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Crockery unit is an ornamental piece of furniture that is used to often decorate and store the fragile and delicate crockery of your house. Crockeries are one of the many household things that subtly reflect your style and opulence. Whether it is your heirloom teapot set, the exquisite dinner set that you picked from one of your international trip or the set of your favorite coffee mugs, crockeries are an integral part of any kitchen. Often crockery sets are also used as an accessory when you have guests at home. Naturally, it would help if you had an equally elegant almirahto store them. With a good set of crockery cabinet, you can display your choicest crockery as well as keep it safe. Crockery shelf is usually kept in the kitchen or dining area. However, often people use this crockery almirah as a display unit for other decoritems and place it in the living room, thus calling it a crockery showcase.

Checkout the different types of Crockery Cabinets on HomeTown

While looking for crockery cabinet designs, you can explore two different styles for your home. You can either search for crockery unit designs that are similar to the other furniture in the house. It could be of the same texture and colour and maybe even in the same style. Or else you can place your kitchen crockery unit as a stand-alone ornamental piece of furnitureto enhance the look of your house. For example, if your other furniture is of solid wood or minimalistic texture, the crockery unit could be ornamental or carved with elegant patterns. You can also experiment with its material. For a rustic look, you can buy a wooden crockery cabinet in the same wood finish as other furniture of the house. Or you can experiment with a glass crockery unit if you have a large number of pieces to display. Moreover, if your home decor is a bit stylish and contemporary, you can opt for a modern crockery unit. If you wish to store but not display the other steel utensils of your collection you can buy a glass crockery unit with a closed cabinet. While you can display your intricate crockery inside the glass cabinet, the other steel utensils can be stored in the cabinet.

Explore different Crockery Cabinets at various price ranges

While the crockery unit price depends on the style, it also varies with the size of the crockery unit you choose. The following are the different crockery almirah with price.

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Calino Engineered Wood Crockery Unit in Beige Colour by HomeTown ₹19,900
2 Julian Engineered Wood Crockery Cabinets in High Gloss Apple Wood Colour by HomeTown ₹17,995
3 Libya Engineered Wood Crockery Cabinet in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹11,634
4 Living Essence Melamine Platter Katori in White Colour by Servewell ₹54,990
5 Azure Dinner Plate 21687 Ceramic Plates in White Colour by Living Essence ₹44,990

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On Hometown you will find the following crockery cabinet ranges

  • Libya
  • Calino
  • Nordland

Buy Crockery Cabinet Online at Hometown

At Hometown you can easily shop for a crockery unit online. Hometown website and mobile app have a user-friendly interface where you can get your furniture delivered at your house within a few clicks. There are various filters provided on the website to ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience with Hometown. You can select the colour, discount range, material and price to narrow down your choice. Under the drop-down options, there is a large variety of dining and kitchen furniture where you can select your preferred crockery unit. Once you choose the crockery unit you are looking for, you will need to simply add it into the cart and proceed with the payment. Crockery unit at Hometown is assembled by skilled carpenters and made from high-quality wood.

Grab Deals on Crockery Cabinet Online on HomeTown

On Hometown, there are different styles of crockery unit for sale at unbelievable prices. While Hometown offers discount up to 80% on its products, it also provides EMI facility to help you pay for your purchase conveniently. Crockery cabinets provided by Hometown are made by knockdown construction to facilitate easy transportation. Moreover, you also get one year warranty against any manufacturing defects in Hometown.

What else can you Buy at Hometown?

Apart from crockery cabinets, you can explore Hometown for other furniture like beds, wardrobe, sofa set, side tables, TV units, study and office furniture kitchen furniture, dining sets, bar cabinets, etc. Moreover, you can also add in some pillow and sofa covers, curtains, mats & rugs, etc. from Hometown. Moreover, to accentuate the look of the house you can also shop for home decor items like paintings, vases, idols, fountains, candles, etc. from Hometown.

What's the best Material for Crockery Units?

Your crockery unit should be durable, elegant as well as sturdy. Wood conforms to all these requirements. Therefore, the best material for crockery unit is wood.

Which are the Different types of Crockery Units?

The different types of crockery units are all glass crockery cabinet, display and storage crockery unit and crockery almirah.