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Office Chair Collection at HomeTown

Are you on a hunt for a new office chair? Are you worried because you don’t know the different options available? Don’t fret. You’re not to blame. Office chairs, also called task chairs, are available in various sizes, shapes, prices, and add-ons at HomeTown. Choosing the perfect office chair can be like winning a lottery. At HomeTown, we understand the importance of office chair furniture. These are not just normal chairs. They signify your power, position and let you enjoy the utmost comfort. That’s why we help you unravel different models of office chairs from our study and office furniture collection. We also have helpful guides to select office chairs online so that you can be sure you’re getting the right piece for your needs. Your office chair should be designed to make your work more comfortable and efficient. That’s why you should be careful enough in choosing the correct product. Adjustable seat height, lumbar support, headrest support, back tension, armrests, and more are the key things you should know when you’re planning to purchase office chairs online. So consider the following while going for an office chair online.

Exclusive Office Chair Design Collection

As a leading brand, we offer you a vast variety of office chair designs with different features and specifications – right within your budget range. Go for a high back office chair with single locking tilt mechanism and comfortable headrest or a low back office chair with single locking tilt mechanism, where best in class 3 gas lift is used for quick and easy pull-up height adjustment and better seating comfort. Most of our office chair designs are user-specific. They come with adjustable height, which means they go up and down. They accomplish this action in two ways:
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Office Chair Design: You can find office chairs with gas-filled canister. It rises up and down with a push of a button.
  • Manual Office Chair Design: These office chair designs come with a giant screw-like post. They help rotate the chair and push it up or down. HomeTown has a variety of office chairs to choose from. Pick one that suits your needs.
Apart from these office chair designs, HomeTown also has the following designs mentioned below.

Office Chair Design Including Arms

With a focus on the ever-evolving demands for working professionals, HomeTown offers office chairs design online with and without armrests (a place where you can rest your arms while sitting in the chair). In all significance, not all armrests are equal. Different types of armrests you’ll encounter are:
  • Fixed Arms: - Fixed armrests remain still. They’re not adjustable.
  • Height Adjustable Arms: - If you choose an office chair design with height adjustable arms, you can move the arms up and down.
  • Fully Adjustable Arms: - As the name suggests, these arms of office chair design move up and down, in and out, and different angles.

Office Chair Design - Casters or Glides

Our wide range of office chair designs come with both, casters and glides.
  • Carpet Casters: In carpet casters office chair design, the wheels attached to chair’s legs help move across the floor. Plastic wheels are ideal for carpets. They can scratch tile or wood floors. Similar to the plastic wheels, these wheels come with rubber outside. They are perfect for tile or wood as they won’t scratch.
  • Glides Office: These office chair designs aren’t wheels. They’re little metal and plastic discs that keep chairs stationary. They are good for carpet, and they glide on it. Glides are not suitable for moving your chair all over the place.

Explore Fabric & Wooden Office Chair Online

HomeTown brings you wooden office chairs online made out of the best materials. Some solid wood office chairs have different upholsteries. Here are the most common options you should choose according to your requirements. Many office chairs also come equipped with fabrics that are soft to touch. These materials are available in many colors. Most of the fabrics in chairs cover the foam. Mesh is a type of fabric used in office chairs which are breathable, durable and supportive. They’re ideal for those who want a firm seat. The leather is another option used in office chairs. Like fabrics, they’re soft to touch and durable. They smell nice as well.

Buy Office Chairs Online

HomeTown sells excellent quality office chair furniture products. When you buy office chair online, we give you the full manufacturer warranty. Our return policy enables you not to get stuck with an office chair that is not comfortable for you. Since you know all the options and features of office chairs online, browse through the page and select the office chair that is comfortable for you. If you’re still confused, give us a call. Our experts will help you sort out the best office chairs online for you. We want you to have a pleasant office chair online shopping experience with us.

Claim Office Chair Offers & Deals at HomeTown

HomeTown stocks plethora of office chairs online. In most of our office chairs, lumbar supports are height adjustable. So, they feature to fit people of different sizes. Also, every office chair comes with different depth too. So no matter whether your back curves a lot or just a little, you can still sit comfortably with plenty of support. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the on-going office chair offers on the website. This will help you to save a handsome of amount on the office chair cost. So browse & get the best office chair price today!