A living room encompasses the traits of its homeowner. Although it is one of the most important rooms of a home where you spend most of your time reading, watching television, hanging out with family and entertaining guests, it is a perfect sofa set that plays an indispensable role in bringing out the true essence of a living room.

A fashionably comfortable and uncompromised centrepiece of a living space, a sofa set design should be chosen with thorough consideration. A sofa set design is something that first catches the eyes of visitors, and therefore the sofa design needs to not only match up to the interiors of the space but also subtly resonate the homeowner’s personality. As overwhelming as it can get, picking a sofa set from a plethora of materials, designs and colours, can get tedious and exhausting. Remember to ask yourself these questions before you finalise a sofa set:

- What type of a sofa set design are you specifically looking for (sectional sofa, storage sofa, daybed sofa, contemporary modern sofa, divan sofa, recliner sofa, etc)?

- Is the sofa set design comfortable and big enough to accommodate family members?

- Do the colour, upholstery, size and sofa design complement your room’s decor?

- Does the sofa price fit your budget?

How to pick the perfect sofa set design?

With a zillion options available in the market, it is critically important for you to narrow down your choices and pick the best sofa set design. Firstly, amplify the dimensions and the outline of the sofa set and envision it in your living area. Looks good? Now synchronise the sofa set design and its play of colours with the rest of the room. And if the depiction meets your expectation, run it through your designated budget before ordering. Throw in some cushions and voila, a quaint, cosy addition to your humble nesting place.

Catering to this versatility of your needs and requirements, HomeTown offers a wide curation of stunning sofa sets at great discounts and seasonal offers. Large and bulky in shape and size, upholstered in innumerable materials, the world of sofas is enormous and assorted. HomeTown understands the basic constraints of space and budget of every home, and aims at offering spectacular sofa sets at reasonable prices.

Before you get lost into the infinite world of sofas, let us help you retract and revive your requirements from our carefully curated assortment of sofa sets by bifurcating into materials, designs, seats and room compatibility.


Cutting back on the lion’s share of sofa set knowledge, HomeTown has narrowed down a quick sofa buying guide to help you.

Single sofa chair design

Also popularly known as armchair, the single sofa chair offers the comfort of a designated spot. Delivering the style and comfort of a regular sofa without dominating the space of a room, this petite sofa cleverly complements other sofa set designs such as loveseat sofa, sectional sofa, and is perfect for bedroom or office corners.

Loveseat or two-seater/ three-seater sofa design

One of the classics and the most simplest and modest sofa, the loveseat sofa set is known for its low key structure. With its low arms and cosy configuration, nothing ever can go wrong with this two-seater or three-seater sofa. Without creating the usual sofa fuss, this sofa makes a solid choice for casual meet ups or binge watching. The best thing about this sofa is that it is easily customisable where you can play around with patterns and fabrics.

Sectional sofa set design

The sectional sofa doubles as a multi-piece sofa which can be arranged in a number of configurations. When it comes to sectional sofa sets, the more the pieces, the more is the configuration. The configuration of the sofa set allows you to put together its pieces to create the ultimate living room seating arrangement. Offering the flexibility of expanding and scaling down its seating size, the sectional sofa set is ideal for a bigger family with an equivalent square footage. On account of its popularity, the sectional sofa set is available in varied styles, designs, materials and sizes of which the L-shaped and U-shaped are quite common.

Chesterfield sofa set design

The chesterfield sofa reminisces the essence of French-styled interiors. Intricate carving on its exposed wooden frame and taut upholstery fabric offers a chic French country vibe. Its arms stretched back at the same height with a deep seat builds an upright box structure where your entire family can just pile on to. Here is a pro tip: skip the tufts and throw in some fluffy cushions to create a cosy feel.

Camelback sofa set design

Easily identified due to its arched back, exposed wooden legs and scrolled arms, the camelback sofa is one of the popular picks from the lot. Its elegant, upright structure adds a royal touch of elegance and style.

Leather sofa set design

One of the most luxurious and fanciest options, a leather sofa is the go-to choice for adding a touch of medieval warmth to your abode. Although leather sofas used to come in bulky and over-sized frameworks and were used mainly in office spaces, today these sofas are easily customisable with shorter and smaller frames and are quite much seen in residential spaces.

Sofa bed design

One of the favourites of urban dwellers, a sofa bed set plays the dual function of a comfortable couch and a cosy bed. Best suited for smaller apartments, the sofa bed set certainly comes handy when you have guests over.

Contemporary sofa set design

Generally structured with square arms and linear outline with exposed legs, the contemporary sofa offers a modern yet elegant appeal to your interiors. Drawing inspiration from mid-century designs, they come in three or four seater sets. These sofas can be paired with single and/ or two seater sofa sets and are ideal for all spaces.

Cane and wicker sofa sets

Making a spectacular comeback, the cane and wicker sofa sets are a hit as they encapsulate a sophisticated style that blends traditional materialism with modern aesthetics. Fully functional for indoor as well outdoor needs, these sofas create a hint of nostalgia and add warmth to the space. Remember to throw in a handful of cushions and pillows on these bench-style sofa sets.

Sofa with storage design

Another favourite of urban dwellers and a heart-winner of every housewife, these set of sofas double up as a storage unit. A generous amount of storage is incorporated within the framework of the sofa. Minimalistic yet sophisticated, the built-in storage is easy to access and spacious enough to store books, cushions, toys, etc.

Recliner sofa set design

The ergonomic design of the recliner sofa set offers the luxury of comfort and relaxation. Its reclining mechanism alongside padded cushions offers uber-luxury. Offering one of the best returns on investment, these sofa sets are easy to maintain and are available in leather and leatherette materials.

Wooden sofa set design

One of the most sought-after and traditional sofa set designs is the wooden sofa set. Simple yet stylish and timeless, the wooden sofa set design captures the beauty of minimalism and modern aesthetics.

Fabric sofa set design

Adding a sense of warmth to the space, fabric sofa sets are available in a range of fabrics including velvet, polyester, suede, linen and many more. Floral or geometric prints in pastel and colourful shades dominate the prints of fabric sofa set designs. Coupled with a pile of cushions, the fabric sofa set gives a homey vibe to the space.

Metal sofa set designs

Adding an industrial touch to the decor, metal sofa set design has been quite popular for some time now and is a game-changer for your interiors.


Every area of a house possesses a unique characteristic which demands a specific decor. A right sofa set has the power to facelift the ambience of the space. While a single-seater sofa perfectly stands alone in the bedroom corner or the living room, it also collectively blends well with bigger sofa designs. Spacious living room which demands a modern and chic decor can opt for a leather or designer sofa design. Six and seven-seater sofa sets, which are available in a breakdown of 3+2+1 and 3+2+2 respectively, are best suited for bigger families and can be rearranged as per the room. Wooden sofa designs, sofas with storage and sofa beds fit well in compact spaces as compared to sectional sofas that demand larger space and bigger family.


We realize how closely involved one can possibly get while picking the perfect sofa and we rest assure you to be by your side to guide you. While you may seal on the sofa design but the sofa price may be a deal breaker. However, at HomeTown, no matter what your budget, there is a sofa set design readily waiting for you. We value your worth for money and pledge to deliver quality products at affordable prices, great deals, offers and discounts. Without a bit of hesitation, buy the best sofa online on HomeTown and bag deals that are simply hard to resist. With a plethora of materials, designs and colours to choose from, HomeTown showcases a wide assortment of sofa set designs such as wooden sofa designs, contemporary, traditional, modern and designer sofa set.

Buying a sofa online? Here is a pro tip:

Whether you are renovating your house or buying a new one, remember to position your sofa set first as it is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your living room. In case the living area is compact, push the sofa up against the wall to create more space. However with a spacious living room, you can always experiment positioning your sofa set at different spots.


HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by assuring A-one online service and after sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!


1. What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

- A couch is an informal, furniture seating arrangement with no arms and is generally used for lying on. Sofa, on the contrary, is a formal upholstered seat with prominent armrest and a back.

2. What all factors should one consider before buying a sofa?

- It is vital for one to check for the shape and size of the sofa set design keeping in mind the space of the room. Going forward, the sofa set design needs to match with the interiors of the room decor. Run a thorough research on the quality of its materials, colours, upholstery, shape, size and comfort, frame and arm style, and legs.

3. What type of sofa is ideal for the living room?

- Depending on the footage of the living room, one should ideally pick a sofa set design. While sectional and designer sofa sets are best suited for larger living rooms, a regular apartment would require a three or four seater sofa set design. Check our collection of sofa set designs.

4. Which sofa set is preferred by most of the Indian households?

- The Indian household is majorly divided into nuclear and joint families. While a three or four seater sofa set would fulfil the needs of a nuclear family with a single sofa chair (optional), sectional sofa set design or five-seater sofas made out of wood and fabric are preferred by joint families.

5. Which is the most affordable sofa set?

- A modern three seater sofa set is relatively cheaper than the other range of offerings. Click here to check out our latest offers and deals.

6. How can you tell a quality sofa set?

- Look for the framework of the sofa set along its back, rail, corners and arms. Feel the softness of the padding. Understand the fabric and framework material of the sofa thoroughly. And preferably opt for zip cushions.

7. Is it good to buy a sofa set online?

- Yes. Buying online not only saves the trouble of physically visiting stores but also helps in availing numerous offers and discounts with the benefit of door-step delivery and online transaction. Scroll through our wide collection of furniture and home decor offerings that would also match your sofa set design needs.