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Center Tables: Explore the Best Center Table Collection at HomeTown

Whether functional, decorative, or a combination of both, a sofa center table is a center of attraction in your living room. However, most households undervalue its importance. Center Table is a place for several remote controls, throwing keys, resting your drinks, books, waiting to read magazines or newspapers, etc. It gives you an extra storage area. Being a useful piece of furniture in a home, adding it to your valuable living room should be a priority.

Modern Centre Tables Online

The popularity of centre tables at the pace of expansion of online shopping platform has flooded the market. People are making a hunt for the ideal centre table simultaneously harder and easier than ever. HomeTown offers you an exclusive range of centre tables at your convenience. Since any piece of furniture will not be a perfect fit unless you focus on certain things, we are providing you with helpful buying guides outlining myriad features and styles to consider. This will help you select the perfect centre table for your home.

Centre Table Wooden Designs

When you tend to buy a centre table online, make sure you choose the correct one which fits your requirements. The centre table dimension, style, color & shape – everything should be taken into account. A too large or too small center table for your living room furniture or even guest room will be out of proportion. Only properly sized furniture can make your room cohesive and comfortable. Following are the areas you need to consider when buying a centre table online at HomeTown.
  • Shape - A rectangular centre table design is the standard choice. However, if you want to go beyond it, look at your current furniture for inspiration. The patterns on your art, drapes, or vases in your room are some of the articles to inspire a creative decision. Choose from our modern center table designs which will match your living room interior. For instance, an oval center table or curved sofa has lines to complement each other. For a sensible choice of your family, a wooden centre table design or a center table for living room will be an ideal option to go for. An active toddler may run into the pointed edge if you choose a square centre table.
  • Tabletop – The surface of the center tables with storage remains the main focal point for every eye. So, considering this should be the most important thing. Wooden center table designs need special wood cleaners to clean, whereas a center table with glass top or tabletop can be maintained easily. Choosing a wooden center table with glass top made of engineered wood and metal adds a luxurious feel to your home.
  • Materials – A range of materials are used in modern center tables designs like chrome steel, polished stones, marbles, solid wood, engineered wood, or glass. Marble, rubber wood, plastic, leather, etc. are other materials used in center tables. Sheesham Wood or rosewood burnished metal lets you have a more vintage or even industrial look. Glass is an elegant choice for smaller spaces as it doesn’t weight a room down. Select a centre table design with storage which is lightweight as it is easy to lift or move when you’re vacuuming.
  • Legs and Support – The placement of the center table’s legs and your feet is essential, especially if you are supposed to spend a good amount of time sitting around your center table. Pick a centre table design with recessed legs if you want to place the table in a high-traffic zone area. Recessed legs help prevent stubbed toes.
  • Finish – When choosing a centre table design, do look into the right finish as it will help the piece match other furniture. A natural wood finish, stain adds levels of gloss and color to the exterior of a wooden center table. When purchasing the solid wood center table design, make sure what type of finishes and woods are used on your furniture.
  • Drawer – A center table with enough storage space is a huge asset. A centre table design with a single or two drawers can hide clutter and let you have a more open feel to your living room. It can provide you with quick and easy storage areas in your room essentials, including pens newspapers, magazines, notepads, etc.

Center Table Online Shopping

HomeTown brings you a vast variety of center tables for living room made of different materials. When choosing any product, make sure it fits your needs and complements with the theme of your room. HomeTown offers you fantastic discounts and offers on wooden centre table with glass tops, along with a secure payment gateway and exchange facilities. So why wait? Explore our wooden centre tables for drawing rooms and pick the one which fits your requirements today.