Best cushion covers

Cushion covers refer to the slip or cover you put over cushions to protect them from dirt, dust, spills, and stains, but also to beautify and organise them. Essentially, pillow covers tie together the look of all your cushions or pillows, and when you buy cushion covers online, you’re investing in a range of cushion covers that will help make your bedroom or living space look more cohesive. Commonly regarded as soft furnishings, the latest cushion covers help add some spunk to your space and freshen up the aesthetic of your home.

Cushion covers online shopping, made infinitely easier

If you’re on the hunt for a collection of cushion covers online in India, here’s where you can make an informed choice. For someone that is new to home decor and wants to buy cushion covers online, sometimes the options can get overwhelming and one may not know how to narrow them down. Here’s where HomeTown comes into the picture. Our curation of designer cushion covers, embroidered cushion covers, cotton cushion covers, sofa cushion covers, velvet cushion covers and more is suited to every customer's needs and is sure to help anyone that is looking to shop covers online. When you’re making your choice and finally buy cushion covers, keep in mind the fabric, quality, and design, as well as the cushion cover price. Choose a fabric that’s less likely to crease and is crafted in high-quality materials that don’t wear down or become dull with time. HomeTown only brings you the best of the best! When you shop for cushion covers, also keep in mind the design you’re investing in, since this is what most likely will set the tone of your bedroom or living space.

How to choose the perfect cushion cover in two easy steps

It can be quite daunting to buy cushion covers online, but that’s where HomeTown comes in. You can browse endless prices of pillow covers and choose something that’s a perfect fit. Whether it’s the latest cushion covers or trusted cushion covers designed keeping some parameters in mind, we’ve got it all. If you’re looking to narrow down on soft furnishing options that are the perfect fit for you, here’s how:

Define what material you are looking for: You can choose from a plethora of materials ranging from cotton to synthetic and more. The best ones are the ones that are sure to keep your room looking and feeling clean. You can opt for materials that are natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It might help to choose something that dries easily after being washed and something that fits seamlessly in the room you want to place it in, with regards to decoration.

Define what size and price point you are looking for: Choose a pillow cover that is the same size as your pillow or filling insert. This means that the cover needs to be just the correct fit and shouldn’t allow any of your other pillow filling or stuffing to peek through or be exposed.

Once you’ve finalised these two parameters, half your job is done! All that is left, is to make an informed choice and purchase the piece you’re happiest with. Remember that help is just a click or two away at HomeTown.

The perfect cover may seem like an elusive mystery, but don’t you worry, there are plenty of options to browse through and compare before making a choice that you think works for you. You can compare price points, designs, materiality, size, and more. This way, the one that you finally do end up choosing will be the one you’re most happy with.

Where can I put my pillows?

Once you’re done shopping online for cushion covers, you’re going to want to place your newly covered pillows in armchairs, sofas, or beds. Instantly make any space more comfortable and inviting by placing your cushions there and adding a sense of cosiness. Your pillow covers will tie together just about any living space, with their designs and materials.


    1. What type of pillow covers are ideal?

    2. When you’re investing in a cushion cover, thinking of your bed and your lifestyle is a must! Each kind of bed has a different ‘ideal’ cushion cover. If you’re one with a love for large, luxurious pillows you will need a larger, bigger cover but if you are someone that uses a smaller bed then small and micro-covers will suffice. The ideal cover depends on you and your preference. Fabrics, quality, material, and design also come into play! Invest in an option that is lightweight, machine-washable, and features a good aesthetic design.

    3. What is the purpose of a pillow cover?

    4. The purpose of a cushion cover is quite literally given away by the name! It’s just that - a cover for your cushions or pillows. That doesn’t mean it’s just a functional aspect and that it can’t be aesthetic. These days pillow covers also double up and serves as decoration items.

    5. How do I use a pillow cover?

    6. Upon buying a pillow, it’ll come with a cover and an insert, or sometimes it is likely to come with one of the two elements depending on the price point you opt for. The first step will involve putting the set together, by placing the insert or filling within the cover. After this is done, the filled pillow can be placed on your bed in a spread-out manner, and then you can indulge in the cosiness your brand-new pillow and cover set provides.