When we are young, we all prefer going to clubs glaring with neon lights and blaring with loud music to party. However, as we grow older, most of us would choose an intimate house party with a few select friends as compared to painting the town red. And for those who like to party and entertain at home, a bar is a must-have in their living pads.

Having a bar at home is a great way to celebrate the occasions and milestones, even the small ones, with your close friends or just unwind and enjoy a drink after a long stressful day at work.

The bar unit for home is usually located in the living room – either mounted on a wall or in the corner section. Home Bar cabinets and serving trolleys are among the most popular types of bar furniture. A Bar unit for home is usually accompanied by stylish bar chairs, bar stools, serving trolleys and wine racks.


Having the right bar – one that fits the size of your home and your personal tastes – is no easy task. There are several factors to think about. Among the most important is how big your living space is; a bigger area means you can accommodate a bigger bar without making the living room look overcrowded.

The size of the bar is directly correlated to the space available. While some may opt for a mini-bar, others create a full-fledged with all the works at their home. Another factor to pay attention to is the exact location of the bar in your living room. You may go for a corner bar cabinet or one around the middle against a wall.

Once you have the bar created, you need to get the right kind of liquor glasses – you have different types for different alcohol. And of course, you need to stock up on alcohol that you and your guests like to drink and a cool ice tray to go along with that. A chic bar can go a long way to add to the style quotient in your home.


HomeTown offers you a wide range of bar furniture, which comes in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. Home Bar Cabinets and bar units are used to store your wine and spirits.

Bar cabinets are usually made from wood. You can choose from deep-toned wood bar cabinets which use either Teak, Sheesham, Mango, or Rubberwood.

Hometown’s range of bar furniture includes:

⮚Bar cabinets:

HomeTown offers an exquisite collection of bar cabinet designs across style and budget spectrums. We have wooden bar cabinet designs as well as glass bar cabinet designs that can turn your home from being simple to stylish and classy.

⮚Bar stools and chairs:

HomeTown has a large collection of wooden bar stools and wooden bar chairs for home where you and your guests can be comfortably seated while enjoying a drink. Our bar stools and bar chairs for home come in different sizes for you to choose from and chic designs that can complement the decor of your living room. We also have bar chairs with backs as well as those without back support, depending on your preference.

⮚Serving trolleys: Titan, Castello, Glade

Serving trolleys help you to serve drinks and culinary delights to your guests, saving a lot of round trips to the kitchen for the hosts and help. No more getting up just to get more ice cubes or the next round of drinks. HomeTown’s serving trolley with wheels double up as a place for storage and can also be used to serve tea, coffee, or dessert when the party is not on.

HomeTown’s serving trolleys are available in classic designs as well as contemporary models making it easy to match the décor of your home. You can find serving trolleys of different colors and materials on our website, including brass, glass, marble, metal, and wood, and more.


1. Can you buy bar stools online?

- Yes, you can buy bar stools online and bar cabinets online by visiting the website of HomeTown and browsing through the various options in our range of bar furniture while sitting in the comfort of your home. We also provide finance facilities such as credit card EMIs to purchase bar furniture.

2. How much storage is available in a bar cabinet?

- Bar cabinets come in different sizes. Hence, the storage, in terms of the number of glasses and liquor bottles stored, depends on which type of bar cabinet you purchase. A bar cabinet can store anywhere between 5 to 15 bottles and 8 to 10 glasses.

3. Should all homes have a bar cabinet?

- If you are someone who likes to entertain guests or throw parties at home often, having a well-stocked bar is certainly essential.

4. Can you exchange bar furniture that you buy online?

- Yes, you can exchange bar furniture that you purchase online from the HomeTown website.

5. What kind of seating goes well with bar furniture?

- In most cases, the best and most pocket-friendly option are bar stool chairs without backrest to go along with your bar furniture. Bar stool chairs with backrest are another option available for customers.

6. What is a bar chair price?

Check out the bar chair prices offered by HomeTown


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