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                Amp up Your Living Room Seating with Loungers

                A lounger sofa can be your long-term investment if you choose the correct one. Since you and your guests will be sitting on it for most of its lifespan, make sure it is comfortable and stylish. Therefore, considering its material, design, color, size, seat, brand, and price are important. You should also take into consideration your budget, the size of your living room, and the place where you will be placing the l-shape sofa.

                The l-type sofa is ideal for those tricky corners where placing furniture becomes difficult, leading to a stuffed living room with minimal center space. These l-type sofa sets easily fit in one of the corners, leaving ample space in the center of the living room. This way, you can place a beautiful centerpiece while still having enough space for you and your guests to move around. At HomeTown, you will find a variety of l-shape sofa set in different designs and colors. The l-shape sofa design is such that you can select a sofa suitable for a specific direction or both direction that is left and right. Some of these come with a chaise at one of the ends that can be used as a serving table.

                There are so many designs available for l-shape leather sofa, from recliner loungers to the ones with chaise. Although the options for l-shape wooden sofas are limited, they are quite elegant and appropriate to bedeck smaller spaces.

                Explore Different In-house Lounger Ranges at HomeTown

                HomeTown brings you a lavish collection of loungers designed in-house by passionate craftsmen under different ranges. You can find corner fabric and leatherette loungers in the left as well as right configurations. There are also loungers that feature a recliner chair at both ends with container holders on one side. These lounger ranges include:

                • Regular Loungers: Oregon, Paddington, Garcia, Marcelo, Wilfred, Rudolph, Jeremy, Bernie
                • Loungers with Chaise: Oslo, Hamburg
                • Loungers with Recliner: Zurich, Jupiter, Eclairs, Prague, Rhea

                Check Out the L-shape Sofa Prices at HomeTown

                The high-quality loungers available at reasonable prices will transform the look and feel of your living room entirely, leaving your guests amazed. You can now easily host movie nights or family gatherings without worrying about less space. The lounger with recliner seats is perfect for a multiplex-like experience. The l-shape sofa prices at HomeTown vary from each other in terms of brand, material, size, and features.

                Purchase L-shaped Sofa Online on HomeTown

                With so many designs to choose from, visiting multiple stores can be a difficult task. Plus, withdrawing so much of cash for payment from bank or ATM can be risky. Online shopping is an efficient way of buying an l-shape sofa set online. This way, you can pay via internet banking, i.e., credit or debit card for l-shape sofa cover online shopping. You can also pay for the sofa set via the credit card EMI option.

                If you are unsure about what furniture to adorn your home with, you can always take help from the designers at HomeTown. You will be offered services for design concepts, flooring and tiling, furniture for all rooms, space planning, budget planning, site measurements, personal design consultant, and more. They also provide complete project management.

                Browse through a Category of L Shape Sofa for Sale at HomeTown

                There are many sales and discounts hosted by HomeTown for different occasions. Apart from occasional discount offers, they have a clearance sale and daily deals offer. There is a discount of up to 80% on l-shape sofas for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your comfortable sofa at the earliest and get maximum off.

                HomeTown is house to many other products too, such as coffee tables, dressing mirrors, center table, cups and saucers, washing machines, bar chairs and stools, pots and planters, Pooja special, filled cushions, and a lot more. Moreover, we at HomeTown also offer services for space planning, budget planning, site measurements, personal design consultant, design concept and mood boards, 3D renders, wall paint and design, false ceiling and design, flooring and tiling, furniture for all rooms, modular kitchens and wardrobes, customized bathrooms, decor and lighting, soft furnishings, and even complete project management.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                How many people can an L-shaped sofa accommodate?

                An L-shaped sofa can accommodate from 5 to 7 people comfortably.

                Is an L-shaped sofa design comfortable?

                Yes, L-shaped sofa design is extremely comfortable to sit, as most of them come upholstered with soft fabric and leather.

                How to position a corner sofa in a living room?

                It is important to understand whether your sofa is left or right configured. If your sofa supports both the configurations, then it will be easier for you to position it in any corners. However, for side-specific configuration, you will have to position the sofa in the corner that it supports.

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