Wall Shelves

Space crunch is a crisis that homeowners are constantly dealing with - making wall shelves a God-sent saviour. After putting meticulous efforts into your dream home, you wouldn’t want its appeal to be tarnished by clutter lying around all over your house. Hence, it’s imperative to have a systematic shelving system that solves your organisational needs. Additionally, wall shelves play a critical role in aesthetically transforming the look of your space.

Your wall shelves should serve two main purposes: functionality and aesthetics. While there are a plethora of available options on the internet to buy wall shelves, you might find yourself amid confusion on what’s the right pick for you. So before you decide to buy wall shelves online, ask yourself the following questions:

- What type of wall shelves are you looking for? (designer wall shelves, corner shelves, wooden wall shelves, floating shelves, wall bookshelf)

- Will the shelves solve all your storage needs?

- Which category and look of shelves will match your interiors?

- What material are you looking for?

- Does the shelf fall into your budget?

How to pick the perfect wall shelf design for your home?

With striking options to choose from, be it a simple wall shelf or a hexagonal one that’s high on aesthetics, there’s a wall shelf for every interior lover. Since there are many options available to buy wall shelves online, you must not get overwhelmed. Clearly assess your needs based on the above questions and then set out to find the perfect fit for your home.

First, measure the dimensions of your free wall space to know how big or small of a wall shelf you need. Second, try to envision your picked out design on the wall you wish to decorate. Third, ensure the colour and style of design match your interiors - including your walls. Looks good? Let’s go ahead then! Decorate your shelves with your belongings and add little tidbits that amplify the look of your space. Books, vases, and other decor accents can add some colour pop that draws attention to the shelves. Finally, pair your shelves with a bit of task lighting to draw further attention.

You’re in luck because HomeTown offers a list of neat selections curated for all your shelving needs at great discounts and seasonal offers. Large and small, functional and durable, aesthetic and minimalistic, all your shelving needs will be solved by us.

Check out HomeTown’s range of designer wall shelves that solve all your storage needs:

HomeTown offers a list of distinctive shelves for all kinds of suitors according to design, material, and functionality. Whether you’re someone who loves to go the extra mile, someone who wants to keep it minimalist, or someone who’s looking to keep it rustic and antique, check out our list of selections curated for you:

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are a great way to save on vertical space and utilise wasted and hard to access corners. Additionally, they serve an aesthetic purpose. If your mirror is towards the edge of your wall, install a corner shelf next to it to hold various items you might need while getting ready. These wall mounted storage shelves can also be used to display your favourite pieces and other stylish accessories.

Wooden Wall Shelves

Most shelves are wooden, providing durability that’s much needed for functionality and longevity. Wood also provides a raw look with intricate details that are perfect when it comes to visuals. Get yourself wooden wall shelves if you’re looking to perfect that rustic charm!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look great when attached to your walls. The name comes from the prospect that they appear to ‘float’. Floating shelves are ideal to stylishly exhibit meaningful tidbits and other decor accents. These wall racks are a category of wooden wall shelves that come with internal bracket support, making them susceptible to heavyweight and pressure. They’re also available in an array of designs and colours, making them an ideal shelving option in all rooms of your house.

Wall Bookshelf

Unleash the bibliophile in you! Made specifically for the booklovers, there are an array of available wall book shelves online that come in various designs and stylish options to display your prized possessions.

Coat Hanger

Get yourself stylish little coat hangers for your bedroom. Fit them into the corner of your room or display them near your bed. Coat hangers come in multiple options. Coat hangers are highly functional and can even be visually appealing when done right. Display your stylish clothing choices on your coat hanger for a colour pop that gives a funky updo to your room.

Wall TV Unit Shelves

The TV is one thing you look at multiple times a day, so you must ensure that its surroundings look good too. While you can get standalone wall shelves for your belongings, we also have shelving options available that attach to a TV unit - making them the perfect wall shelves for your living room and serving multiple purposes. Our TV unit shelves are multifunctional and high on aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which kind of wall shelves should I opt for in my living room?

- When picking out wall shelves for your living room, it’s best to opt for wall TV unit shelves or floating shelves. The living room is where you welcome guests, as well as spend a lot of family time, so you must ensure it looks its best.

2. What is the ideal distance between two shelves?

- The average spacing between two wall shelves should be from 8 to 12 inches.

3. What kind of wall shelves should I opt for in my bedroom?

- When picking out wall shelves for your bedroom, opt for corner shelves, floating shelves, and bookshelves. As your bedroom is the place where you’re likely to place your belongings and other prized possessions, these types of shelves are ideal.

4. Which kind of wall shelf is best for holding heavy objects?

- Floating shelves can withstand heavyweight objects due to their profound durability, making them the most suited option.

5. Which material of shelves is best suited for my interiors?

- Wooden shelves are best suited for your interiors as they have high durability. Along with this, they also provide a rustic look that gives a slight natural appeal that complements well with the rest of the interiors of your house.

6. Are your wall shelves a hassle to install?

- Not at all. Our wall shelves are easy to install and don’t even require professional help. If you require further assistance while installing, you can always get in touch with one of our professionals.

7. Why should I opt for wall shelves rather than floor shelves?

- Wall-mounted shelves are a great way to free up some floor space, providing more room for movement while also making your room appear larger. Wall shelves are great to solve your storage needs without taking up too much space, and instead efficiently making use of wall space that would otherwise get wasted.

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