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A good night’s sleep is extremely vital for everyone’s health and wellbeing. After rigorous hours of work or chores, we all need a comfortable bed to sleep on where we can rejuvenate ourselves for the next day. This is all the more important when we are faced with health challenges or stressful situations like examinations, an important meeting or any festive occasion at home.

Therefore, we must take some time to choose the right mattress for our beds. A good mattress can make all the difference between waking up refreshed and waking up with spasms.

A king bed mattress is a great choice for any family or individual. These mattresses work best for any available spacious and large rooms. HomeTown has a wide range of comfortable and durable king bed mattresses that fit all bed sizes, price budgets and firmness categories to meet the needs of all consumers.

Factors To Keep in Mind While Choosing a King Bed Mattress:

A cosy and comfortable king bed mattress can provide you with deep and sound slumber. King bed mattresses give you enough room to sleep if you’re sharing them with anybody else. King mattress beds come in different styles, designs, prices and materials and here are some of the important factors to be mindful of when selecting one.

The firmness of the king bed mattress

The firmness of a mattress plays an important role in how comfortable it feels. There are people who prefer firm mattresses over softer ones. Whenever you fall on the firm/soft spectrum of mattresses, HomeTown has king size mattresses to suit your requirements from its range of soft, medium soft, firm, and medium-firm mattresses.

The size of the king bed mattress

King bed mattresses come in different sizes to fit into different sized beds available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of height and width dimensions for king bed mattresses on the HomeTown website.

King bed mattresses for special needs

For those who have a spine or posture-related issues, orthopaedic king bed mattresses are available and provide considerable relief. You can also get king bed mattresses for pain relief and alignment but it is recommended to consult any orthopaedic expert before buying one of these.

Hometown’s Royal Collection of King Bed Mattresses

HomeTown offers its consumers a royal collection of comfortable and elegantly designed king bed mattresses that can turn your bedroom into the perfect relaxing and snoozing spot in your home.

King bed mattresses are most suited for families or individuals who live in large and spacious rooms. You can opt for a king bed spring mattress, a king-size foam mattress or a cotton king bed mattress.

  • If you prefer a king-size bed mattress that is firm and offers support, you can go in for a coir or spring mattress. Coir mattresses are an eco-friendly option and are fairly popular in current times.
  • The king size memory foam mattress is suitable for those who prefer a softer mattress that can adapt to the shape of the body.
  • Latex mattresses are resistant to dust mites and mildew which make them very comfortable and durable.
  • King size spring mattresses help improve blood circulation and provide pressure point relief.

Along with the king bed mattress, you can also shop for beds, bedsheets, bedside tables, blankets, pillows and quilts on the HomeTown website to complete all your bedroom shopping requirements at one stop itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the different sizes that king size mattresses are available in?
    2. - The most common sizes of king size mattresses are 72 x 72 x 6, 72 x 72 x 8, 78 x 72 x 4, 78 x 72 x 4, 78 x 72 x 5.5, 78 x 72 x 6, and 78 x 72 x 8 inches.

    3. What materials are used to make king size mattresses?
    4. - The different materials used to make king size mattresses include foam, bonded foam, HR foam, PU foam, rebonded foam, Bonnell spring, Pillowtop Bonnell spring, pocket spring, latex and rubberized coir.

    5. How is a double bed mattress different from a king-size mattress?
    6. - A king size mattress is bigger than a double bed mattress. A king size mattress measures approximately 76 x 80 inches while a double bed mattress measures about 54 x 75 inches.

    7. What is the average king size mattress price at HomeTown?
    8. - At HomeTown, the king-size bed mattress price ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 140,000. More detailed information on king bed foam mattress prices and king bed spring mattress prices can be viewed on our website.

    9. What are the dimensions of the king bed mattresses available?
    10. - At HomeTown, king bed mattresses with heights between 100 MM to 260 MM and widths of 1820 MM to 1830 MM.

    11. Which brands of king bed mattresses are available at HomeTown?
    12. - On our website, you will find comfortable double bed mattresses from HomeTown, Kurl-On, Springfit, Livpure, Peps and Napcloud.

    13. Is it easy to buy king size mattress online?
    14. - It is extremely convenient to buy king size mattresses online. You can browse the entire collection of mattresses while sitting at home. HomeTown also offers great discounts on purchasing a king bed mattress online going up to 60% and above. We also offer great financing options such as EMI and payment through several payment modes to make it more convenient for our customers.

    15. Does HomeTown also offer other types of mattresses?
    16. - You will find types of mattresses at HomeTown. Besides king bed mattresses online, we also have a range of single bed mattresses, double bed mattresses and queen bed mattresses.

    17. How many years does a king bed mattress last?
    18. - A good quality durable mattress king size mattress can last for 10 to 15 years if the materials used are of premium quality.

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