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                Book Shelves

                Pick the Best Bookshelf Design for Your Home

                Books are known to be man’s best friend. It has all the information in the world that takes you around the globe in no time. You might be a fan of fiction stories, fantasy books, or for that matter even sci-fi stories or motivational books. You might be a bibliophile who love to read books, but if you want to keep them organized in one place, a small place in your wardrobe may be too less for your treasure. Treasuring your books is not something new. There are many people who love to keep all their books in one places even if they have no intention to it reading them again. In such cases, a bookshelf can be your best friend. Book shelves are one great thing that can not only organize your books in all the ways you can think of, but it can also team up with your rooms ambiance to look like a perfect piece of furniture.

                Are book shelves just for organizing books in one place? We don’t think so. What about those little antique pieces you have, some small sculptures that you cannot leave it around in the middle of the living room. Yes, those can also be kept in here. You can use a bookshelf for a lot of things, but the only difference is you must pick the right one for your needs.

                Types of Bookshelves on HomeTown

                Book shelves not only help you store your books and magazines in one place, but also enhance the aesthetics of the room they are kept in. Plus, there are types of book shelves you should look t before bringing the one to keep your interests intact. Keeping your interests in mind HomeTown has various types of book shelves offered by various in house brands. You can choose any one or more than one of them to make your room look even more beautiful.

                Study table with bookshelf:

                Book shelves might seem to be a little far from your study table, especially when you sit in a study room and the shelf is in the living room. But if you could have a bookshelf attached to your study table, it would save a lot of time. You can have everything you need just near your hands and you no more have to reach places to get what you need. Plus, it looks cool too for a study room. You can keep your novels, or school books, and the moment you sit, you can just focus on the things you need since, a study table with bookshelf brings everything just besides you.


                Bookcases are a great way to store your books, especially if you are living in a dust prone zone in the city. Most times, your books will need a lot of dusting if they go unread for a long time. But bookcases have doors that can keep your books as new for months and years. Plus, it gives your living room a fresh twist. You can have drawers below the bookcases for keeping your little essentials handy. You can have them in your living room or your bedroom depending on where you see them to go perfectly well.

                Kids book shelves:

                Book shelves are a great way of organizing your books in a place, but kids might not be exactly a fan of those. Therefore, you must go for kid-friendly designs that will get them to keep their books in place and enjoy it. Not only will it help them keep their room clean, but save you some time too. Kid’s book shelves come with a study table too, that means a perfect place to keep everything your kid needs for studying hard and scoring grades.

                Wall bookshelf:

                Sometimes, you might want to keep just some small antiques for room decoration and huge book shelves may just eat up the space in your room. In such cases, you need to have a small space in the room that is just perfect to add up a little spice to your beautiful room. And that is exactly where the wall bookshelves come in to the picture. You can keep a little collection of books you have or the glass antiques up there to just make the room feel more lively and awesome.

                Things to Consider Before Buying a Bookshelf

                Bookshelf, like we mentioned already, is something that is not only a piece of furniture but also capable of bringing a fresh look to the room you intend to keep them in. But at the same time you should also realize that you do not buy something that is too huge or small for your house. For example, buying a huge bookcase for a small living room will just make your room look more congested.

                A wooden bookshelf can be your go-to choice if you like your room to have a contrasting characteristic. You can have a bookshelf with a glass door, if you are afraid of dust accumulating on your favourite books. Plus, they compel people to access the drawer only if they want to take the book out after reading the title. Isn’t that great?

                Your kid’s bookshelf should be interesting and intriguing for the kids to love it and get drawn towards it every time they take out a book.

                And a small bookshelf works for the best. You can keep a chosen number of books for easy accessibility in your living room. It looks good, plus organized and you spend less time on choosing a book than reading it.

                Be it a wooden bookshelf, a bookshelf with glass door, a kid bookshelf or simply a small bookshelf, any of them for the right purpose is sure to amp up the ambiance and purpose of the room in a jiffy.

                Choose the Right Bookshelf for Different Room Types

                We all know that our rooms look as beautiful as they should, if we do not put the amazing set of furniture in there. If you are a book lover or like to keep small sculptures or antiques at your place, you need something that will make your room feel lively and also fulfil your requirement. There are different types of book shelves you can keep in your living room or study room to enhance their look-and-feel.

                Corner bookshelf:

                Modern houses tend to have comparatively smaller rooms and spaces, be it a living room or a bedroom. Therefore, you need to use the space cleverly. And using the corners of your rooms is the best way to make space for wardrobes or other bedside drawers. Corner bookshelves can easily help you achieve that kind of sophistication for you. They provide an accessible and organized way to store your books, gift items and other important things. Also, if you match the colour of your corner bookshelf with the colour of other furniture of the room, you can quickly accommodate the look-and-feel of the room too in the budget. Plus, it is always better to occupy the corner with something beautiful like a corner bookshelf or bookcase than leaving it open.

                Open bookshelf:

                Open bookshelves can be great for storing something like magazines or anything that is accessed frequently. For example, you might need your college books to refer for studying when you are in your study room, or a set of magazines in the living room for some quick scan for your guests to not leave them feel bored. The reasons can be different to have open bookshelves and if you have any specific reason for it, go head buy one. It is sure to enhance the overall ambiance of the room and can store gift items, books, magazines and so on for easy accessibility.

                Glass bookshelf:

                Glass bookshelves are surely heavy at first and assembling them in one place is difficult. But, they also manage to bring in a contemporary feel to your living room. Glass bookshelves can be your best choice when you are looking for a long term piece of furniture. Glass bookshelves can be used to decorate your homes with glass sculptures.

                Bedroom bookshelf:

                Books are our best friends and we spend most of our reading time in our bedrooms. Therefore, we all need a bedroom bookshelf that can be used to keep your favourite novels and your college books. It can be a wall bookshelf or a glass bookshelf or a bookshelf with a glass door. You can build a nice wall bookshelf just above your study room for easily accessing them without the need to search them.

                Library bookshelf:

                You might want to build a library of your own at your place. You may have a study room, may be you want your kids to learn more about reading. A library bookshelf can help you put in a lot of books in one place and also distinguish between each one of them. You can organize the books based on subjects, years, novels, and other stuff in your mind. The library bookshelves can help you build your own library at home, small or big.

                Choose from Different Bookshelf Range available on HomeTown

                There are various brands and ranges from which you can choose your favourite book shelves. You can choose from the best bookshelf range available on HomeTown. Here we list some of the best ones:

                • HomeTown

                Grab Affordable Bookshelf Prices from HomeTown

                There are so many bookshelf ranges available at HomeTown at different prices based on the type of bookshelf you choose. You can buy your favourite bookshelf at best book shelf prices based on your requirements. You can find affordable study table with bookshelf prices at HomeTown and see to it that you get the best deal with it.

                Buy Bookshelf Online on HomeTown

                HomeTown has a range of book shelves to choose from online. You can buy bookshelf online at HomeTown at the comfort of your house. You don’t have to go from shop to shop and check every option out for yourself. Another reason to buy a bookcase online is that HomeTown offers you the best quality products to match your quality standards. Buy wall bookshelf online and pay with your credit or debit cards for convenience. So if you are worried about being short on cash or believe in using debit or credit card payments, you should order your favourite bookcase online from HomeTown.

                If you are confused with spacing or measurements, you can be worry-free, as we at HomeTown also offer design and build services. You can consult our in-house designer and get help with customized bathrooms, space planning, budget planning, measurements, and furniture for all rooms, design concepts, mood boards, soft furnishings, and more. This can be one of the things you can check before ordering bookshelves online for your living room or bedroom.

                Find the Best Bookshelf Deal on HomeTown

                HomeTown has the best offers on all your favourite types of book shelves. Be it a wall bookshelf, library bookshelf, may be a study table with a book shelf, you can find the best deals on all of those. HomeTown offers attractive discounts on every bookshelf for sale. You can have an 80% discount bookshelf deal scored for yourself and also get a bookshelf that will fulfil your requirements.

                Now that you are done with the shopping of different bookshelves you must now shift your attention towards other products which Hometown showcases. Products like bedside tables, end tables, comforters, duffle bags, curtains, outdoor furniture and many more are available on Hometown.

                Frequently Asked Questions:

                What materials are used for making book shelves?

                Book shelves are made from material like wood, glass, and rosewood, for complementing your room furniture. Glass brings in the sophistication and gives your room a contemporary look.

                What are the types of bookshelf designs available?

                You can opt for wall book shelf, library book shelf, glass bookshelf, a study table with a bookshelf, and corner bookshelf.

                What are different variations in the size of a bookshelf?

                The size of your bookshelf can start from 80 cm height and goes up to 120 cm and further.

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