Center Tables

A center table is, by definition, a table that you place in the center of the room. Not only does it serve as a focal point that draws the eye towards the middle of a space, but it also serves as a great way to make a statement and express your distinct style. With a center table for a living room, both aesthetics and practicality come together to create an anchor for all the other furniture. The center table design can vary largely, and they have the ability to change the look of your living room entirely. At HomeTown, you can buy a center table online and be assured of its quality and utmost finesse! While these center tables are priced reasonably, they will last you for a lifetime!

There are several types of center tables for your living room that one can choose from, depending on personal preferences. We can break it down into material and style -

Material -

1. Wooden Center Table

Wood construction is, as always with tables of any variety, the most common construction element. Versatile, warm, timeless, and rich, wood can be used in the vast majority of shapes, styles, and sizes. Wooden center tables boast a high level of durability while rating high on the aesthetic quotient as well.

2. Metal Center Table

When it comes to choosing a center table for your living room, brass and chrome finished metal tables are fairly common too. Available, in a variety of finishes, these are sturdy, and can be lighter weight than traditional wood construction. Eclectic pieces can be crafted with metal, which can also allow for thinner legs and support structures and can also be crafted into surprising shapes.

3. Glass Center Table

100% glass center tables or center tables with glass tops had gradually risen in popularity with modern manufacturing, allowing for versatile, striking designs that were never before possible. While often connected via metal joints or support structures, some tables are 100% glass constructions. Bent curved shapes moved away from sharp edges. Back painted glass center tables have also become popular with a rise in experimentation with colour. They also add visual space, a luxurious sheen, and are stain and water damage proof. Wooden center tables with glass tops are often a stylish staple in Indian households.

4. Rattan Center Table

Handcrafted rattan was initially used largely as a patio furniture material. Now a huge trend in every piece of furniture from bed backs to accent chairs, and even lighting, rattan has made a big comeback. Modern application of the material allows for more luxurious, carefully designed furniture that is not only durable but looks beautiful inside the home.

5. Marble Center Table

From Carrara to Dyna marble, center tables feature a slab of marble that sits on top of a base. The base can be made of many different materials, including wood, metal, or even another type of stone. These tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and look very chic.

Style -

1. Indian Traditional

Indian traditional center tables are perhaps the most common seen to this day in Indian homes. With a style reaching back through the last century, their appeal is demonstrably timeless. With a hint of ornate elements through carving and embellishment, traditional tables will almost always be crafted from carved wood and shaped into a rectangle or oval surface.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary center tables are designed using a metal base and glass tops. They include a solid wood or engineered wood construction with a dark wenge or walnut matt finishing. Generally speaking, contemporary is a very broad term encompassing a range of stylistic touchstones. In essence, it means any furniture that is styled “of the current trend,” evoking an up-to-date look, with novel features.

3. Modern

Modern is a term usually referring to a specific range of 20th-century design philosophy, from the Art Deco and Bauhaus movements to mid-century style. It often emphasizes simplicity, clean shapes, and the blending of functional and aesthetic aims. Modern center tables are a great fit for Indian households given how seamlessly they blend in with the general design language of an Indian home.

4. Rustic

A more niche choice of center table designs, a rustic style evokes a sense of old-fashioned times. The material is almost always wood, a rough rugged slab or palette, carved into simpler patterns than with a modern coffee table. To add authenticity to the design, the center tables have brass fittings, prints, distressed paint, evoking a particularly bygone feel.

5. Industrial

In your choice of either walnut wood or ash, an industrial table can be assembled for a singular display. While the rich and powdered wood is certainly a factor in its aesthetic, the real story comes from the legs. Usually, they come with an attractive geometric style of legs that make your table a trendy statement.

Frequently Asked Questions -

What are the uses of a center table?

The center table is the central piece of furniture to adorn a living room. Though the main purpose of the center table is to hold drinks and snacks while entertaining the guests or enjoying family time. But due to the privileged position it occupies, it also serves the purpose of decorating the room.

What is a teapoy?

A teapoy is an item of furniture, similar to a center table. The word is of Indian origin and was originally used to describe a three-legged table. Wooden teapoy designs are fairly popular in India even today, given their size and functionality.

What is the right size for a center table?

Consider the dimensions of the coffee table before making a choice. It is a thumb rule that the size of the table you buy should be less than two-thirds the size of your sofa. Ensure that you go for a compact size center table that does not take up space in your living room. However, it should have adequate space for everyday objects like remote controls, coffee mugs, laptops, and decorative items. If you are to buy a center table online, make sure to see all the specifications.

What is the right shape to buy?

Usually, the shape of the center table is decided by the shape of the sofa. If your sofa is an L-shaped lounge or rectangular, it will require a rectangular center table. Smaller sofas go well with square or round center tables to make do for the tight space. Popular and trendy shapes are oval or circular tables that offset the rectangular or square lines. The sofa center table can work with many shapes and can also be used in varying sizes to create drama.

What is the right style to buy?

A center table should be in tandem with the rest of the style of your home. Given its a “center” table, it will receive a lot of attention. Therefore, it is best to keep it in tune with the textures, colours, materials, and patterns that have been used. A modern home would prefer a sleek metal and glass or marble top center table, whereas, with a more traditional Indian living room, a center table made of wood with some ornate carvings would blend in well. Contemporary spaces may require geometric tables. Keep scale also in mind when choosing your center table. Large tables will pair well with smaller, slimmer sofas while a smaller living room setup will look better with glass or metal designs. The right center table price with the right design is the best choice to go with.

What is the best suited functionally?

Think about how you would use this piece of furniture. If you will be entertaining more guests, go for a center table that has a more durable surface and maybe even an edge to prevent things from falling off. If storage is an important need in your home, a center table with drawers or a lower deck for storage will give you additional space for stowing away items. A lower deck center table is extremely popular to store linens and extra coffee table books. If dust is a problem, an upholstered or wicker coffee table may not be a good idea, opt for marble, wood, or acrylic surfaces for an easy clean option.

What is the standard size of center tables?

A common size is approximately 120cm in length and 60cm in width, although this definitely varies based on the style and shape of the coffee table.

What should be kept on a center table?

Style up your center table with candles , coffee table books, small planters, candles, and artifacts. A quick and easy way to liven up a center table is with some floral arrangements. You can match the colors of the vase with fresh flowers and greens. Stack books and place decorative objects, like bowls or a vase of flowers, on top of each. Individual stacks will help make it feel more compact and less cluttered.