Other than the bed , the wardrobe is the most frequently used furniture in your bedroom. A wardrobe not only stores your clothes and other accessories but it also enhances your space. While some prefer minimalistic designs others prefer massive bedroom cupboard designs. Luckily HomeTown provides enough options to fulfill your every need and requirement.

Since a wardrobe is one of the most used pieces of furniture, obviously you would want your wardrobe to not only store your clothes but also personify your sense of style. Right from storing your clothes, to your blankets, bedroom linen, wardrobes offer a dedicated space to store your things in an organized way. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider the availability of space and pick a wardrobe with ergonomic design.

Eventually, there comes a time when you stop piling your clothes on the bedroom chair and take matters into your hands. HomeTown aims at providing a distinct range of wardrobe designs to suit your needs and requirements including contemporary and modern designs, traditional wooden wardrobe, free-standing wardrobes, mirrored wardrobe and more. However, buying a wardrobe is not as easy as it sounds. Read on to know why…


Besides decluttering and storing your clothes in an organized fashion, bedroom cupboard designs accentuate the beauty of your interiors. Since it caters to storing items and is the second most important furniture in the bedroom, you must keep in mind the wardrobe design in accordance with your needs and requirements, space, utility and other functions.

Other than the maximum utility of the space, be sure to check for the wardrobe’s features. Other than storing clothes, check out whether the wardrobe design offers separate drawers for accessories, shoes and miscellaneous, lockers to store valuables and money, rods to hang clothes and other items, mirrored-door, etc.

If only buying a wardrobe was as easy as tossing clothes on a chair. Well, it isn’t and that is why it is important that you make an informed decision before you settle down to buy a wardrobe without doing your homework. Understanding the space in your room makes half the struggle of finding a good wardrobe design easy. You must pick out a place where you want to place your wardrobe. It is advisable that you measure the area and then cross-check with the dimensions of the wardrobe. Measure the area from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and the distance between the wardrobe and other furniture pieces. Remember to think vertically.

Learn your storage needs with regards to your clothes and other items which need to be stored in the wardrobe. Once you are clear on your storage needs, focus on the functionality aspect of the wardrobe. Check out what extra storage facilities such as drawers, small pockets, mirrors, etc it provides. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you buy a wardrobe.

- What type of wardrobe designs are you looking for?

- Does the wardrobe’s design, colour and texture complement the interiors?

- Does the selected wardrobe design fit well in your bedroom?

- What specific material are you looking for when planning to buy a wardrobe?

- What kind of extra storage are you looking for in your wardrobe design?

- Does the wardrobe price fit your budget?


With endless wardrobe designs, materials and colours, picking the perfect wardrobe can be tiring. However, before you pick a wardrobe design you need to understand the best options that are available in the market. Let us guide you through HomeTown’s assortment of finely crafted wardrobe designs that attributes to quality, design and function.

Almirah design

Functioning as a wardrobe, an almirah is one of the decorative, free-standing bedroom cupboard designs. Offering a lot of hanging space, shelves and drawers for storage, almirah keeps your clothes organized. It adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom with its vintage appearance and is portable.

Hinged door wardrobe design

One of the common wardrobes seen in Indian households, the hinged door wardrobe features strong hinges which are attached to the doors or shutters of the wardrobe. Its doors can swing wide open and stand still at 90 degrees, thereby giving its users a full view of the wardrobe’s interiors. It also features in-built rods, small pockets, hangers and racks, and drawers.

Free-standing wardrobe design

A free-standing wardrobe design provides extra storage space on its roof and is ideal for vertically long bedrooms. These wardrobes are available in a variety of colours, finishes and materials.

Sliding wardrobe designs

A contemporary wardrobe design, sliding wardrobes are ideal for smaller bedrooms where space is a constraint. Metal tracks fixed on the top and bottom end of the wardrobe allow the doors to slide open horizontally and not open outward. Sliding wardrobe designs are designed with two to four sliding doors.

L-shaped wardrobe design

Also known as corner wardrobe, L-shaped wardrobe design maximizes space utilization and is ideal for smaller bedrooms.

Mirrored wardrobe design

A mirrored wardrobe improves the visual appeal of the room as the mirrors help in reflecting natural light, thereby brightening up the room. Mirrored wardrobe design creates an illusion of space and therefore works well for smaller bedrooms as it elevates the tiny room into a larger space.

Wooden wardrobe design

Made from quality wood such as sheesham, mango, rubber, acacia and engineered wood, the wooden wardrobe is a perfect choice for any home. Designed into contemporary, mid-century ergonomic designs, a wooden wardrobe enriches the look of your bedroom and effortlessly blends in with any interior.

Metal wardrobe design

Simple and stylish, a metal wardrobe design offers the touch of industrial-chic design style to your interiors. Suitable for smaller spaces, stainless steel wardrobes are available in a wide variety of colourful finishes


It is of utter importance that you consider the utility of the space when buying furniture. A wardrobe design should neither be too big nor small. It needs to fit in perfectly with the rest of the furniture, though standing out with regards to aesthetic appeal.

Spacious and structured, a wardrobe should finely balance style and functionality. Wardrobes come in single door, double to four doors options. However, if the bedroom is compact, it is advisable to go for sliding wardrobe designs. Sliding wardrobes are very much in demand among urban dwellers. While the traditional bedroom wardrobe looks best in all kinds of space, you can explore the different sliding wardrobes available on Hometown to give your house a modern look. Sliding wardrobe designs can be used in a study room or kitchen as well.

A wooden wardrobe with mirrors eliminates the need of buying a full-length mirror. In case you have a storage bed, you can experiment with a smaller wardrobe design or a smaller almirah design which would not only store your items but would also accentuate your bedroom interiors.

Other than its functions, a wardrobe design significantly contributes to your bedroom interiors. The colour and style of the wardrobe should match the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. You don’t have to buy a wardrobe of the same colour as the rest of the furniture but it needs to be in contrast to it.


HomeTown offers a wide range of wardrobe designs in different sizes and shapes, and finishes. We understand that a wardrobe design reflects your personality, therefore we aim to help you make a sound choice.

When buying an almirah online at HomeTown, ensure that it blends well with the rest of the furniture. If your house resonates a contemporary style, buy a sliding wardrobe with drawers and hanger rods, while for a traditional look, you can shop for a wooden wardrobe such as walnut-coloured one with multiple shelves and a locker on HomeTown. That said, HomeTown offers bedroom cupboard designs in a wide variety of materials such as solid wood, steel, etc. Furthermore, you can buy a range of products including side tables, dresser tables, etc at HomeTown to pair it with your wardrobe. To understand which wardrobe would best suit your house from our stunning range of wardrobe design ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and free-standing, get in touch with our online sales representative. Break away from traditional wardrobe design and colour, and explore our latest wardrobe design which will certainly suit your budget and requirement.

Crafted out of the finest materials, HomeTown’s exquisite ranges of wardrobes are worth the money that you are investing. Durable, sturdy and charming, check out HomeTown’s budget-friendly wardrobe options from the comfort of your home and get the best value for money.


1. What is the difference between a closet and a wardrobe?

- A wardrobe is a moving piece of furniture that is used to store clothes, while a closet is a room-like cupboard that is built into the wall to store all commodities. A closet could be situated in a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

2. Is an almirah the same as a wardrobe?

- An almirah is one type of wardrobe. Available in a decorative and free-standing form, almirah adds a touch of timeless elegance to your interiors. A wardrobe is one of the bedroom cupboard designs, unlike almirah which can be placed in the kitchen or living room. Wardrobes are simpler in design and aim at storing clothes, unlike almirah which stores dinner sets and crockery as well. The almirah price may be higher than a wardrobe on account of its intricate design.

3. Which is the best material for a wardrobe?

- Wooden wardrobes are leading the wardrobe market. With a variety of options ranging from engineered wood to solid wood such as sheesham and mango and ply, a wooden wardrobe is mainly proffered by the masses.

4. How do I organize my wardrobe?

- Firstly it is important that you get rid of the unwanted things. Then start organizing your items into specific categories.

5. Which type of wardrobe is the best?

- Every wardrobe comes with its own distinct features. It is important that you measure your area first and then decide on picking the size and wardrobe design. Depending on the number of people using the wardrobe also matters. A large straight wardrobe is ideal for a family of four.

6. What materials are used for wardrobe doors?

- Ranging from a wide variety of panels, wardrobe doors are made of veneer, mirror, laminate, glass, lacquer, stainless steel and more.

7. How many doors does a wardrobe generally come in?

- The standard number of doors for a wardrobe design is two. However, the number of doors can be increased depending on your storage and space requirements.


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