A home is incomplete with good food and good food is incomplete without a decent place to eat. A sleek and stylish dining table set not only provides the comfort of sitting and enjoying meals but also sets a tone for conservation and entertainment.

A dining table is a place where you sit down to have meals. A dining table set amplifies the bond over scrumptious meals. It acts as the centerpiece of your dining room, hence it is important that you carefully pick one. Visibly seen and utilized to the extreme, buying a dining table set is extremely personal.

We understand every house is different and so are its requirements. From a round dining table set to an 8 seater dining table set, HomeTown’s collection of dining tables is impressive and extensive. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our finely curated dining table sets at a reasonable price. The dining table has become an important part of the house. In the age of smartphones and Netflix, a dining table is probably the only place where the family comes together to reconnect. A dining table is much more than just a piece of furniture. Hence, you must pick a dining table after careful consideration. Sit back and let us help you to pick out a perfect dining table set where you can build stories and create memories. Know why you should choose one shape and size over the other as well as what lasting effect a dining table set will bring to your home décor.


An important part of your dining zone, a dining table reflects your style of entertaining. Whether it is formal or informal, a dining table style says a lot about its user. Therefore, it is important that you pick a dining set which will personify your taste and style and aesthetically complement your interiors. With high standards and designs crafted by professional artisans, HomeTown aims at delivering the best in class at affordable rates.

When it comes to buying the perfect dining table, you should consider its style, material, and shape and size. Of these factors, size is one of the crucial ones as a too big or small dining table set can mess up your interior. The space of the area where you want to place your dining table set will determine the size of the dining set. Also, you will have to consider the number of people you would be having to sit at the dining table. The standard height of a dining table to sit is about 30 inches high. However, the counter height dining table may rise to six inches higher than the standard dining table height. Based on the thickness, materials and seating, the usability of the dining table set changes. Keep these questions in mind as you make your final selection:

- What dining table design are you specifically looking for?

- Will it accommodate the number of people you intend to buy it for?

- Does the selected dining table set fit well in your dining room?

- Does it match your interiors and your comfort?

- What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy a dining table?

- Does the dining table set fall into your budget?


Nothing is better than a few laughs and talks over a good meal. It is not only the goodness of the meal that enhances memorable conversations but also the comfort of the dining table set. Therefore, it is of critical importance to pick a dining table set design that would accentuate your interiors and your sense of style and make your mealtimes more comfortable, stylish and memorable. Dining table sets come in a variety of bases such as four-legged base, pedestal base which offers a single thick support, cross-legged base and trestle base. Dining table sets are also bifurcated with regards to their edge. The edge adds more style to the design. Some of the most common edge profiles include waterfall profile, round edge profile, reverse bevel edge profile, double edge profile and live edge profile. View HomeTown’s range of carefully picked dining table set designs.

Counter height dining table set

Trendy and modern, the counter height dining table set is slightly higher than a traditional dining table set. Its high height creates a sense of informal dining experience.

Traditional dining table set

Formal and sophisticated, the traditional dining table set is the most common that you will come across. Carved in wood, the traditional dining table set features intricate designs and sturdy structure. It brings out the timeless and powerful properties of wood.

4 seater dining table

For a family of four, a 4 seater dining table measuring about 60 inches is perfect. Available in the shapes of circle, square and rectangle, the 4 seater dining table also comes in a triangle shape which can sit up against the wall.

6 seater dining table

Measuring about 60 inches, the 6 seater dining table comes in round and oval table shapes. Catering to a medium-size dining experience, the 6 seater dining table can easily accommodate a bench to squeeze in more people.

8 seater dining table set

Measuring 90 inches and above, the 8 seater dining table set comes with extension leaves to accommodate more people.

Wooden dining table set

Wood is an ideal choice when it comes to dining table sets. People still prefer wooden dining table sets over any other. A must-have piece of furniture, the wooden dining table is made of sheesham, mango, oak, etc. Its hardwood material adds a rustic charm to the interiors.

Marble dining table

A marble dining table complements all types of decor. Although a bit expensive, marble dining tables are easy to clean and durable. Marble is classy, luxurious and environment-friendly. However, it gets stained easily and needs to be sealed and resealed at frequent intervals.

Glass dining table

Glass tabletops add a touch of elegance to your interiors and open up the visual space. It amplifies the space, creating a breezy feeling. Adding a stylish, contemporary design aesthetic to your interiors, a glass dining table gives you the freedom to experiment with its frame. It often comes with a wooden base. The glass is durable and strong, and easy to clean.

Folding dining table set

A modern invention catering to space needs, the folding dining table is a perfect piece of furniture for a smaller dining room. Easy to use and low on maintenance, a folding dining table set also comes in handy when you host outdoor parties.

Metal dining table

Surprisingly trending, the metal dining table has become a preferred choice among people. It is best suited for homes with industrial decor. Durable and easy to clean, a metal dining table is flexible and a practical choice of furniture.


A dining table set is not just a table where you sit and have meals. A dining table set has gone beyond that. It is a place where you entertain your guests and share stories over family mealtime. The perfect dining table set majorly depends on the availability of space and how you have furnished your house. The type and design of the dining table set are crucial and have to resonate with your personality and blend with your interiors. Also, depending on the number of people in the family will determine the size of the dining table. A circular glass-top table is perfect for a family of four. However, a square wooden dining table set along with an extension can come in handy when you have guests over for dinner.

To experience a mid-century modern feel, go for a dining table with a contemporary design that features tapered legs and vinyl seating on metal or wooden chairs. It highlights simple lines and textures and accentuates a rustic appeal. However, if you plan to go all traditional, remember to opt for a curvy dining table set with dark, warm and earthy toned upholstery. Comprising formal pieces of furniture such as chairs with arms, pedestal legs supporting the table and nailhead trimmed benches, the traditional style of the dining table set can easily add a touch of sophistication with its natural beauty. Remember to pay attention to the colours and patterns. In case most of the furnishing in the house is in neutral colours, try for a dining table in beige, white and brown shades.


Instead of buying a table and placing it with a pair of different chairs, shop for a dining table set from HomeTown. It is quite easy to redecorate your dining room. Get rid of your boring, dull dining table set and check out an extensive range of dining table sets online at HomeTown. From modern design or traditional style, wooden dining table set to metal dining table, we have got you covered. Available in different shapes and sizes including circular, square and even triangle, our range of dining table sets comprises dining table and dining chair or benches.

Look no more for dining tables set at an affordable price as HomeTown offers seasonal offers and timely deals. The dining table set price on HomeTown is fairly considerable and pocket-friendly, and the dining table is worth every bit of your investment. Introducing the latest trends in dining room decor, we offer a creative, elegant and ergonomically fit solution to all your buying needs.

HomeTown offers a wide collection of modern dining tables in different shapes, materials, designs, sizes, and finishes. Create a dining area despite space issues with a wall-mounted or folding dining table. A 4 seater dining table is ideal for a family of four, while a 6 seater dining table and an 8 seater dining table set is a better option if you have a large family or frequently host parties for guests.


1. What shape dining table set is best for a small room?

- A round shape works well for smaller rooms. However, you can consider buying a wall-mounted or folding table due to space constraints.

2. How do I pick the right size dining table?

- Before you pick the dining table set, make sure you measure the area of space where you want to place your dining table. Start by measuring the width and length of the dining space. Make sure you are leaving an extra room of about at least 3 inches around it. Then choose the seating and shift your focus to style, design, material and colour.

3. Does a round dining table save space?

- A round dining table provides better use of space in smaller areas, hence these tables are ideal for smaller rooms. Since there are no corners around a round table, a round dining table set creates more space for people to walk around and reach their seats. It avoids less bumping and crowding as well.

4. Is a round dining table better than a rectangle dining table?

- A round dining table takes less space and is perfect for a small dining room. However, rectangle dining tables can be moved up against the wall to save space or pulled out to accommodate extra guests. That said, it all depends on the availability of space in your dining room.

5. What is a dining room table leaf?

- Table leaf is seen in extension tables. When pulled apart at the end, the centre of the table extends, providing extra space.

6. What is a tempered glass top?

- A tempered glass is 5-6 times harder than regular glass. It is harder to break and is resistant to weather conditions. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass does not shatter in tiny sharp pieces, instead, it breaks down forming a substance closer to amorphous powder.


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