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Books are a treasure that takes you across the world without traveling. They are a valuable source of knowledge and intellect. Which is why it is important to keep them safe and organized. A bookshelf is the best way to organize and manage your books. A book rack not only keeps your books as new, but also enhances the look of your house. The presence of a bookcase automatically increases and accentuates the elegance and aesthetics of a home, irrespective of where you place it. Contrary to the belief, bookcases need not be a standard cupboard with shelves, as there are many variants to it, nowadays. You can get a wooden bookshelf or wall mounted bookshelves. If not, you can explore the various modern bookshelf ideas while finding a good home for your books. Moreover, if you are looking for kids bookshelf, you can also explore wall bookshelves with or without glass.

Choose the best Book Shelf Online on HomeTown

Wherever you place the bookshelf, look for available space and the size of the bookshelf you need. There is no point in buying a huge book rack if your space is less, and you do not have enough books to keep. If you want to keep your academic books, you can look for a bookcase that has several racks and shelves to separate your books as per different subjects or years, etc. On the other hand, if you want to place the bookshelf in your room living room, look for something decorative and ornamental.

Checkout some Bookshelf ranges on HomeTown

Following are some of the top ranges in India for bookshelf

  • Holly
  • Walter
  • Tuskar
  • Woodrow
  • Stark
  • Henshaw

Explore different Bookshelf prices on HomeTown

The price would depend upon the material used and the design of the bookshelf you choose.

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Norah Engineered Wood Book Shelf in White Colour by HomeTown ₹33,325
2 Evergreen Engineered Wood Book Shelf in Wenge Colour by HomeTown ₹9,590
3 Stark Engineered Wood Book Shelf in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹12,990
4 Crony Engineered Wood Book Shelf in Wenge Colour by HomeTown ₹4,770
5 Walter Engineered Wood Book Shelf in White & Wenge Colour by HomeTown ₹12,990

Shop for Bookshelf Online on HomeTown

If you want a good bookshelf, but do not know what would look good in your home, you can explore the hometown website for the latest designs and look. On Hometown, you can buy the best bookshelves in different materials and styles. You can consider the other furniture in your house to decide the material of the bookshelf that would look good in your living room, bedroom or kids room. You can purchase a bookshelf online made of acacia wood, solid wood, engineered wood, rosewood, etc.

Pick the Bookshelf based on your needs

While you are shopping for a bookshelf, think for a moment, where you want to place it. Is it to keep your magazines and books, preferably in the living room or bedroom, or it is for your kids bedroom, for their books and stationery. For kids' room, it would be better to buy a low height bookshelf like a multipurpose cabinet from Hometown to keep their books, notebooks, craft papers, and other stationery. You can also look for a single door book case that can fit in the light weight books of your kids. On the other hand, for an exquisite look, you can take a glass bookshelf to flaunt your book collection with stylish doorknobs. Or you can also opt for the solid wood bookshelf in walnut color with intricate design to enhance the overall look.

Grab the best Deals on offer Online at HomeTown

While buying bookcases online, look for products that offer the maximum discounts and best deals. For example, in Hometown, you can purchase furniture at heavy discounts that range from 1% to more than 80%. Moreover, there are many more attractive combo offers on bookshelf for sale in Hometown. Further, Hometown provides one year warranty against manufacturing defects, EMI facility, and also free shipping on bookcases for sale.

Complete the look with Hometown

Along with the bookshelf, you can also shop for other matching products that help you further beautify your house. You can look for a shoe rack made with the same material to place in your living room. You can also shop for beds, wardrobes and Chest of Drawers if you want to place the bookshelf in your bedroom. Moreover, you can further purchase matching bed covers and pillows and also various home decor items like end tables and fountains to complete the overall look. If your house has a futuristic appearance, you can shop for modern bookcases with a push to open drawers and appropriate provisions to keep your electronic items along with books.

What Different Types of Materials are used in making Bookshelf?

You can buy a bookshelf in different kinds of woods like solid wood, engineered wood, rosewood, etc. or you can also explore metal bookshelves.

What are Different Variations in Size of a Bookshelf?

The size of your bookshelf can start anywhere from 80 cm height and go up to 180 cm and beyond.