When it comes to decorating your living room, a lot of pieces of furniture need to be kept in mind, especially an accent chair – a quirky, sophisticated and flexible design option. Accent chairs can be easily paired with a or can be purchased alone. An accent chair can easily blend within any space. Accent chairs can act as additional seating in your living room or they can be positioned in the corner of the bedroom or the living room, thereby acting as a reading corner or simply a cosy spot. The possibilities of having an accent chair and positioning in the house are quite frankly endless.

Before you start looking for accent chairs online, make sure you consider the following listed factors:

- What purpose do you want your accent chair to serve?

- What kind of fabric and type of accent chair are you looking for?

>- Do you intend to mix the accent chair with the rest of your interior or keep it up in harmony with the space?


On account of their versatility and unique style, accent chairs have grown popular among the masses. It is the epitome of comfort and style. On HomeTown, you can explore a wide range of accent chairs from modern to traditional for a stylish makeover of your abode. Thanks to our variety of accent chairs online, you can now sit back and relax in style.

Lounge accent chair

These chairs have a tall backrest, are available in solid vibrant colours or block-printed patterns and usually have a high armrest and low foot. As the name suggests, these provide you with maximum comfort.

Armless accent chair

Also known as the slipper chair, the armless accent chair does not have arms, thereby making it airy and less bulky.

Wingback accent chair

Ranging from classic to contemporary, the wingback accent chair comes with statement side panels that are extended from the chair, thereby making the accent chair arch upward and higher. Its tall back makes it look elegant in a room with a high ceiling. It offers upright seating comfort.

Sculptural accent chair

These accent chairs are visually pleasing on account of their unique curves and interesting form. Offering a sleek and sharp framework, the sculptural accent chairs generally come with wooden or metal arms and legs.

Tufted accent chair

Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics, tufted accent chairs are buttoned back and resonate with the French or European decor style. These accent chairs add a touch of class and elegance to your space.

Barrel accent chair

Barrel accent chairs feature a round backrest that flares out on the sides of the chair to form an armrest. These chairs create an envelope, thereby mesmerising its user to curl up in them.


Accent chairs add a personality to the room. This functional decor piece of furniture creates a modern and sophisticated charm and helps in embellishing the room depending on its colour and style. It is imperative that the accent chair you pick matches your overall style.

With regards to the style of the chair, you need to keep in mind its few other elements such as legs, materials and colours. Legs of accent chairs are exposed; either it will offer a slipcovered fabric option or be visibly bare. However, today many accent chairs have sleek and straight legs as opposed to sculptural and European-styled accent chairs that come with curved legs which are carved out of solid wood.

HomeTown has a smooth, user-friendly interface that allows you to conveniently navigate through the various styles, colours and patterns of accent chairs. You can either visit the website from your browser or download the mobile app for a customised experience. On HomeTown, you can grab excellent accent chair deals, and get EMI options and enjoy unbelievable discounts of up to 80 per cent on your purchases.


1. What is the difference between an accent chair and a sofa chair?

- An accent chair can be positioned anywhere in the house including the living room, home-office or bedroom. They are used to add a style to the room, whereas sofa chairs often come with cushioning and a wider seating area. It is designed as a smaller version of a sofa.

2. What is the purpose of accent chairs?

- An accent chair is a chair that is designed to not only act as seating but also work as a piece of art. Accent chairs can be used to revamp the house or utilise the empty corner of your home.

3. How tall should accent chairs be?

- The standard height for accent chairs is 16-18 inch.

4. Where can I place my accent chair?

- Accent chairs can be placed by the entryway, or near the window in your bedroom or living room. It can also act as extra seating around the sofa set.

5. Does an accent chair have to match with the rest of my sofa set and furniture?

- An accent chair serves the purpose of standing out alone. However, you can certainly pick accent chairs online considering their colour contrast with the rest of the furniture and the accent chair price. As accent chairs have no fixed placements, they can be placed anywhere.


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