Door Curtains

Create a Good Impression on Your Visitors With Door Curtains

Curtains help us keep our home partly private and also let the guests know that they are welcome. There are various door curtains and door curtain designs available on HomeTown.

As the name suggests, door curtains are specifically designed for main doors and bedroom doors. While a window curtain will be wider in size and shorter in length, door curtains are full length that is of the size of your door. The main job of door curtains is to have enough privacy but at the same time also make people feel welcomed and add beauty to interior home décor. Apart from that, these curtains are available in attractive colours and good-looking designs which can brighten up your room. They also help in adjusting the amount of light that flows in through doorways.

Types of Door Curtains on HomeTown

Different people have different expectations from door curtains and thus to fulfil these expectations, manufacturers have started developing different types of door curtains.

Here are a few types of door curtains available on HomeTown:

  • Beaded door curtains
  • If the interior of your house is very colourful then choosing a dull coloured curtain is out of option. You must go for a curtain that is colourful and adds more life in your room like beaded door curtains. Such curtains are not made from fabric but multiple strings of beads and the purpose is to add a certain amount of beauty to our living room. These curtains will be the first thing that your guest will notice while entering the house and it will highly impress them.

  • Kitchen door curtains
  • Apart from regular cleaning, your kitchen also requires preventive measures that will not allow the dust to enter in the first place. The window and kitchen door curtains will help you achieve that. Installed at the kitchen doorway, the kitchen door curtains are quite efficient in its working and increasingly becoming popular among the masses.

  • Long door curtains
  • Long door curtains are especially for the main door of the house and these curtains come in various designs and bright colours. Long door curtains are a bit long approximately 9 feet in height. These curtains can be installed on secondary entry doors and also on bedroom doors if it is possible.

  • Bedroom door curtains
  • Whenever you are in your bedroom you will find the need to shut the door to maintain privacy. If you install the bedroom door curtains, you won’t feel the need to close your doors plus anyone outside will not feel unwelcomed. Designed specifically for bedroom doors, these curtains come in various bright colours which can beautify your bedroom.

Things to Consider While Buying Door Curtains From HomeTown

Your curtains would speak a big deal about your character and personality. If you want to install it in a bedroom or living room, you would need curtains that look welcoming and add a sweet touch to your ambience. Door curtains make the first impression on your guests so choose with proper care.

Make sure as to what do you want from the door curtains you buy? For instance, if you are focused on making your house look more stylish than beaded door curtains will do the job. But if you want to make your house airier than cotton door curtains will be a good option which comes in many attractive designs and colours.

Door Curtains Are Available In A Wide Range On HomeTown

HomeTown allows you to be picky because there is a wide range of door curtains available on this platform. Here is a list of door curtains range available on HomeTown:


  • Candy Patch
  • Floral
  • Premium


  • Motif
  • Armour
  • Fiesta Jacquard

Cotton Polyester

  • Armour


  • Motif
  • Living Essence

Door Curtains Are Available At Affordable Rates on HomeTown

As mentioned above, door curtains are available in wide varieties and are priced differently. All the prices of different door curtain products are very reasonable. Reasonable door curtain prices allow you to buy multiple units of curtains without exceeding your budget.

Buy Door Curtains Online From HomeTown

From HomeTown, you can buy your favourite door curtains through online mode which is increasingly gaining popularity. There is an increase in the popularity of online shopping due to savings in terms of time and efforts, unlimited inventory, variety of products, which is difficult to find at a brick and mortar shop. Hence, buy door curtains online and pay via credit or debit cards.

Get Affordable Door Curtain Prices on HomeTown

Deals offered on door curtain sales can easily attract you and many others. Apart from deals, HomeTown also offers regular discounts on door curtains which ranges from 40% to 60%. So make the most of these deals and discounts and buy door curtains on sale from HomeTown online before the stock runs out.

Apart from Door Curtains, HomeTown is also in the business of offering other pieces of home items like sofa sets, loungers, dressing mirrors, wall shelves, outdoor tables, cushion covers, blankets, and many more. So do shop from HomeTown

Frequently asked questions

What different materials are used in making door curtains?

The material used in making door curtains are cotton, polyester, polycotton, cotton polyester and many more.

What factors should I consider before buying door curtains?

Always take the measurements of the door and interior design of your house into consideration before buying door curtains.

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