India is a country known for its rich culture and tradition. Praying to idols has been a part of Indian culture for centuries ever since the time of our ancient scriptures. It’s no surprise that buying God idols is part of people’s beliefs and rituals in this country. Many people express their gratitude to God through idol worship in good times while others find respite and draw strength from the same in difficult times. Worshipping idols is a way of expressing our love and faith towards God. In bigger societies, communities and temples, purchasing the idol can be quite a daunting task for occasions and festivals.


Given the importance and sensitivity around religion in our country, there are a few things one should keep in mind while buying religious idols.

    1. Make sure the God idols are the right ones
    2. There are plenty of idols being made that are not an authentic representation of the Gods. Buying religious idols from a well-known brand such as HomeTown ensures that the smallest details are taken care of.

      Make sure that the idol you purchase has the right religious symbols and specifications to avoid offending anyone.

    3. The material used for the God Idols
    4. Buying an idol made out of sub-standard materials is being penny wise pound foolish. You must ensure that the idol is made out of premium quality materials. At HomeTown, idols made out of materials such as polyresin, brass, ceramic and metal are available.

      When choosing an idol, make sure the material used is visually appealing as well and goes well with your home décor. If you are a believer in Vaastu, an approval check from a Vaastu consultant would surely help to ensure the idol bring the right energy and positivity into your home and is placed correctly.

    5. Other things to keep in mind
    6. Every religion and God come with their own set of legends and superstitions.

      When buying a Ganesh idol, the position of the trunk is an important consideration while the position of the hands in a Buddha statue is also a vital factor.

      Depending on which God idol you are going for, do a little bit of research and talk to some religious leaders or experts in your community to get all the relevant information you need before you purchase God idols for the pooja room.


HomeTown offers a wide range of idols that you can purchase online. All our idols are vibrant, with exquisite and precise designs that make the Gods appear more powerful.

Our collection of Ganesh idol, Krishna idol, Radha Krishna idols or Buddha idols unleash positive and calm vibes throughout your home. We also offer brass idols of different avatars of Lord Ganpati, Buddha and Lord Krishna.

Our Ganesh idols for home are made from different types of premium quality materials such as polyresin and brass. The premium materials are used to ensure that your favourite idols last longer and remain by your side through thick and thin.

Our range of Lord Krishna idols, including Lord Krishna murti, start from a few hundred and goes up to thousands of rupees, making it accessible to a diverse section of our clientele.


    1. What is the significance of gifting a Ganpati idol?
    2. In our culture, many people pray to Lord Ganesha, who is said to clear obstacles and pave the way for us to move forward in life. It is considered auspicious to pray to Lord Ganesha before undertaking a new business venture or job, buying a new asset such as a home or vehicle, or going out for a critical meeting or examination. This makes Ganesh idols a popular and significant gifting option in our country

    3. Can you purchase Ganesh idol online and Krishna idol online?
    4. You can purchase God idols on the HomeTown website. Shopping online saves the time required to physically travel to different stores before deciding on which idol to purchase. Customers also get the benefit of viewing several more options online while being at home.

    5. What are the different types of idols available online on HomeTown?
    6. At HomeTown, you can buy several types of idols. The most popular ones are the Krishna idol, Ganesh idol and Buddha idol. You will also find several other types of religious idols available on our website including different avatars of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Hanuman and other Gods. Brass idols online are a popular choice too.

    7. Can you exchange idols that you buy from the HomeTown website?
    8. HomeTown has a very customer-friendly exchange and returns policy that lets you exchange an idol or figurine which is not what you ordered for.

    9. Besides idols, what other types of furniture can you purchase at HomeTown?
    10. Besides idols, you can also shop for a wide range of other home and office furniture at HomeTown including sofa cum beds, bunk beds, bean bags, almirahs, computer tables, chest of drawers, bed sheets, sofas, office chairs, curtains, side tables, serving trolleys, TV units, bookshelves, dining tables, dining chairs, filing cabinets, crockery cabinets, floor lamps and more.

    11. What is the average price of an idol?
    12. The cost of an idol depends on the size and the material that you select. You can purchase idols starting from a few hundred rupees to those that cost more than INR 30,000.

    13. Are there any discount offers to buy idols online?
    14. HomeTown offers customers a discount starting from 1 per cent and going up to 80 per cent when you purchase an idol online.

    15. What are the benefits if you buy idols online?
    16. You can view the entire range of HomeTown's collection of idols on our website. You can also choose to pay via secure online payments channels. HomeTown also offers the option to purchase mattresses through EMI options on your credit card.


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