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Your Dream Dining Room Furniture Just a Click Away!

Whether it is a sturdy dining table or an elegant dining chair or classy sideboards, hometown.in will fulfill all your wishes at the click of a mouse. hometown is the newest and yet, the most evolved site to shop online for dining room furniture as well as furnishings for each of your rooms. We stock only the best brands especially the ones that come with the manufacturer's warranty.

Our Assured Product Quality

We stock only the best brands especially the ones that come with the manufacturer's warranty. So, you can be assured of the best quality at all times. The products are made up of natural wood using traditional craftsmanship, supported by contemporary techniques. The finish is natural and goes with any dining room decor.

Our range includes stylish four seat dining room sets for smaller families to majestic eight seat ones for larger households. You will find all variation in designs from high back chairs to paneled ones, from round tables to rectangular ones and from contemporary straight lines to intricate traditional work.

Apart from Furniture,you can accentuate it with mats and serving sets from our kitchen range or paintings and wall hangings from our home decor range. Look further and you will even find fragrances and candles to add a touch of glamor to your meal times as well as family and friends events for good times.

Quality Products with Free Shipping at hometown.in

We are one of the few sites who will confirm your order within 24 hours and will deliver within 15 days. Once you place your dining room furniture order with us, we will email you at every stage of order processing. That's not all, you can contact us 24X7, on phone or through email as well.Our customer service can assist you with your requirements as and Queries when they arise.

You can experience all this and much more at our site today. So, visit hometown.in and let us be your partner for your Dining Room Furniture, Modern Electric Appliances for home and kitchen plus your home decor needs.