Clocks have been an integral part of our homes for centuries now. In early civilizations, human beings would look at the position of the sun and shadow to decipher time and days. The invention of clocks has made it easier for everyone to read the time. Despite the advent of smartphones and our tendency to check the time on our phones, clocks still occupy the prime spot in any home.

Having a wall clock for home has multiple benefits. From a functional point of view, it helps us keep track of time for our daily tasks, errands, TV programs and our meals. Having a wall clock for home also helps improve our time management skills, ensuring punctuality for important meetings or events, in order to not have anybody waiting.

Besides this functional aspect, having a wall clock can really amplify the style quotient in your home. Having a vintage wall clock or a modern contemporary one can make your home look visually appealing. Like other home décor items, the design and style of a wall clock also give you an insight into the owners and what makes them tick or tock.

Despite what many say, wall clocks are never going to go out of style and will always be a part of home décor.


One needs to put in a lot of time and effort before deciding which wall clock to buy. Here are some of the more important considerations that you should keep in mind.

    1. The size of the room
    2. The size and type of the clock you buy are directly impacted by the size of the room where you will place it. A clock should attract attention for its design and finish rather than for being too big or too small for the room where its placed. A vintage wall clock for a home may be perfect for a stylish living room while a table clock is likely to suffice for the bedroom.

    3. The décor of the room
    4. A wall clock should appropriately match the furniture and the décor of the room where you intend to place it. The material and colour of the wall clock should also blend in well with the design scheme.

      While a vintage wall clock will look great in a formal set-up like a study, a modern wall clock may be more apt for a living room or bedroom with stylish furniture and trendy colours.

    5. The placement of the clock
    6. Where the clock is finally placed is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. Many prefer a clock mounted on a wall while some may want it leaning against the wall. Having it placed centrally in a room or a corner can change the visual appeal of a room. A general thumb rule is that one should position the clock so that the time can be visible from any part of the room.

      Whether you’re refurbishing your home or looking for a way to change the ambience on your own, a clock can be a great way to add some colour & style to your home. You can also add a stylish wall clock design in other rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom, and balcony of your home.


HomeTown offers you a vast range of clocks that will suit any mood and décor requirement. Our clocks are made out of wood, plastic, iron, fibre and metal. You can filter your selection according to price, discounts, and colours to get the perfect wall clock that suits our style quotient and budget. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of clocks that you can buy on the Hometown website.

    1. Wall Clocks
    2. Wall clocks are the most common type of clocks found in homes. A wall clock can serve as a great accessory that turns your bare wall into a visual treat.

      Living room wall clocks are usually mounted on a wall and come in different materials. You can select from a variety of wall clock designs to turn your wall into a piece of stunning art. You can choose from our range of wooden wall clocks, ornate wall clocks, metal wall clocks, oversized wall clocks or abstract-designed clocks. You will also find living room wall clock designs in analogue or digital formats.

    3. Wooden Clocks
    4. Wooden clocks add a rustic look to your home. Whether you are looking for a simple minimalistic wooden clock design or a funky intricate wooden clock design, HomeTown has you covered.

    5. Pendulum Clocks
    6. Have you ever looked at a pendulum swing from one side to another over a long period of time? It can be strangely calming at times or even hypnotic. This is a great option for someone who likes a classic vintage look in their home.

    7. Vintage Wall Clocks & Antique Wall Clocks
    8. For those with an affinity for elegance, vintage wall clocks and antique wall clocks are the way to go. These vintage & antique clocks bring their own charm to a room and also make a great gift for a very special occasion. Vintage clocks are a throwback to an earlier era which are beautifully designed.

    9. Table Clocks
    10. While wall clocks are usually placed in a living room, most people opt to go for a table clock by their bedside table or dressing table in their bedrooms. These are usually smaller in size and come in a variety of styles & designs to help make your desk or office a lot warmer & friendly.

    11. Modern Clocks
    12. For those who prefer contemporary décor and like to flow with what’s in vogue, modern clocks are the right choice of clock design. Modern clocks can be made from different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, and leather among other options.


    1. Which room should one have a clock in?
    2. Many people have a clock in each of their rooms to serve as a reminder of the time. Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, the kids’ room or a study, a clock plays an important role in each of them. You can choose different types of clocks for different rooms or an exquisite wall clock for your living room and a cute table clock for your own bedroom.

    3. What are the Benefits of a Wall Clock?
    4. Besides the obvious benefit of telling the time, a wall clock also adds your own personality to the room.

      It is easy to repair, especially vintage clocks and can be serviced easily by a qualified technician.

      There are various options available when it comes to wall clocks. Hence, you can find one for any kind of décor that you have and across price ranges.

    5. Can you buy a wall clock online?
    6. Shopping for wall clocks online from HomeTown is extremely simple. This saves the customer a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent travelling to different stores. You can also view several more clock designs while sitting in the comforts of their homes.

    7. Besides clocks, what other types of home décor items can you purchase at HomeTown?
    8. HomeTown is your one-stop shop for any furniture or home décor items that you may need. At HomeTown, you will find everything including idols, figurines, sofa cum beds, bunk beds, bean bags, almirahs, computer tables, chest of drawers, bed sheets, sofa sets, chair pads, curtains, bedside tables, serving trolleys, TV cabinets, bookshelves, dining tables, dining chairs, filing cabinets, crockery cabinets, lamps and more.

    9. Can you exchange clocks once purchased from the HomeTown website?
    10. HomeTown’s exchange and returns policy is customer-friendly and lets you exchange an item in case it is not what you had ordered or is found defective in any regard.

    11. What is the average wall clock price?
    12. The cost of a wall clock price at HomeTown starts from a few hundred rupees and can go up to Rs. 7,000.

    13. Are discounts available when you buy clocks online?
    14. HomeTown offers discounts of up to 50 per cent and more when you buy clocks online on our website. All the latest deals on wall clocks and table clocks are listed on the HomeTown website.

    15. What are the different modes of Payment Available when you buy wall clocks online?
    16. When you buy a wall clock online on the HomeTown website, you can choose among the different payment options available. These include debit/credit cards, internet banking, or cash on delivery.

    17. What is the best material for Wall Clocks?
    18. Wood and metal are among the most commonly used materials for wall clocks. HomeTown also offers clocks in plastic, iron, fibre and metal.


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