Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are distinct from most types of chairs you find around the office. Their design, feel, and what they are built for are very different from a standard office chair. They are generally used for seating in areas where permanent seating is not possible or practical. This includes outdoor and indoor events such as funerals, college graduations, religious services, and sporting events and competitions.

Types of Folding Chairs -

Metal Folding Chair

The most prominent in the foldable chair category is the metal folding chair. You need to have at least one metal folding chair in your storage closet just in case you have more company than your home or office can accommodate. Available in a multitude of colours, you can upgrade them with covers and pillows to make them a bit more comfortable. Solid colour or floral prints can sit perfectly atop their sleek design. HomeTown has a range of economical and stylish metal folding chairs to choose from. These types of foldable chairs are also widely used for events like sporting games, competitions, religious events, because of their hardy structure and can be easily ported from one place to another.

Traditional Wooden Folding Chairs

Wood chairs have been in use for decades for their classy, stylish, and old-world charm. The wooden fold-up chairs are aesthetic and practical. They are however heavier in weight as compared to a metal or plastic fold-up chair. Vintage folding chairs, with traditional carvings and distressed polish, add antiquity to a space. They are usually bought through collectors or vintage markets. Once restored these can be heirloom pieces of furniture.

Commercial Folding Chair

This pattern of folding chairs is found in every commercial space. Sturdy and durable are the ideal words for this simple folding chair made of steel. They can be stacked in bulk and moved around en-masse.

Stored in small spaces and single pieces or moved around in bulk, their practicality is unmatchable.

Outdoor folding chairs

Quite similar to the mesh and a warm sleeping bag, when it comes to outdoor necessities is the portable seat. This prevalent alternative comes with generous space provision for outdoor gear. Some designs have built-in storage for your drinks, a cup holder, and a pocket all in one. The folding chair with arms is embellished with some slight padding to give you the ultimate relaxed posture when outdoors. Complemented by its light weight it comes nothing short of exquisite. Can be used by the pool to lounge or just on the patio on a nice sunny day.

Kids Folding Chair

Make sure your child has everything they need to get in on the R&R! Whether you want to go for a picnic or just hang out in your garden, kids’ folding chairs are a must for all your outdoor sitting needs. Whether it’s a baby beach chair, a toddler camping chair, or a children’s lawn chair, there is a seat for each one of your little ones. Available at HomeTown in a myriad of prints and colours, these portable chairs are perfect for pulling out at your kids' party or family get-together. What's great is that, At the bottoms of the legs, stoppers are affixed so that the chair has a proper grip with the floor when kids are seated. You can rest assured your kid will get a lot of use out of any one of these children’s folding chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions -

What are Folding Chairs?

The basic purpose for folding chairs is for limited use, to be sat on for a brief period, and space-saving practicality. Factors like ergonomics or the long-term comfort of users are not considered in their design. Often bought in bulk, folding chairs are frequently used in large spaces for events like weddings or where a large number of people will gather at once. A folding chair can be quickly folded up into a more manageable size and put away into storage.

Are folding chairs space-saving?

One of the most basic functions of a folding chair is to save space. Commercial spaces, schools, hospitals, and hotels, use them for events or assemblies, before folding them all up ready for storage. Folding chairs give you the opportunity to have seating readily available for a large number of people, on these types of occasions without taking up significant room in your storage area. At home, these can be used in the kitchen, storage areas, or the perfect, is the folding study chair for the den.

Are folding chairs cost-effective?

HomeTown has a range of cost-effective folding chairs online. Without expensive features and materials, the price of folding chairs can be significantly less than that of many alternatives. Generally, folding chair prices fall in a more budget-friendly category.

Can folding chairs be moved in bulk?

One of the most significant benefits of folding chairs is the ability to move them around ‘en masse’. To do that you’ll need a folding chair cart. Using a folding chair cart, you can easily transport dozens of folding chairs stacked safely in one unit. Even without a cart, folding chairs are lightweight and easy to move around in large numbers.

What is the weight capacity of a folding chair?

Weight capacity is the maximum load a folding chair can hold without folding up. Outdoor folding chairs have a specified weight capacity, and exceeding this can damage the chair regardless of its build quality. Thus, you should confirm a chair's total weight capacity before purchasing it to ensure it can easily support your weight and the weight of other potential users. Ideally, you should opt for a chair that has a high weight capacity, as this will allow almost anyone to use the chair.

How do I choose the chair padding?

There are 2 types of padding options available, fabric or vinyl. Fabric goes big on comfort but may not be suitable for the outdoors given its susceptibility to rain damage. Outdoor fabrics are available, though it is important to look at the number of cycles a fabric does. That determines the quality of the outdoor fabric. On the other hand, vinyl brings pros and cons when compared to fabric. Vinyl padding can be taken outdoors, but on particularly hot days it will be uncomfortable to sit on. Vinyl is also easier to keep clean simply by wiping it down.