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                Buy Center Tables Online on HomeTown

                While designing the interior of a house, a center table is considered an important piece of furniture. While a sofa center table keeps your place uncluttered, it also accentuates the look of the living room, irrespective of its design or shape. Unfortunately, the importance of a center table is often undervalued and people do not give much thought while buying one. However, the fact is, a center table for drawing room can make or break the overall look. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing a center table for your house.

                Different types of Center Table on HomeTown

                Instead of opting for a conventional wooden center table for your house, you can easily experiment with different design as you like. If you have a leather sofa set, you can pair it with a center table with glass top that would give your living room a luxurious look. This glass center table could be with or without storage depending upon your sofa design and other furniture placed in the house. Alternatively, for a rustic look, you can also buy a marble top center table and pair it with bamboo chairs and couches.

                Center Table ranges on HomeTown

                If you are planning to buy a center table for your house, you can explore the following ranges available in India.

                • Alfe
                • Emily
                • Joss
                • Leon
                • Luna
                • Marion
                • Rory

                Things to consider while buying a Center Table

                While choosing the perfect center table for your house, you can consider the following factors- Material- The tabletop as well the overall construction of the center table should be sturdy and durable. Usually, the foot of the center table is made of different types of wood. However, you can also experiment with other material like bamboo or plastic. On the other hand, the material used for tabletop can be glass, marble or wood as per your interior and taste. Size - The size of the center table should neither be too tall nor too short. It should complement the size of the sofa. You should not need to bend a lot while keeping stuff on it while you are sitting on the sofa. Shape- Though the most common shape of center table is a rectangle, you can choose other shapes like circle, oval, or octagon. Alternately, you can also experiment with shapes like wavy or spiral to give a funky look to your house. Finish - While looking for a center table, ensure that it has a smooth finish. A natural glossy wood finish looks good with all kinds of furniture. Also, check that its edges are not as sharp as it can lead to accidents. Storage - For a spacious living room, you can opt for a center table with storage. It could be in the form of drawers where you can keep keys, remote controls, or snacks, or it could be like an open showcase where you can arrange small idols, set of books or crystal as decorative items.

                Try Center Table online shopping for the best deals

                When you know what kind of center table you want, you can easily buy center table online. In Hometown website, you can use the different filters to choose the center table that fits best in your house. For example, if you want to buy glass center table online, go to the drop-down menu of material on the website and choose glass. Similarly, you can buy marble or a wood center table through this filter option. Moreover, you can select different colour, price and discount range on the website and app while purchasing the glass top center table online.

                Grab the best deals on offer on HomeTown

                There are many center tables for sale on Hometown at attractive discount and deals. You can enjoy up to 80% discount on the Hometown furniture. They also offer one year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Hometown offers superior quality furniture, which is artistically designed and crafted by skilled carpenters. They also offer EMI facility so that you can conveniently pay for your purchase as per your convenience.

                What else can you find on Hometown?

                You can shop for a sofa, side tables, wardrobe, loungers, etc. at Hometown. To further beautify your house, you can look for matching curtains, sofa covers and pillows and home decor items.

                What is the best center table for a living room?

                It depends upon your living room design and furniture. For a sober conventional look, you can take a rectangle wooden center table. Alternatively, for a futuristic and modern look, you can also shop for round glass table.

                What are the different types of materials for center tables?

                Center tables can be made from wood, marble, glass, or steel depending upon different design.

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