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Solid Wood Furniture

Prized Possession for Homes

Whether you are entering a new home or are keen on remodeling the old one, it is the furniture which consumes the large portion of your investment. All you need is furniture that strikes a balance with the interior decor theme, almost accentuating the decor, creating an aesthetic look in the aura. Solid Wood furniture would greatly serve your purpose as it has the best look and feel and is also highly long lasting. Money invested once would serve your purpose in the long run. Therefore these pieces of furniture are regarded as prized possessions for homes.

Unparalleled Quality Among Furniture

Ever have you wondered why solid wood is regarded as the best quality wood for furniture? The best thing about this wood is durability - the furniture lasts more than the period of 20 yrs. The pieces are highly reluctant to decay. And as far as the looks are concerned, you won't find any other wooden furniture as attractive as hardwood in the market. Solid wood has such a luster and elegance that it can provide the same beauty and grace without any need for veneers.

Types of Solid Wood Furniture

The timeless piece of furniture is available in various assortments of woods in different shades. The extensively used hardwoods are: oak, mahogany and mango. These are authentic wooden pieces obtained from the trees and are processed into robust slid wood. The furniture pieces made out of these are strikingly beautiful Oak- Most common hardwood available in various textures and two colors variants-white oak and red oak. Mahogany- These are also known as redwoods and though a bit expensive, they transform the interiors into an aura of state-of-art decor. Mango- Mango is Indian wood primarily used for window frames or wooden decor accessories.

Your Favorite Brands for Hardwood Furniture

Whether you are looking for modern furniture or an antique one, we have the best brands that offer all types of hardwood furniture at lowest prices. You can buy shelves and coffee tables from hometown.in we are also offering stylish sofa and tables in different designs.

Buy Hardwood Furniture Online

Buying hardwoods from unreliable sources might not be very appreciable as you may end up with unauthentic quality furniture that creates a big hole in pocket. Rather, browsing the best sites online for a good quality hardwood is a wonderful idea. HomeTown is India's most reliable store for home decor and furnishing. Read our terms and policies to know more. We respect your needs and bring out to the best quality hardwood for your home. Browse the site to find the best deals on solid wood furniture and take home a worthwhile product at the basest prices!