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                Sofa Come Beds

                Enhance the Look and Feel and Get Customized Comfort with Amazing Sofa Come Bed

                We would all agree on this that sofas are an integral part of any living room and it is an essential piece of furniture on which you and family members can sit together. It is one of the places where families or friends or guests can sit comfortably and talk and chat for hours. Apart from providing comfortable seating, sofas also come in various sizes and eye-catching designs which helps in putting a good impression on your guests.

                But if you are residing in a less spacious house then installing a sofa set may become a little difficult. You will be aware that a sofa set occupies more space inside a living room and installing it in a small living room will lead to congestion. To avoid such situations you will need a piece of furniture that is comparatively smaller in size but still does what it says. To help you out in such situations, you should buy a sofa cum bed.

                Sofa come bed are specially designed to address the space constraints which most people have to deal with. These beds are available in various designs and sizes which can be installed inside your living room or bedroom. As the name suggests, a sofa cum bed can be easily converted into a bed and back to the sofa when needed. This helps you in reducing the clutter inside your home. If you have limited space inside your bedroom and installing a regular bed is not an option then a sofa come bed can be put to use easily. Multiple varieties of sofa cum bed designs are available that can suit different home decors and you can choose the best one for your house.

                In recent years, sofa cum beds are getting a lot of popularity thanks to its dual use nature, people are increasingly making it a part of their house. If you are interested in buying a sofa cum bed, you need to have complete knowledge about it so that the right decisions are taken.

                Types of Sofa Come Bed at HomeTown

                Converting this sofa cum bed into a bed is a simple process just pull it out and lay the bedding on it and push it inside once there is no need of it. Apart from that, this furniture is available in many types and you can choose a suitable type from the available ones for your house.

                Some of the types of Sofa Cum Beds at HomeTown are as follows:

                L shape sofa cum bed:

                If you are looking out for a stylish sofa cum bed to make your home interiors look more gracious, you should go for an L-shaped sofa cum bed. It is one of the most stylish types of sofa cum bed, thanks to its unique L-shape and availability in multiple attractive designs and colours. L-shape sofa cum beds can also be called as corner beds as it can be installed in corners of your living room or bedroom thus making optimum utilization of space. Apart from homes, such type of sofa cum beds are also increasingly being installed in commercial offices thanks to its availability in various sophisticated designs.

                If you have amazing house interiors and good space, you should go for L-shape sofa cum bed.

                Sofa cum bed with storage:

                While buying a bed you should think about the size, design, colour and most importantly its storage capacity. But due to relatively small space, installing a queen or king-size bed would not be a feasible option. If space is an issue and wardrobe and bed cannot fit together, we would recommend the sofa cum bed with storage. The sofa cum bed comes with a storage box inside which you can store your dohars items like pillows, bedsheets and blankets, to name a few. You can also keep a small set of items like albums, accessories and so on, which needs to be accessed occasionally. They are available in many variants and are highly popular among the masses. That’s why you will find a sofa cum bed with storage at many houses.

                Single sofa cum bed:

                If you are a bachelor in your house or staying single, a queen-sized bed or king-sized bed inside your bedroom might be a waste of space and money. In such cases, you should opt for a sofa cum bed that will consume a very small space inside your bedroom. Plus, you can spend your hard-earned money wisely on something else that you might need in the near future. Apart from the bedroom furniture, it can be easily installed in the corner of your living room too. Now, you have a spot where you can relax and ease out a bit while enjoying your favourite beverage.

                While sofa cum beds are commonly identified into the above-listed types but sofa cum beds are also identified with the material used in manufacturing them.

                Some of the sofa cum beds that are identified through their material are mentioned below.

                Different Materials used to make Sofa Cum Bed

                Wooden sofa cum bed:

                As the name suggests, wooden sofa cum beds are manufactured using wood like plywood which are used on a daily basis for manufacturing various kind of furniture. Plywood is mainly used for manufacturing sofa cum beds with storage along with various other types. A wooden sofa cum bed is heavy but long-lasting so make sure before buying it, whether you have a requirement of it or not. Wooden sofa cum beds are available with and without storage. If house interiors are full of wooden attics then buying a highly stylish wooden sofa cum bed will be beneficial because it adds some glamour in your house.

                Metal sofa cum bed:

                Majority of the sofa cum beds are manufactured using metals like steel which makes them highly affordable. Metal sofa cum beds are made up of steel frame which makes them long-lasting and light in weight. These beds can be used roughly without any damage. Being lightweight, it can be easily be shifted within the house or transported without much efforts. Available in multiple designs, these sofa cum beds are usually installed along with living room furniture.

                Fabric sofa cum bed:

                Sofa come beds that are manufactured using fabric which means that these sofa cum beds come stitched with fabric on the frame. The fabric on the bed makes it much more comfortable than other types of sofa cum beds. Apart from providing comfort, it has also become a fashion statement because they are available in multiple attractive colours and designs. So buy a fabric sofa cum bed online and enhance the look and feel of your living room or bedroom.

                There are was a time when the sofa cum bed was a luxury since not everyone could buy one. People did not spend on it as it was a less popular option as compared to their peers. But with high rise buildings and smaller apartments, people have realized the importance of buying multipurpose furniture. You can install it in a living room or a bedroom, increasing the scope of comfort at your place. It can be pulled out and converted into a bed and then pushed back thus making optimum use of the available space. These days a modern sofa cum bed have become essential furniture which is available in many varieties and you must choose accordingly.

                Things to consider while buying a Sofa Come Bed from HomeTown

                In recent years, sofa cum beds have increasingly become popular in small cities, thanks to the increased popularity of the product and availability in many designs and their unique features. But there are a few things to consider before and while buying it. As mentioned above, this furniture is available in many attractive designs and types so make sure you buy a sofa cum bed that goes along with the home interiors.

                For instance, if you are living in a rented house and after every few years you have to shift to a new apartment then it is better to buy a metal sofa come bed which can be transported easily, and can bear the transportation wear and tear and it should be lightweight. You also need to consider your requirements. For example, a simple sofa come bed would look good in a simple house with simple interiors. Lastly, make sure that before you buy a sofa cum bed you have adequate space to install it.

                Always check with the surrounding in your living room and take into consideration which sofa cum bed will best suit in the space. For instance, if your house is full of high-priced wooden furniture and attics then installing a metal or fabric sofa cum bed might not suit the decor. You would be better off if you choose a wooden sofa cum bed which will enhance the look-and-feel of the room further.

                Different Sofa Cum Bed ranges Available at HomeTown

                HomeTown is the place where you will find sofa cum beds in a wide range. Thanks to its availability, you now have the option of choosing a product from this range that suits your house and meets your requirements. Below is a list of sofa cum bed range available at HomeTown.


                • Arthur
                • Walter
                • Willis

                Mild Steel:

                • Rosette
                • Rockford


                • Shine

                Get Affordable Sofa Cum Bed prices at HomeTown

                Sofa cum beds are available in many types and variants and each of these variants is priced differently. But there is one thing that will make you happy, and that is the affordable sofa come bed prices at HomeTown. Due to the constant sales events hosted by HomeTown, you get amazing discounts and deals on your favourite products. These discounts help you get affordable sofa cum bed prices at HomeTown.

                Buy sofa cum bed online on HomeTown

                The option of buying your favourite sofa cum bed online from HomeTown is always open and you must utilize it. You will not regret using online methods to do the shopping for sofa come beds which help in avoiding a visit to the store thus saving your energy, time and fuel expenses. On HomeTown, you can easily find multiple products and compare the benefits for correct selection. So what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite sofa come bed online from HomeTown and make payments through debit/credit card, internet banking or EMI’s.

                HomeTown services are always at your command to help you, in case, you are not sure about which product to buy. HomeTown services will guide you in buying the best one for yourself and your family members. Apart from that, you can also consult your interior designer and take their advice.

                Different deals and offers available on Sofa Cum Bed

                Sofa Cum Bed for sale at HomeTown are quite attractive to buy thanks to the hot deals on it. Multiple sofa cum beds are available on HomeTown that comes under the discount range of 60% to 80%. This way you can buy sofa cum beds without straining your pockets from HomeTown. So hurry before the stocks get exhausted.

                Sofa come beds are just one type of product which HomeTown deals with. This platform is in the business of offering various pieces of essential items like crockery, electronics, kitchen appliances, outdoor tables, cushion covers, blankets, and many more. So feel free to shop for home furniture from HomeTown.

                Frequently asked questions

                What is the best material for sofa come bed?

                While sofa cum beds are manufactured using fabric, metal and wood, the best material for making a sofa come bed is the fabric.

                What are the different sofa cum bed designs?

                Sofa cum bed are available in multiple designs to meet the requirements of various users. Some of these designs are L-shape sofa cum bed, sofa cum bed with storage, and single sofa cum bed, to name a few.

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