While you may not be a vain queen, mirrors can still be a great addition to your home decor. Mirrors have been an essential part of every home. They are a simple and subtle way to refurbish any room with a touch of glamour. Mirrors are versatile enough to be used in most spaces and are great for adding light and amplifying the visual impact of any artwork. You can also use a designer mirror to add interest to a bare wall. If you place it below or above eye level, you can create the illusion of a larger space. You can also choose decorative pieces that will correspond to the overall design of your home and thus highlight your personality with designer panache. When hoping to install a mirror in your home, ask yourself the following questions:

- Where do you want to install a mirror?

- What purpose are you trying to achieve with the mirror? (Functionality or style)

- Do you have any Vaastu reservations for placing your mirror?

- Are you looking for something simple, or ultra-luxe?

How to incorporate designer mirrors in your home?

After carefully assessing the above questions, you may set out to find the perfect mirror online. Mirrors are one of the most striking and practical elements in home decor, but they're also often overlooked.

We've all been there — we have a great dining room table, and we think it's visually stunning. Then, we hang a mirror above it, and the whole room comes to life providing some depth! Mirrors can really up the decor game in any room, but there are some things you should keep in mind when deciding where and how you want to incorporate them into your design:

- The bedroom is the obvious choice for a mirror, letting us see ourselves when we put on makeup or try different clothes. A full-length mirror or a vanity dresser mirror would do the job within a room, which can also contrast the style of your space.

- Using floor-to-ceiling mirrors in your bathroom, or at least on one wall, can visually enlarge the space and also add dimension to the décor. Another great place for a dressing mirror is right by the bathroom sink, so you can always see yourself while putting on makeup or fixing your hair.

- Use small round mirrors to enhance your light fixtures in any room.

- Hang a large mirror perpendicular across from your TV on the wall next to your bed for a more immersive experience. Place a mirror next to your bed to create an illusion that your bedroom is larger and brighter than it actually is.

- To increase the storage space without taking up extra square footage, use two smaller mirrors instead of one large one.

- Hang mirrors vertically or horizontally using picture hangers and hooks

- Place them on walls, doors, and windows as fun decorative elements.

- Put them behind pictures and paintings for an interesting effect.

- Some people like to hang their wall mirrors on the ceiling, but this can be dangerous and is not recommended for those with vertigo.

Mirror placement should always take into consideration the amount of light in the room as well as the desired focal point. A mirror provides a reflection of existing light which makes the room appear brighter than it actually is.

Depending on where you’d like to place your mirror, and the kind of mirror you’re hoping to install, you can choose from the options of mirrors online. Round mirror or square, HomeTown provides an easy, hassle-free shopping experience.

Check out HomeTown’s range of designer mirrors that reflect light and positivity in your space:

Mirror design is an art that requires careful consideration of surface, size, frame, and placement. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the most common material used to make them is glass. However, on HomeTown you can find wall mirrors online that are made from many different materials: wood, plastic, metal, glass, stone, acrylic or even recycled materials! Try to choose a material that matches your decor. You can find mirrors in almost any colour of the rainbow. You can even get mirrors that have paint already applied! There are also framed mirrors available with a wide variety of frames including wood, metal and plastic.

Iron Mirrors

No piece of furniture is more reflective than the iron mirror. These mirrors are beautiful and elegant, and they can provide a great focal point in any room. They're perfect to add that extra personalized touch to your living room, bedroom, or hall. Display your iron mirror with other metallic objects in your home. This will help tie everything together and make your home decor look professional and cohesive. Don't be afraid to mix and match different types of metallic items for an even more interesting aesthetic.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are simply used as decor accents. They’re a great way to add bold, stylish flair to your home's decor without breaking the bank. Our range of decorative mirrors is available in countless options that suit every aesthetic. Whether you’re hoping for floral patterns or geometric, a simple decorative mirror or ultra-luxe, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Why should I install mirrors in my home?
    2. - Mirrors can be great in any home - they help to bring in natural light and add an air of spaciousness to a room. They also provide you with a place to check your clothes, hair, apply your makeup, or even help in rehearsals.

    3. Where can I install mirrors in my home?
    4. - It goes without saying that a mirror is needed in your bedroom at the start of your day, and in the bathroom. You can also install mirrors in your living room or hallway as decorative elements that add sophistication and mystery to your space.

    5. What functions do mirrors fulfil?
    6. - Mirrors make small spaces feel larger and add light to the dingy spaces. And of course, this allows the viewer to see themselves, while also reflecting other elements such as a beautiful view.

    7. Why should I buy my mirrors online on HomeTown?
    8. - While saving you the hassle of physically visiting a store, HomeTown also offers a list of selections that cater to every kind of suitor. Additionally, you get exciting discounts and offers to avail, which is a deal-maker on its own!

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