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Buy Wooden Stools Online at HomeTown

You’re browsing our website to buy a perfect wooden stool, but are wondering which one to choose as so many options are available, right? You probably want to pick one stool from hundreds of choices available with us from our accent furniture collection. After all, stools whether a bar stool or a kitchen stool lend personality to your space. Buy the best stools online. To help you out, we have provided the necessary information for our various stool designs. Browse through our stool furniture collection & purchase one that will fit your lifestyle & comfort perfectly.

Browse Various Stool Dimensions

Before picking any stool, be sure which stool height would you like to add to your space. At HomeTown, you can find wooden stools of various sizes and heights. Our bar stools vary in height from 24 inches to 30 inches. The height is nearly 10 inches lower than your table or counter heights.

Wooden Stool Online Shopping

While doing online shopping for a stool at HomeTown, look for designs, colors that match your style and comfort. We offer you several options as listed below.

    Type of Stools at HomeTown

  • Jacoby Sheesham Wood(Rosewood) Stool in Brown Colour
  • Luna Stool in Black, Red Color
  • Ludo stools in blue color
  • Emily ABS bar chair and stool in red, black, blue
  • Aldo Plastic bar and stools in different colors
  • Mabel Polyurethane bar stools
  • Nook Polyurethane stools
  • Dallas ABS bar stools in orange color
  • Georgia Polyurethane stools
At HomeTown, we give you options that include bar stools with low and high backs, backless models. Some of our stools come with and without arms.

Purchase Solid Wood Stools

Usually, when shopping online for solid wood stools, your first concern might be its style. You would like to buy that one wooden stool that improves the appearance of your space and appeals to your decorating taste. This comprises upholstery, colors, frame material, overall look and feel. When it comes to color, choose one stool design that complements your home or bar decor or accentuates it. For sophisticated and clean room decor, go for modern bar stools with minimalist design and a brushed metal frame. For a bachelor pad, choose ones that are designed to exude a pub-like feel. Go for those with a dark brown frame and leather seats.

Shop for Stools at HomeTown

Think about how versatile you want your stool to be. Also, understand the purpose you want stools to serve. For using it both as a bar stool and counter, or to provide additional seating in your living room, buy stools online that meet all these needs. To take an example, a backless stool will not be comfortable for a long time.

Stools For Sale

According to our experts, choosing a good fit is another area of concern. Determine how much space the stool will occupy. Make sure how much room and how many stools you can arrange in. When purchasing a pair, make sure there is enough space between them. In general, 6 inches of space should be left between bar stools. For a small area, go for compact stools without armrests. And for a larger area, opt for plastic stools that match the appropriate scale. At HomeTown, modern and stylish plastic stools are available for sale. Explore this page and choose one that meets your needs. While comparing two stools, don’t fail to consider the above points.