Home Décor

There’s no denying that the right kind of home decor can truly uplift your home! Add style to your interiors with home accessories and decor that complements your personal taste. Whether you're into a traditional Indian look, or into taking a more modern, contemporary approach to decorating, or anything in between, be sure check out HomeTown’s vast collections of decorative offerings. In addition, they make ideal gifts for the home when shopping for loved ones! From wall paintings to photo frames, indoor plants to flower vases, our home decor items will turn your home into a style haven!

Whether completely redecorating your old space, designing a brand-new room from scratch, or simply updating your space for the festive season, our stylish picks will do the job no matter what your current project is.

Here are our home decor categories that will transform your home -

Wall Paintings and Wall Art

Wall paintings and wall art serve as the finishing touch to every room! A piece of art has the power to take you to another time and place. The beautiful colors and textures of a piece of wall art has the ability to touch emotions. It’s no surprise then that, when you want to make a big impact in interior design, wall paintings and wall art are a must-have. At HomeTown, we offer stunning artworks that are easy to adore. With that in mind, we want to keep the focus on you and your sense of creativity. A wide variety of different pieces that range from paintings to prints gives you endlessly customizable decor possibilities.

When it comes to size, as a basic rule, however, it is generally recommended to opt for art that occupies about two-thirds to three-quarters the size of your furniture. Large art has a tendency to get noticed more than smaller pieces. If you have a long sofa or sectional and can’t find any art that’s big enough, you can create an art grouping. Two or three similarly-sized wall paintings feel like a single unit.


Lanterns are a key home decor component in Indian households. A festival favourite, these have the ability to transform your home into a brilliant space where light, shadow, and tradition come together seamlessly. From festivals like Diwali to occasions like weddings, lanterns add the right amount of palatial luxe to your interiors. Their intricate designs and ornate motifs cast in metal bring forth a sense of glamour to any room they’re placed in. HomeTown’s vast range of lanterns of all shapes and sizes will give your home the festive flourish it deserves.

Flower Vases and Artificial Flowers

Decorating your home with flower vases and artificial flowers is one of the easiest ways to add effortless style to your interior. With vases, you can show off gorgeous artificial flower arrangements or simply let the piece shine all on its own. Here’s how you can choose the perfect flower vases for your interior -

Pick a style that best suits your space. If your home has a traditional Indian feel to it, you can opt for flower vases in earthy ceramic or stoneware. For spaces with more luxe contemporary designs, try vases in shiny metals, such as silver, gold, or brass. A glass vase is ideal for a room with a minimalist design. HomeTown’s vases are perfect for your indoor plants as well.

When it comes to artificial flowers, the benefits are numerous. Brighten up your space with never-fading, never-wilting artificial flowers. Artificial bouquets also make great gifts—give arrangements in flower vases with polished stones or pebbles on the bottom for your host or hostess's home. The delicate, realistic details of artificial flower petals recreate the beauty of live blossoms, bringing the outdoors in. HomeTown’s range of artificial flowers can add colour and style to any room. From greens that can be placed in both indoor and outdoor spaces to bright flowers that are the picture-perfect addition to any vase, artificial flowers are a great addition to your home decor essentials.

Wall Clocks, Photo Frames, and Table Lamps

Bring together aesthetics and functionality with HomeTowns stylish wall clocks, available online. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern designs, wall clocks will bring style and practicality to any room in the home. Tie the look of any room together by coordinating the wall clock with other furniture and decor in the room. For instance, pair a metal frame with a brass mirror, or use a wood one with matching center tables or dressers.

Photo frames are the perfect way to preserve memories and decorate your home, working wonders when it comes to your interiors! When paired with your favorite pieces of furniture, home decor items, and rugs, they serve as the finishing touch to your living room, bedroom, and home office.

Illuminate your home with table lamps - a design emblem of a stylish home! The style you might choose may vary by room, but the overall impact of your choices lets everyone who enters know what kind of great taste you have! Brighten up far corners, refresh alcoves or make task work easier in a home office, with the right kind of table lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions -

How do I pick the right wall art for my home?

The key is to always follow your instincts. At the end of the day, art is a very personal thing, and everyone experiences it a little differently. What you consider to be energetic might be relaxing to someone else – and both of you are valid!

How should I hang my art?

When it comes to height, it’s best to hang art at eye level. That’s usually approximately 5 and 6 feet from the floor, although you can feel free to place it lower if it feels more natural for the space, such as in dining rooms.

How do I decorate my home with lanterns?

HomeTown’s ornate metal lanterns allow you to express your creativity in many ways. You can place a series of lanterns as a cluster on your dining or coffee table to create a unique centerpiece. Floor lanterns placed beside an armchair also have a statement effect in a living room. Lit candles cast a beautiful shadow play in jaali lanterns, but if you do not want to risk an open flame, electric candles or fairy lights work well too.

What are some of the common types of candles I can decorate my home with?

You can decorate your home with taper candles (often used for candlelight dinners) and tea candles (often used in lanterns and for festive purposes). You can also decorate your home with pillar candles. They can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, and can be placed in a glass plate, or a short glass tumbler for decorative purposes.

What are the benefits of artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers are durable and sturdy and can last years unlike fresh flowers, which are prone to wilting, tearing, or falling apart. Additionally, artificial flowers require almost no attention! You won’t have to worry about watering them or constantly replacing soiled water for your bouquets gathered in a vase.