Stools are one of the most common and popular furniture items in homes, workspaces and partically any other kind of setting. A stool is basically a chair with no armrest or backrest. Stools come in various designs, such as one-leg, two-leg and five-leg stools. Stools are far more affordable and space-saving as compared to a chair or an ottoman.

Stools are a great way to add an elegant touch to the interiors of the space and are multi-purpose. Cushioned seating stools look chic besides being comfortable to sit on for longer periods of time. And you can have a stool in every room, whether it’s your living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, office cabin or office reception.

Due to their versatility, stools have become indispensable in the modern home and office. Whether you need something to climb on to get some cleaning done or something that is hard to reach, somewhere to sit and do your homework or play games, or maybe even practice your keyboard. Stools can also be moved around very easily making them super useful around the house, and if you are generous, around your neighborhood.


Like when you’re buying any new furniture item, there are several considerations one must keep in mind when buying a stool. Let’s take a look at some of the important ones below.

•The purpose of the stool:

Are you looking for your stools for living room to be used as extra seating space or to be used as a footstool? Or do you want one purely for amping up the aesthetic quotient in your home? Or do you need an office stool to keep some important items on. The purpose of the stool is a primary driver in determining which stool you opt for.

•The budget that you have available to spend on the stool

•The material that you prefer for your stool - wooden, metal or plastic

•The design you prefer – with one leg, two legs or many legs; stools with a cushioned top or without)

•The color of the stool and how well it would blend well with the décor of your space

•The size and the height of the stool that you want

•The shape of the stool (round stool, oval stool, square stool, tripod stool)


When you are looking for a stool, you will come across various types and designs available to choose from. There are different types of stools that serve specific purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones now.

Wooden Stools:

Wooden stools can act as a great furniture addition for any type of space. Whether it’s the cozy setting of your home or the professional set up of your workplace, a wooden stool, with high-quality wood and exceptional craftsmanship, brings its own charm to the place. They can also be used for many purposes; as a sitting stool, a footstool or a stool to just keep some stuff on it.

Kitchen Stools:

Stools in the kitchen are a great way to keep some items around or have some one to talk to while the chef of the house is doing all the cooking.

Bathroom Stools:

Bathroom stools are very useful when there are elders at home as it helps them during their bathing activities. For those with kids or pets, the bathroom stool also comes in very handy.

Children’s stools:

You can also buy children’s stools where your little one can be seated while he has his meals, or watches television.

Iron Stool:

A sleek and elegant iron stool table adds an industrial look to your home. These also tend to be very durable, with rhine iron stool being a good example.

Metal Stool:

Stool made from metal are another popular option among homeowners these days.

Wood + Fabric Stool:

When you add a fabric cushioned seat to a wooden stool, you combine the wonders of comfort and function.

Bar Stools:

Bar stools are specifically designed for those who have bars at home and enjoy hosting their friends for dinner. A bar stool is a must to go along with the bar cabinet at home. Bar stools are usually adjustable in height comfortable to sit on. Even if you don’t have a bar, bar stools are a great way to add some oomph to your home at a low cost.

Outdoor Stools:

Outdoor stools can be easily placed in your garden or balcony where you can sit and enjoy the serene pleasures of nature.

Folding Stools

Folding stools can be brought out only when needed, making them a great bargain for those who are short on space.

Stools with Storage Space

Another option for those who do not have a very big house are stools with storage. The additional storage space can be a great way to store coffee mugs, magazines, books and some electrical gadgets.


1. How high is a wooden stool?

- Stools are available in various heights, starting from 12 inches to 34 inches. Some of the common dimensions that stools are available in are 12 inches, 18 inches, 18.5 inches and 34 inches height. Portable stools can also be customized as per your specific requirements.

2. Which wood is used to make a wooden stool?

- Sheesham wood and Mango wood are the most common varieties of hardwood used to make wooden stools.

3. Can you buy stools online?

- Shopping for living room stools online, kitchen stools online and any other type of stools online is extremely simple. From the customer’s point of view, it saves the time required to travel to different stores. They can also view many more designs while sitting at their homes. At HomeTown, you can also avail great discounts when you purchase stools online from our website, where finance facilities such as credit card EMIs are also available.

4. What is the online stool price at HomeTown?

- Checkout wooden stool price, steel stool price and other stool prices offered by HomeTown .

5. Are other types of accent furniture also available on HomeTown?

- Besides stools, HomeTown also has an exquisite collection of Accent Chairs, Accent Wall Shelves, Accent Cabinets and Coat Hangers that you can purchase on our website.

6. Is there any warranty on stools bought online?

- Yes, the stools purchased on the HomeTown website come with a warranty.

7. Which style design of the bar stool is most popular?

- Round-seated backless or low back style bar stools are among the most popular options with consumers.

8. Do bar stools at HomeTown come assembled?

- We offer a collection of pre-assembled bar stools which can be found on our website. In case of an un-assembled bar stool, you may follow the easy step by step instructions that are provided along with your product to assemble the same. If any assistance is required, you can also contact our customer service team.

9. What is the most appropriate stool size?

- There are four main stool sizes:

o Dining Height – 16 inches –to18 inches

o Counter Height – 24 inches to 26 inches

o Bar Height – 28 inches to 30 inches

o Extra Tall Height – 32 inches to 34 inches

10. Besides stools, what other types of furniture can you purchase at HomeTown?

- Besides stools, you can also ship for a wide range of other home and office furniture at HomeTown including sofa cum beds, bunk beds, bean bags, almirahs, computer tables, chest of drawers, bedsheets, sofa sets, chair pads, curtains, side tables, serving trolleys, TV units, book shelves, dining tables, dining chairs, filing cabinets, crockery cabinets, floor lamps and more.


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