Votives For Your Home

With candles, it's quite simple to make your home feel romantic for a special occasion or even to simply brighten it up every day. Candles are typically an excellent entry point into the worlds of aromatherapy and spirituality. They’re a great way to dip your toes in without diving in headfirst! Furthermore, burning a candle creates a serene atmosphere that calms and tranquilises any and all heightened senses. Candles are very frequently used and depicted in pop culture as decorative elements. Due to their renowned relaxing and uplifting effects, they’re now found in almost every beauty and self-care space, despite their historical role as the primary source of lighting. They are used in and around homes because they look so good and are so effortless to care for. One such type of candle is a votive candle. Votive holders are currently high in demand. On HomeTown, you can browse and buy votives. Explore stylish options that will give you a bang for your buck!

What Are Votives?

Votive candle holders are available in a range of forms, dimensions, and styles. They’re a very unique and appealing kind of candle since they don’t create or give off any smoke at all. What’s best is that, alongside that, they burn for a very long time. That’s exactly why votive candles are at the top of many gifting guides and designer must-haves. They are usually placed in small pots, clear jars or strong glass containers. Lastly, scented votive candles are a great way to make your home smell beautiful and leave it looking aesthetic.

The History Of Votive Candles

White and unscented votive candles have always been associated with religious ceremonies, especially those rooted in Christianity. Votive candles in red or clear glass jars are typically found at the base of sculptures in Catholic churches. These are frequently lit up during prayers since they have historically been crafted to serve that particular purpose. As of modern times, these candles are now offered in a variety of colours, both scented and unscented, and for various purposes. Votive candles are generally safe compared to taper or pillar candles, which can be knocked over, because of their long-burning bright flames and strong and secure votive glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are votives used for?

    2. Votives can be utilised for a range of varied purposes. These include decorative lighting being used in spas and hotels or homes for scent therapy. You can stick to their original purpose and make use of votives to illuminate any area in your house.

    3. Are votives and tealights the same?

    4. Tea lights are much smaller, which results in them having tinier burn times. Votive candles can be purchased in a range of different sizes but more often than not are at least one inch tall. Because of how much bigger they are in comparison; votive candles have burning times that are much longer than that of tea light candles.

    5. How long will votives burn?

    6. Votives usually last very long, if taken care of correctly! Keep yours away from breezy areas and windows to ensure they last a long time.