A bookshelf is not just a piece of furniture. It is a physical representation of yourself, your values and your accomplishments. Surprisingly, book shelves are not just limited to books anymore. Book shelves are a great place to display artwork and photo frames. People enjoy decorating their homes in different styles. Artworks such as paintings, photo frames, files and books can all be organized in a tidy manner. Bookshelves with doors, especially glass doors, give us a quick peek into the bookshelf.

We understand that every room demands a different bookshelf design. And HomeTown offers a wide selection of designs that can be placed anywhere in the house. A bookshelf need not be placed against the wall, instead, it can also act as a divider. Book shelves not only help you store your books and magazines but also enhance the aesthetics of the room. Built a home library with HomeTown’s stunning range of bookshelf designs but before you buy bookshelf online, let us help you understand the types of book shelves with a few tips on how to pick the right one for you. Our curation of book shelves comes in various shapes and sizes – right from high-standing book shelves to cube book shelves, and much more.


It can be a bit overwhelming to watch your scared space for books all messed up and cluttered. We have a trick up our sleeves to help you declutter your bookshelf. Remember the one-third mantra. Allot one-third of the space of the book rack for books, another one-third for accessories and reserve the other one-third as breathing space. In case you are running out of space for your books, place baskets or boxes on the bottom shelves and utilize the space. Now organize 60 per cent of your books vertically and the remaining 40 per cent horizontally to blend space and balance smartly.

Ask yourself:

- What type of bookshelf design are you looking for?

- Will the bookshelf store all your books?

- Where do you plan to place your bookshelf?

- Does the book shelf price fit your budget?

Remember to have a look at your collection first. Secondly, look for the availability of space. These two important factors will help you understand your requirements. Measuring the area of a space where you want to place your bookshelf will help you narrow down your options. While measuring the area, keep a tab on the height as well. This will help you to decide how tall you want your bookshelf to be. Consider the material for your bookshelf – whether you want solid wood, engineered wood, glass or metal. While ply and laminate are a cheaper substitute for wood and easier to move around, metal and glass book shelves are difficult to move around. Decide upon how many shelves you are looking for in your bookshelf. Adjustable shelves come in handy as you can customize your storage.


A bookshelf that you choose will resonate with your personality. A bookshelf introduces a sense of warmth and character to the interiors of a house. Not only does it store your books in an orderly fashion but also decorates your place. If you are looking to organize your home and display your collection of books, you have come to the right place. Check out HomeTown’s buyers guide featuring a range of book shelves to suit every style.

Standard bookshelf

The standard bookshelf comes in a tall, single rectangular structure and is mostly designed out of wood. Its shelves are horizontal and can be adjusted as per the user’s requirement. It comes with support and backing walls. Some standard book shelves are 30 inch tall, while some are 84 inch tall, depending on the height of the room.

Cube bookshelf

Artistically structured out into a cubic shape, the cube bookshelf is made out of various materials ranging from steel, wood, plastic, etc. Either in a rectangular or square shape, the cubes are symmetrically placed on top of each other. It can be easily assembled as most models come with panels and connectors.

Leaning bookshelf

Leaning book shelves are designed to lean against the wall. The frame of the bookshelf is tilted, and its shelves stay horizontal even when the frame is leaned against the wall.

Corner bookshelf

A perfect solution to the modern-day problem of space constraint in a room, corner book shelves are designed to save space and help in utilizing dead corner space.

Wooden bookshelf

Wood is one of the most widely used materials for book shelves. A wooden bookshelf is made out of teak, ply, sheesham and maple. Durable and sturdy, a wooden bookshelf is an all-time favourite.

Metal bookshelf

Metal bookshelf is resistant to moisture and fungus. They can last for a long time and can hold a significant amount of books. They are also easier to bind books as metal bookshelves boast low friction shelves.

Open bookshelf

Drawing a basic design structure from library bookshelves, an open bookshelf is not closed. It does not have any doors or drawers but only shelves. Available in various shapes and materials, an open bookshelf helps in displaying your collection of books.

Barrister bookshelf

Offering a classic look, barrister book shelves have been in the market for a very long time. Originally designed for lawyers to store their expensive book collections, the barrister bookshelf comes with smoked glass doors and is made out of solid wood.

Glass bookshelf

Although not as common as a wooden bookshelf, glass shelves are entirely designed out of glass. They are elegant and visually expand the room, making the room look spacious.

Bookshelves with doors and drawers

Offering minimal concealed storage, bookshelves with doors and drawers are quite versatile. It holds up your books in order, stores your fancy chinaware, displays your awards and conceals unwanted files and paperwork. Playing the dual role of display and storage, bookshelves with doors and drawers will refresh your interiors with their traditional charm.


Just like any piece of furniture, a bookshelf accentuates the interiors of your home. Therefore, you must pick a bookshelf design considering a few factors. One of the most important and basic considerations should be the size of the bookshelf. With a wide range of bookshelf online, picking one bookshelf can be quite challenging. Check on the availability of space for your bookshelf. If there is ample space in the room, you can try going with a wide book rack that would extend up to several feet across. However, if the room is small and compact, instead of going horizontal, look for vertical options. Opt for a taller book rack if you have a load of books to store in. Even if the quantity of books is less, go for a sleek designed bookshelf with a 2-3 book rack.

Also, you have to consider the purpose of your bookshelf. If you have kids, you need to decide whether they would be accessing the bookshelf. This is crucial; if the kids are short, you can opt for shorter bookshelves. After deciding the size and type of bookshelf, you have to carefully pick out the colour and material for your bookshelf. Other than the traditional wooden bookshelf, there are a lot of options available in the market. So make sure you put some thought into it before you buy bookshelf online. The colour and material of the bookshelf should complement your interiors. If you are looking for a rustic charm, then go ahead with the wooden bookshelf, while a metal bookshelf gives out a chic, industrial vibe. In case you have a limited number of books, you can pick a standard book rack. It could be tall or wide, either open or with doors.


In the age of smartphones where one can easily access weightless e-books such as audio and kindle books, one might wonder that having a bookshelf is irrelevant and pointless. Surprisingly, the demand for bookshelves is still steady to date. Today bookshelves are versatile and do not limit to only storing books. Book shelves have turned to be a much more useful piece of furniture that is not only functionally important but also aesthetically significant.

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1. Is it necessary to have a bookshelf?

- Having a bookshelf is necessary as it offers ample storage not only for your books but also for other items. Your books are organized in a systematic order and the furniture piece also accentuates your interiors.

2. What is the difference between a bookcase and a bookshelf?

- A bookcase is a close-sided unit. It is designed to sit on the floor. A bookshelf does not have encased ends. A bookshelf is designed to hang on the wall and is generally narrower in shape.

3. How do I organize my bookshelf?

- Firstly, empty the bookshelf. Now group your books thoroughly. If there is enough space, you can accessorize your bookshelf with bookends. Add a touch of greenery with low-maintenance indoor plants. Put in some framed photos or accent pieces to highlight the space. Remember to play around with the space between the shelves.

4. How much weight can a book rack hold?

- The weight a book rack can hold entirely depends on its height, width and depth.

5. What is the standard height of a bookshelf?

- The standard height of a bookshelf is around 1 meter-2 meter.

6. What is the average capacity of book shelves?

- A bookshelf can easily house 48 books. However, it can store more or fewer books depending on the size and shape of the book as well as the book rack.

7. How thick should the shelves of a bookshelf be?

- Ideally the thickness of the shelf should be 3 inch-4 inch.

8. What are the different variations in the size of a bookshelf?

- The size of your bookshelf can start from 80 cm in height and can go up to 120 cm and more.

9. How to measure the depth of a bookshelf?

- Approximately, the depth of the bookshelf should be 6 inch-24 inch. The depth of the bookshelf helps in understanding the number of items that can be stored. With 12 inch being the standard size, you can store small items on the bottom shelves, alongside regular-sized books, textbooks and novels on the upper shelves.


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