What is a memory foam pillow?

To begin with, memory foam is a synthetic type of foam that has been created after being treated with chemicals. It is a kind of polyurethane foam, which becomes malleable, soft, and vicious. Essentially this means that anything that makes use of memory foam will be equally soft and viscous, with the shape of the object changing when pressure is applied. So, for example, if pressure is applied to a certain point, then the object will mould to its shape and then bounce back to its original shape after pressure is removed. This very foam is used to create the very best memory foam pillows, but the entire category is rich in various different kinds and types, catering to different needs or problems. Different kinds of foam serve distinct solutions, which is why lately memory foam pillows have been in demand and have been very widely recognised. If you’re looking to purchase a pillow online, make sure it’s a foam pillow.

Different types of memory foam

If you are looking to buy memory foam pillows, then it is a good idea to be well versed with the options that lie before you. Purchasing memory foam pillows online can be a task because the very many types of memory foam can be confusing to navigate. Memory foam pillows online shopping need not be a stress-inducing activity. We have put together a quick and easy tell-all:

Age-old, traditional memory foam:

Historically, memory foam was first used in pillows all the way back in 1992. Back then, it wasn’t as advanced and refined and was quoted to make people feel warm while sleeping, often leading to customers breaking out in sweats. It was a thick, dense foam that had a closed cell structure and was not lightweight or airy. However, it was great for insulation. It retained heat, was sturdy, and was water resistant. Because of this, it was great for use in colder areas or for those who lived in icy temperatures. Recent advancements have given us foams that are more effective and allow for higher usability.

Newer, more advanced open cell memory foam:

With small and compact air pockets running throughout, open cell memory foam is instantly less dense and allows lovely air flow, making it soft, cushy, and the more preferred option. A lot of times customers prefer this over a thick, spongy kind. What is worth making note of, is that the traditional memory foam is more costly than this kind, because sometimes it allows for higher durability and quality. The foam’s thickness and density will be an indication of how sturdy and long-lasting it will be.

Taking care of a memory foam pillow

Once you have made an informed purchase and are well on your way to using your brand-new memory foam pillow, you must also learn how to take care of it and clean it to extend its life span. One way to ensure the quality of your memory foam pillow doesn’t deteriorate is to follow the instructions it comes with since those are carefully thought out. One thing you should make sure not to do is machine wash or dry clean your memory foam pillow since the foam will automatically become likely to get ruined. You can remove any stains by removing the cover of the pillow and washing that separately. To make your foam pillow itself seem fresher, you can dunk it in some cold water and leave it out to air dry. Make sure there’s no direct sunlight.

Buy memory foam pillows online

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    1. Is memory foam good for a pillow?

    2. Memory foam is great in a pillow! It is a very desirable feature and is great for posture and comfort. Memory foam pillows are ergonomically designed and are more durable and long-lasting than regular, stuffed pillows. You can choose a memory foam pillow because of the way it adheres to the shape of your body and sleeping or sitting style.

    3. Are memory foam pillows bad for your neck?

    4. Memory foam pillows aren’t bad for your neck. They’re just what you need, actually. Many times, doctors and physiotherapists even prescribe them for those with joint aches and body pain. These pillows are a great way to tackle injuries and the problems that come with bad posture and constantly sitting or sleeping in the same detrimental position.

    5. How long do memory foam pillows last?

    6. Memory foam pillows are durable and long-lasting, hence can be considered an investment. If taken care of properly and not exposed to unnecessary wear and tear, they are likely to last a long time and not deteriorate in terms of quality.