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Bathroom Sets

Bathrooms are a place where you refresh yourself by having a bath with hot and cold water, which help in getting your body rid of dirt, sweat and pollutants. But without the required bathroom set products it would be impossible to have a proper bath. Bathroom set products are an important part of a bathroom which many people take for granted.

Under Hometown, you will find kinds of bathroom sets that will be suitable for different types of bathrooms. One of the most common types of bathroom sets are kid bathroom sets and adult bathroom sets. Kid bathroom sets are specially manufactured for kids so that they can comfortably use it without any help. To make it look more attractive the bathroom set for kids is designed in a way that would be loved by kids. On the other hand, the adult bathroom sets are for the rest which are used on a daily basis in the bathrooms. These bathroom sets are manufactured using various materials like ceramic, plastic and glass. Ceramic bathroom sets are expensive and delicate but it is available in designs that would suit your bathroom. On the other hand, bathroom set plastic are light in weight and very durable and quite popular among the masses. Bathroom glass set has its own plus points like it is available many specifications and it is easy to clean.

All the above-listed varieties in material and design are available in Hometown and you can choose the products or material as per your requirements.

Multiple bathroom set range available on Hometown

On Hometown, you will find a wide range of bathroom sets that can fulfil your requirements. The bathroom sets are available in multiple designs, sizes, and colors. Following is a list of bathroom set range available under Hometown:

  • Ceramic Living Essence

Buy bathroom accessories at a reasonable price

There are multiple varieties in bathroom sets that are available at affordable prices on Hometown. Due to the reasonable bathroom set prices and multiple offers offered on Hometown, you can now buy multiple sets of these products and that too without exceeding your budget. Following is a price table that displays the available products and their prices:

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Set of 4 Ceramic Bath Accessories in Multi Colour by Living Essence ₹597
2 Set of 4 Ceramic Bath Accessories in Multi Colour by Living Essence ₹672
3 Set of 4 Ceramic Bath Accessories in Multi Colour by Living Essence ₹672
4 Set of 4 Ceramic Bath Accessories in Multi Colour by Living Essence ₹972
5 Set of 4 Ceramic Bath Accessories in Multi Colour by Living Essence ₹747

Buy bathroom set online from Hometown

If you have decided on buying a bathroom set then also make it a point of buying bathroom set online. Online shopping offers you multiple benefits like avoiding a visit to a physical store where you might have to spend a lot of time in searching for the right product, avoiding crowds, avoiding the need to stand in queue for bill payments, comparing multiple products with ease in less time and so on. You can buy your favourite bathroom set through online tools by clicking some computer buttons and the product will reach your doorsteps. Payments can be made through debit/credit cards, internet banking, or through EMI’s.

If you are facing any issue with regards to the selection of your bathroom set online, then do not worry. Hometown will offer you the services which will help you in buying the best set of bathroom set for your house.

Checkout for offers on bathroom set sale

Indian customers are famous for bargaining on product price and Hometown knows that. That’s why you will find offers on various bathroom set products in Hometown. Bathroom set on sale are available on discounts which can be between 20% - 40% and there is a good possibility of higher discounts during festive seasons along with various kinds of offers. This way you can save some money by buying a bathroom set on sale through the online route.

Now that you are done with shopping for bathroom set, so it’s a good opportunity to shift your focus on shopping for other products that are available in Hometown. Products like recliners, sofa cum beds, king size beds, queen size beds, single beds, window curtains, and many more.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the different types of bathroom sets?

Bathroom sets are available in multiple types like kids bathroom sets which are specially for kids and adult bathroom sets. Bathroom sets contain items like a soap dispenser, tooth brush holder, and soap tray, to name a few.

What are the different materials for bathroom sets?

Bathroom sets are available in multiple varieties which are used for various purposes. These products are manufactured by using multiple materials like plastic, glass and ceramic.

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