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                Having guests over is a happy occasion for most of us and we go that extra mile to make them feel welcomed. But, you always feel you can do a little bit more. There is a saying that goes, “You can reach a person’s heart through their tummy.” Which means you can impress a person with amazing food dishes. But, to serve something as amazing as a dessert, you need an attractive serving bowl set. These specially designed serveware sets help you make a good, lasting impression on your guests.

                Types of serveware showcased on Hometown

                If you are searching for servewares, take a stop at HomeTown to find the best serveware types to cater to your requirements.

                Serving bowls with lids:

                Serving bowls with lids is one of the most common types of serveware in every household. You can arrange the food on your dining table in a serving bowl and the lid will protect it from getting ruined due to dust and other harmful pollutants. These serving bowls with lids are available in various shapes, sizes and designs.

                Serving sets:

                You also have various kind of fruit and ice cream serving sets which helps you serve desserts to your guests. All these serving sets come in various kinds of attractive designs. You can use them for special occasions like house birthday parties, and other special family occasions.

                Different Materials Used to Make Perfect Serveware

                You get some amazing serveware options at HomeTown. One of the important factors to consider before buying any serveware is the material used to make it. You can get glass serving bowls with lids, bone china serving bowls with lids, and also stainless steel serving bowl.

                Glass serving bowls with lids:

                Glass serving bowls are a great addition to your dining area or dinnerware since it adds a next level elegance to your dining table. When you want to make your guests feel special, glass serving bowls with lids can do the trick. It will amp up your dining area and add a touch of elegance and lavishness to your dining table too.

                Bone china serving bowls with lids:

                Bone china serving bowls with lids are yet another option for your dining table. Although the material is relatively new in the market, it is gaining more and more popularity over the last few years. So, if you need something beautiful, lightweight, and durable, bone china serving bowls with lids should be your pick.

                Stainless Steel Serving Bowls:

                Stainless steel serving bowls are for your regular use, as most of us do at our place. Glass serveware may be a bad choice for regular, household use. They are easy-to-clean so they will take a little less time as compared to others.

                Ceramic serving bowls with lids:

                Ceramic serving bowls with lids are not unknown for most people. Ceramic is a great alternative to glass serveware if you want something durable and long-lasting. They come on various designs which are beautiful and make the people on the dining table feel special.

                Availability of Serveware Range on Hometown

                On Hometown you will find all kinds of serveware sets which are used on regular occasions and special occasions like a house party. It has been stated above that these products are available in many designs, sizes, and colours. Following is a list of serveware range available under Hometown:


                • LE Oasis
                • Lyra Destina
                • LE Gold
                • LE Vintage
                • Plastic:

                • Oak
                • Stainless steel:

                • Premium Mirror Finish

                Buy Serveware at a reasonable price

                You can buy multiple varieties of serveware sets under Hometown at affordable prices. Thanks to reasonable serveware price and multiple offers you can now buy multiple sets of it and that too within your budget.

                Buy Serveware Online from Hometown

                If you have decided on buying serveware sets online, HomeTown is the one-stop-shop to find all your household needs. Online shopping offers a lot of benefits like a shop from anywhere, enjoy the browsing on your phone anytime anywhere, and also the online payment. You also get your chosen product delivered at your doorsteps when you order them. You can buy serveware online and enjoy deals and discounts on your favourite serveware.

                Check for the offers on Serveware Sale by Hometown

                You can get the best offers on different types of serveware sets on Hometown. Also, you can get your choice of serveware and get discounts ranging from 20% and going all the way up to 80%. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for serveware on Hometown and enjoy its utility.

                Now that you are done with the shopping of different kinds of serveware sets you can check out the website for more household stuff. In case of renovation and stuff, you can buy products like Dining Tables, Four Seater Dining Table Set, Six Seater Dining Table Set, window curtains which you can get at affordable prices and mind-blowing deals.

                Frequently Asked Questions:

                What are the different types of Serveware?

                There are different types of serveware sets like dessert bowls, soup pots, serving bowls, platters, salad bowls, and teapots.

                What are the different materials used to make Serveware?

                A wide variety of materials are used to make serveware such as copper, aluminum, silver, and wood.

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