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Explore Office Chair Online at HomeTown

Your office chair should be one that helps you concentrate on your work and not on your discomfort. Whether you buy a luxury executive chair or a regular computer chair, it should be comfortable, adjustable, and stylish all at the same time. An ergonomic chair is one that has features like lumbar support, armrest, adjustable tilt, swivel, infinite-locking back angle, reclining backrest, and height adjustment properties. These factors are also important in a desk chair so that it is appropriate for your back, helps you maintain a good posture, and do not cause you any muscle or neck pain.

Different types of Office Chairs on HomeTown

According to your needs and preference, you can choose from different office chair styles that are stylish and comfortable. The most common office chairs are wooden office chair and plastic office chair. However, this usually depends upon the size and nature of the organization. For example, the higher-level executive of most of the organization prefers having leather office chairs for status and comfort as they have stressful and prolonged working hours. Similarly, modern offices nowadays have an office chair with wheels that can be moved anywhere in the entire place for different commitments and meetings.

Explore the various Office Chair range on HomeTown

While shopping for office chairs, you can explore the following ranges:

  • Novella
  • Albert
  • Regus
  • Rio
  • Antonio
  • Henry
  • Astra

Check out different Office Chairs at the best price on HomeTown

The price of dining set varies as per the design, size, range and pattern:

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Bolton Fabric Office Chair in Grey Colour by HomeTown ₹4,433
2 Paris Fabric Office Chair in Black Colour by HomeTownn ₹9,900
3 Arrow PVC Office Chair in Brown Colour by HomeTown ₹22,900
4 Bentley Leatherette High Back Office Chair in Black & White Colour by HomeTown ₹12,900
5 Aspire Fabric Office Chair in Black Colour by HomeTown ₹5,990

Factors to keep in mind while purchasing an office chair

  • Professional position- The office chair is not only for your comfort but also for your professional image and position in front of the employees and clients. Choose an office chair that does justice to your position.
  • Material - The material of the office chair will define the comfort to a large extent. While a leather chair is comfortable, a wooden office chair might not be so comfortable to sit on.
  • Size- Judge the size of the office desk before buying an office chair. A too low or high chair can again impact your posture adversely and give you back pain.
  • Mobility- You can also consider if you want to move your chair around the office or not. If yes, you might want to invest in an office chair with wheels.

Buy an Office Chair Online on HomeTown

You need not rover around different furniture stores to pick the best office chair for you, as you can easily buy office chairs online on websites like Hometown. On Hometown, you can get hold of a sea of different styles, patterns, and designs of office chairs to cater to all taste, preferences and budget. It is simple and convenient to shop from Hometown due to its easy and user-friendly interface. It has a drop-down menu to help you choose from different options. Once you select an office chair from the study & office furniture drop-down menu, you can see all the available options on your screens. To further simplify your shopping process, there are also some filters on the website that would help you narrow down your choices. From the drop-down menu of the filters, you can select your preferred price range, discount, color, and material of the office chair you want. The best part of Hometown is, you can shop from the website or even use a Hometown mobile app to take your pick.

Furniture on Hometown is manufactured by superior quality wood and materials and are assembled by skilled carpenters and craftsmen. They also provide one year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Get the Best Deals at Hometown

If you are looking for cheap office chairs, Hometown is the best place to be. At Hometown, you can enjoy discounts up to as high as 80% with EMI facility. While you are looking for office chairs for sale, you can look at different prices and their discount range to choose the one in your budget.

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How do I choose a desk chair?

Consider the size of your chair and your position in your office. Also look at the material, flexibility, and material of the chair before choosing a desk chair.

How often should office chairs be replaced?

Though it depends on how you use it, an office chair usually can be used up to 8- 10 years after which it should be changed.

Are swivel chairs bad for your back?

If the swivel chair’s headrest, lumbar support, armrest, etc. are appropriate, it is not bad for your back.