial flowers and plants anywhere in your home because you do not need to be concerned about temperature or light conditions like natural flowers and plants. Some of the most common places that people keep artificial flowers in their homes include:

      • Keep artificial flowers on your dining table or bedside table

      • Place artificial flowers in a beautiful vase that is situated on your coffee table or centre table

      • Artificial flowers for decoration can be a great addition to your bathrooms

      • Decorative flowers for home can be kept on your bookshelves to add some more life and character to your reading corner

      • They can be placed in storage units to fill up some extra space

      • Decorative flowers for the home can be strategically placed in corners of your home where you may not be able to place natural flowers due to the lack of light

    3. What are the different types of artificial flowers available?

    4. - At HomeTown, you will find artificial flowers made from different materials such as polyester, bamboo and fabric.

    5. What is the average price of artificial flowers at HomeTown?

    6. - You will find artificial flowers that suit any budget that you have in mind on the HomeTown website, with the basic range starting from less than 100 rupees and the premium range going up to Rs. 2,000.

    7. Is it beneficial to buy artificial flowers online?

    8. - If you buy artificial flowers online on the HomeTown website, you can browse through several different options of artificial flowers for home decoration while you sit within the comfort of your own home instead of physically going to several different stores to see what’s available with them. You can also make the best use of some incredible financing options such as EMI and payment through different payment channels, such as credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, to make your purchase of artificial flowers for home decoration even more convenient.

    9. Are discounts available when you buy artificial flowers for decoration online?

    10. - HomeTown offers great discounts and deals when you buy artificial flowers for decoration online on our website. These deals and discounts are listed in the deals section on our website.

    11. Can you exchange decorative flowers once purchased online?

    12. - HomeTown's exchange and returns policy are very customer-friendly. It lets customers exchange decorative flowers or any other home décor items if they get something that is not what they ordered.

    13. Can you place artificial flowers outdoors?

    14. - Artificial flowers are a great way to enhance the ambience in any outdoor setting. They add colour, beauty and elegance to your garden, patio or balcony, or even during an outdoor event or function.

    15. Besides artificial flowers online, what other home décor items can you purchase at HomeTown?

    16. - HomeTown is the one-stop destination for any furniture and decor requirements you have for your home or office. At HomeTown, you will be able to find everything that you may need including wall clocks, idols, dining tables, kitchen units, dining sets, dining chairs, figurines, bedside tables, mattresses, bunk beds, sofa cum beds, study tables, recliners, sofas, ottomans, pouffes, bean bags, cupboards, wooden almirahs, wardrobes, computer tables, study tables, photo frames, chest of drawers, sofa sets, curtains, serving trolleys, TV units , lanterns, lamps, vases, table lamps, two-seat recliners, three-seat recliners, paintings, candlesticks, diffusers, bedsheets, entertainment units, bookshelves, filing cabinets, serving platters, serving bowls, crockery sets and more.

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