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Study Table

An uncluttered study area and a favorable work environment is often a necessity to focus on your study and work routine. Most of the times, a good study table helps you do so. Your study area could be anything from a full-fledged study desk with a study table and chair, to just a folding study table. Today, there are various study table design to explore in the market, like a study table with chair, foldable study table, children study table, etc. Study table also comes in different material. So, for your study room, you can opt for a durable wooden study table that has drawers and shelves. If not, you can opt for a single solid wood table that is intricately carved and sturdy.

Experiment with Design

Whether you are looking for a study table for your kid's room or your office, you can experiment in its looks and designs. For the kids' room, you can look for different colors that allure your kid to focus and study. Hometown offers study table in solid wood with colorful melamine finish that is stain, scratch and moisture resistant. With this study table, you can be assured that your furniture will not be spoiled even if your kid drops something on it. These kids' study table is paired with drawers and bookshelves to form a complete study desk to help your kid concentrate without any interruption. If you work based out of your home and are looking for a comfortable working station, you can opt for engineered wood study table from the Hometown that can give you a rich look while sufficing for all your work needs. This table has separate drawers and shelves for your books, files and stationaries to keep your workplace uncluttered and clean. Pair it with a chair, and you are ready to go.

Get the Best Study Table Ranges on HomeTown

Some of the top study table ranges on HomeTown are-

  • Florence
  • Quantum
  • Simply
  • Castle
  • Novitta

Know The Study Table Price In India

Study Table Price

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Simply Engineered Wood Study Table in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹3,390
2 Vento Engineered Wood Study Table in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹6.095
3 Ace Engineered Wood Study Table in Wenge Colour by HomeTown ₹10,577
4 Flicker Engineered Wood Study Table in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹7,990
5 Florence Engineered Wood Study Table in Walnut Colour by HomeTown ₹7,635

Study table price varies according to the material used, its size and its finish. The price of the study table is as follows

Buy the Best Study Table Online

Rather than wandering around different furniture shops to look for the best study table, you can instead buy study table online. At Hometown, you can get your favorite study table delivered and assembled at your home in a few clicks. Made from superior quality wood and assembled and finished by skilled carpenters and technicians, Hometown offers a wide range of high-quality study table. Whether you are looking for bed study table online or folding study table online, Hometown is your one-stop solution to all your queries. Not only is it made with the best wood, but it also comes with one year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Analyze Your Requirements

While you are planning to buy a study table, analyze and identify your requirement. Measure the available space in your house and accordingly choose. If there is less space, you can take a small table with a chair to avoid congestion. But if you have enough space, you can opt for a complete study desk with bookshelf and drawers. Moreover, consider the storage requirement also so that you can accommodate all your stuff at one place.

Grab the Best Offers at Hometown

While looking for a study table for sale, you can easily grab the best study table offers at Hometown. Whether you like to scroll through mobile apps or browse through websites, at Hometown you can find many study table for sale online at amazing prices and discounts. On the hometown website and app, you can find a study table and chair for sale at a varying discount rate ranging from 20% to above 80%. You can also get good offers on folding study table and bed study table for sale online.

Look for More Items to Pair it with Your Table at Hometown

You can pair your study table with a cushioned chair and colorful pillows to maintain a good sitting posture. You can also buy office storage with drawers to keep all your confidential and important files and papers under lock, safely.


Which Wood Is Best For Study Table?

Study table should be durable and sturdy so that it can help you focus without giving any body pain. In this context, wood is the best material for study table.

What are Study Tables?

Study tables are simple plain tables which you can use to study or work. Study table may or may not come with a chair and bookshelves, but usually has drawers in them.