What are duvets?

If we were to take you right back to the beginning, the word duvet means down in French. Perhaps this is because it’s laid down while sleeping or resting. Essentially a duvet is also filled with ‘down’ which is the soft and delicate layer that lies below the feathers of birds like geese and ducks. Traditionally, that’s exactly what original duvets were crafted out of, but recently substitutes such as wool, or polyester, may also be used to fill duvets. These alternatives offer a more sustainability-led and eco-friendly approach since feather-less duvets guarantee that no animals were harmed in their making. Very simply put, a bed duvet is a super plump and comforting blanket that’s been enclosed in a supportive shell to prevent bunching and then placed in a duvet cover that helps maintain aesthetics and cleanliness.

What is a duvet cover?

When you buy duvet cover sets or even just singularly buy duvets online, you’ll find that they often come with duvet covers or are sold and advertised alongside covers. A duvet cover helps protect and take care of a duvet. These are sold according to size so if you’re buying a single duvet or a double duvet, it’s important that you invest in a cover that is similarly sized. Duvet cover sets come equipped with ‘cases’ that take care of your duvet and its maintenance. A duvet cover is a removable case like a pillowcase. In order to keep the duvet inside enclosed at all times, it comes with closures that may be buttons, snaps, ties, or zippers. A duvet cover serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it’s crafted to keep the duvet itself cleaner for longer and protect it from dust, dirt, stains, spills, and more. Very often since duvets are used without top sheets, they need to be taken care of with more attention and hence one needs a cover for a variety of sweat, bodily oils, and more. To take care of a duvet without washing it and compromising on its quality and softness, a duvet cover is a handy home addition that’s worth investing in. Very often, a thin and simple duvet cover is much easier to clean and take care of than an entirely stuffed full duvet or quilt. You can just pop any duvet cover into the washing machine and dryer system!

Buying duvets online

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    1. What is a duvet?

    2. A duvet is a covering that helps protect your bed and also offers warmth when you’re sleeping, much like a blanket. It’s a more luxurious alternative and can often be hotel-reminiscent. A duvet essentially is stuffed with down feathers or with synthetic fillings or even a combination of both. It is accompanied by a duvet cover which protects the insert from dirt, spills, and more. The two are meant to be used as a set but only the cover is meant to be washed.

    3. What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

    4. While both comforters and duvets, more or less fulfil the same purpose, they’re a bit different in the way that they’re crafted. The main and most important distinction is that a comforter is a one-piece soft furnishing while a duvet comprises two separate components. A comforter is generally quilted and comes with no cover. A duvet on the other hand comes with an insert or filler, as well as a cover for protection. However, the two can be used in place of each other, since they cater to the same need for warmth.

    5. How to use a duvet?

    6. Upon buying a duvet, it’ll come with a cover and an inserts. The first step will involve putting the set together, by placing the insert or filling within the cover. After this is done, the duvet can be placed on your bed in a spread-out manner and then can be covered with a top sheet. When night falls, you can get rid of the top sheet and indulge in the cosiness your brand-new duvet provides.