One of the best feelings in the world is snuggling up in your warm bed on a cold winter morning. A comforter helps you precisely do that. Bed comforters are thick, fluffy blankets that are stuffed with synthetic fiber to absorb warmth. If you want to give a makeover to your bedroom or are fed up of heavy blankets and quilts, try comforters. Comforters are soft, light and come in attractive designs, patterns and designs. While shopping for your bedroom, you can also opt for comforter sets which usually contain a comforter and pillow shams.

Types of Comforters available on HomeTown

While comforters have no specific types, they can be categorized based on the material they are made of. Bed comforter sets are usually made in polyester, cotton or silk


Polyester is synthetic fabric which makes comforters cool against the skin and lightweight. Polyester also does not retain water or moisture and so is usually easy to manage.


If your comforter is made of cotton, it could be heavier and warmer. Cotton is breathable and natural, which makes it a preferred material in cold region. It is also very soft on the skin and gives you the required warmth that you need. Apart from winters, a light cotton comforter can also be used during light showers or chilly nights, even in tropical regions.


Silk comforter is more for a luxurious and lavish night. Silk is one of the softest, breathable and warm kind of fabric. There are no loose ends or thread residues on silk comforters that make it sneeze-free and non-allergic. Moreover, silk is also considered good for your skin and hair, and so is also beneficial for health. You can also get a silk comforter with a comforter cover to save it from getting dirty or dusty.

Explore Comforter range on HomeTown

While shopping for bedding, you can explore the following range of comforter at Hometown

  • Emilia
  • Amour
  • Spaces
  • Happiness
  • Nora

Shop for Comforter Online at HomeTown

If you are tired of going from one shop to another to find that perfect comforter which provides you warmth and styles your bedroom, you can buy comforter online. Through Hometown, you can browse through different sizes, designs and colors of the comforter and choose the one that fits best in your bedroom. You can choose between prints, geometrical shapes or solid colors depending upon the interior of your bedroom. You can also coordinate your comforter with the curtains, bedcovers and pillow sheets for a complete look. Shopping in Hometown is very easy. Once you select comforter from the drop-down menu on the header of the website or the mobile app, you will find several different designs displayed on the page. While you might want to have a solid colour comforter, you can choose a cartoon print comforter for your kid’s room and a block printed, or a while colored comforter for the elders of the house. In the details section on the website, you can find the accurate measurement, colour and material for the comforter so that you can be assured of its dimension and judge if it will be suitable for your bedroom. Along with the option of scrolling through the displayed designs, you can also use filters to choose the best comforter for you. Through the filters, you can select price, discount range, material and colour of the comforter to reduce the options.

Get the best Comforter Deals Online at Hometown

Hometown offers attractive discounts in the comforters on sale available on the website. You can shop for your favourite comforter on a discount rate of up to 80% depending on the style, and colour with free delivery.

What else is Available on Hometown?

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What is a Comforter for a Bed?

A comforter is a warm and fluffy sort of light blanket which is sewn together with stuffing inside.

Is a Comforter the same as a Blanket?

No comforter is not the same as a blanket. A comforter is lighter than a blanket and is stuffed with synthetic material.

Is a Comforter a Bedspread?

No, comforter is not a bedspread, but more of a dohar and bed cover to keep you warm.

Can you use a Comforter as a Duvet Insert?