A study table indirectly complements your furniture set including sofa set, armchairs, bookshelf, console, and ottoman. On account of its versatility, the aesthetic importance of a study table is often ignored. Unlike few furniture pieces, a study table has eventually evolved over the years. Today, a study table has surpassed its traditional targeted audience and caters to a large audience such as working professionals, businessmen and students.

Study table design prioritises focus, organisation and productivity. It should not appear bulky, instead, it must be sturdy. Its practical design should offer sufficient space to store essentials such as notebooks, stationery, and computers, among others. With regards to its functions, you also need to focus on its aesthetic structure keeping in mind its sleek and stylish design. Besides serving a variety of purposes, a study table design should not take up too much space; rather it should upgrade your interiors.


Surprisingly, a study table has become an important piece of furniture today. It not only acts as your workstation but subtly mingles with the rest of the furniture. It resonates with productivity and good posture. It rebuilds your interiors and helps in decluttering the space. Therefore, it is of uttermost importance that you pick one thoughtfully. We understand the varying tastes of our consumers and aim at providing the best options with careful filtration such as height, size, colour, use, etc.

A study table creates a distraction-free zone that boosts your productivity. Therefore, you need to factor in a few elements before you buy a study table online. It is always ideal to buy a study table that offers extra storage and blends within the space. HomeTown certainly caters to such distinct requirements. We aim at offering reasonable study table prices and help you buy study tables online that will build stress-free zen and enhance your productivity. Before you buy a study table online, consider the following questions:

- How do you plan to use the study table?

- Where do you plan to place your study table?

- What type of chair should you look for and how high is your chair supposed to be?

- Do you need storage? If yes, what kinds of things do you plan to store in your study table?


Before you decide on the type of study table that you need to buy, remember to check out the availability of space at your home. You don’t want to buy something that will make your home or your room look cluttered. If you have a small room, enough to accommodate a bed and a wardrobe, go for a folding study table. A folding study table can be used on a bed and/or in the living room. You don’t have to worry about making a dedicated spot for your study table. Once your work is done, you can fold it back and keep it in your wardrobe or mount it back on the wall until the next time.

On the other hand, if you think sitting at one place in your room is an ideal way to be productive, we recommend you to go for a study table from our finely curated list of study table designs and a chair. A study table with a chair setup has many other advantages than just focus and concentration. It recreates an office experience with a dedicated workstation. While opting for a chair, look for the one with a backrest that would help you sit straight and avoid backaches and strain your neck. It should support the natural curve of your lumbar spine.

Study tables have not only evolved in terms of their designs and materials but also with regards to their use. Study tables are no longer limited to classic wooden designs but are crafted out of various materials. Besides, a study table design has gone beyond organising books and files. It now serves its ergonomic purpose and moonlights as a part of your furniture set.

A study table is one such piece of furniture that amalgamates the dual function of work and play. And HomeTown’s detailed guide aims at easing your trouble of buying a study table online by sorting down the broad variety of study tables that are available in the market. From high-tech designs to minimalist, its specific utilisation to sprawling materials, HomeTown’s collection of study tables will spoil you for choices.

Writing desk

Four legs and a surface form the basic structure of a writing desk – the simplest form of desk that is available in the market. A writing desk is ideal for a single person who wants a decent space for writing or studying, minus storage and drawers. Although simple and straight, the writing desk is available in different styles, designs and finishes.

Computer table

Another simplest yet practical form of desk, the computer desk is often seen in every household. Unlike the writing desk, a computer study table design offers enough storage for electronic devices including your monitor, CPU, keyboard tray, other computer accessories and cables.

Executive desk

Bigger than a regular desk, the executive desk borrows its design from a pedestal desk. An executive desk design offers ample surface space and expansive built-in storage. Despite its large exterior and oversized structure, it adds a touch of professionalism. It comes with plenty of shelf space and lots of drawers. These desks are often paired with large leather chairs.

Credenza desk

The credenza desk interplays the role of a desk as well as a cupboard. Normally seen in the living room, the credenza desk holds the benefits of a cupboard and a study table as long as you have enough space.

Corner study table

Designed in V or L-shape with each side meeting at an angle, a corner desk often provides double writing space as compared to a traditional study table. Its two-in-one design offers space-saving as it is aligned to the walls and placed in a corner, thereby using less foot space and providing more open room. This study table design offers more legroom than a standard study table.

Foldable study table or wall-mounted desk

One of the modern wonders, a foldable study table is built into the wall to keep your floor space open and clear. Since it is mounted to the wall, these desks do not consume extra space with their legs or storage setup. Ideal for compact spaces, a foldable study table is perfect for a home office. This table offers the best of both worlds – it saves space, acts as a desk and also decorates the wall with its aesthetic design.

Pedestal desk

A pedestal desk often comes with drawers and long legs. Its legs serve the purpose of storage. This type of desk is ideal for those who need to store large amounts of files or papers.

Double desk

Not seen often due to space constraints, a double desk is a desk for two people. Its long surface offers enough room for two people to sit alongside each other.


No home or office space is complete without a study table, especially today when working from home is the new normal. A decent study table design positively impacts work and boosts productivity. That said, study tables are great but they are even better when they are built with materials that are durable, practical and reliable. At HomeTown, you can have study tables made from different materials based on your requirements.

Wooden study table

The most traditional form of study table, the wooden study table is designed entirely out of wood. Durable and reliable, wooden study tables are always a winner. Contemporary study tables artistically juxtapose wood and metal, thereby creating an industrial-chic design.

Glass desk

Adding a touch of modernism, a glass desk is often paired with a wood or metal framework. The glass surface of the desk expands visual space. It’s easy to clean and low on maintenance.

Metal study table

One of the most practical and utilitarian designs, metal study tables are often paired with traditional wooden designs. They are stain and scuff-resistant and are available at affordable prices.


With remote working and schooling, study tables have become an essential piece of furniture at home. HomeTown makes it easy to buy a study table with just a click. Designed by professionals, who understand functionality as well as aesthetic design, it is easy to buy study tables online. HomeTown believes the way of success is through solving customer problems and catering to their needs. Our assortment of finely crafted study tables promises to suit every need. With the latest features and multi-purpose uses, our study tables are beyond the ordinary.

Always buy a study table keeping in mind its durability, strength, ease of maintenance and storage options. HomeTown assures you to help you in finding a perfect study table design that would fit your requirement at a reasonable price. Buying a study table online is hassle-free at Hometown. Not only that but we also offer you discounts ranging from 20 percent to 80 percent on the actual study table price. What are you waiting for? Get your perfect study table online only at HomeTown and establish an ideal home-office for yourself or a perfect studying corner for your kids!


Pick a place where there is enough sunlight and a switchboard nearby. Avoid cluttering the space with unnecessary stationery items. Recreate your office station or studying space with regular stationery and a few memorabilia. Try to get familiar and comfortable but not too comfortable with the space. Set up a succulent or any low-maintenance plant. And lastly, remember to keep the desk always organised.

Corner study tables in L-shape and V-shape can be easily accommodated in large, spacious rooms. This type of study table makes sure there is enough space on the floor and also helps to keep the decor intact. Modern study tables are crafted with precision keeping in mind the compact home interiors of urban dwellers. A study table for kids or students should be big enough to accommodate their books, computer or laptop, and other stationery items, while for a working professional a study table should be spacious enough to keep their laptop, files and paperwork, and stationery items.

Other than the variety of options in sizes and shapes, study tables are available in a plethora of finishes ranging from marble, glass to wood and wrought iron. Although wood is quite common, consumers are shifting to modern finishes which would not only complement their interiors but would also be easy to maintain and affordable. HomeTown believes in crafting quality furniture to help you design your space. We cater to deliver products that would reflect your taste and personality. Other than our fine range of study tables, we aim to provide the best customer experience with value for money products and a hassle-free online shopping experience with convenient home delivery.

Pro tip: Do not clutter your study table and its surrounding areas as it affects productivity. You can easily fashion your study table by throwing in some chic stationery items next to a modish lamp and wrapping it up with a houseplant.


1. What is the best way to measure a study table?

- Before you buy a study table, make sure you observe the depth, width and height of the drawer. Open every drawer and test run for smooth slides. Also, measure the area beneath the desk.

2. What types of drawers are seen in most of the study tables?

- The most common types of storage (drawers) include side metal glides, wooden slides and keyboard slides. Wooden slides are entirely crafted from wood without any metal fixtures, while side metal glides are built with a stopping mechanism to prevent the drawer from sliding out all the way. Keyboard slides are designed for computer keyboards.

3. Where is the best place to place a study table?

- The ideal spot for your study table should be somewhere you are not disturbed such as a corner of the bedroom. However, if space constraint refrains you from setting up a study table in your bedroom, it is recommended to use a window corner of your living room.

4. How high is a chair supposed to align with your study table?

- Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the chair seat. Now measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the desk’s writing surface. Compare these two measures. It will roughly give you an idea of the height of the chair that you need.


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