One of the most essential pieces of furniture, a shoe rack can do wonders for your house. A shoe mess right outside the door is a sight no one would ever enjoy. Shoes when left unorganised tend to make the house look messy and dirty. Additionally, it is annoying to look for a missing pair of shoes when you are in a hurry. A perfect solution to overcome the challenges of an untidy house and late rushes is an elegant, sleek shoe shelf. Designed to store all types of shoes, shoe racks are available in an array of designs, shapes and sizes, finishes, and features. Therefore, picking the right one could be a bit overwhelming.


Just the way your cabinets and cupboards store your clothes, you need a designated space for your shoes as well. For organising and storing your shoes, a shoe rack is vital. Nobody likes a house with stinky, unorganised shoes lying around. A shoe rack helps in decluttering this mess by organising your shoes systematically and by eliminating the idea of them scattered around the hallway, living room or under the sofa.

A shoe rack not only organises your shoes in order but also helps in enhancing the life of your shoes. Often good shoes when scattered around gather dust, get walked on and turn damp. This deteriorates the shoe quality and eventually causes odour. A decent shoe rack eliminates the possibility of dust and moisture, thereby keeping its quality intact and making it odour-free. Besides, a sleek, stylish shoe rack design adds a touch of charm to your interiors. When placed in the living room corner or hallway, the shoe rack aesthetically enhances your home decor. Before you buy shoe rack online, here are a few of the factors that you need to consider:

- What type of shoe rack design are you looking for?

- Where do you plan to place your shoe rack?

- Does the shoe rack come with storage space?

- Does the shoe rack offer cross ventilation and has any other multi-purpose functionality?

- Does the shoe rack price fit your budget?


Available in different materials, designs, finishes and sizes, a shoe stand systematically arranges your footwear and adorns your home. HomeTown caters to offer the perfect solution for all your shoe storage needs with our wide range of options. From stunning designs that would complement your interiors, make a wise investment and redefine your home decor with HomeTown’s wide collection of shoe rack designs.

Shoe stand

Encompassed with tiers and shelves, a shoe stand is designed to be free-standing. Ideal to store fewer shoes, shoe stands are sturdy and can be easily accommodated in any space.

Shoe cabinet

Just like a regular cabinet, a shoe cabinet comes with doors and shelves. Designed to house a higher number of shoes, shoe cabinets are often designed in engineered wood, thereby playing the dual role of a shoe rack as well as furniture. Available in mid-century, contemporary and traditional design styles, shoe cabinets range from single to three-door cabinets.

Wall-mounted shoe rack

One of the modern wonders, the wall-mounted shoe rack is mounted on the wall. Best-suited for compact spaces, a wall-mounted shoe rack takes up a negligible amount of space.

Over-door shoe rack

Another good option for houses that have space constraints, the over-door shoe rack is designed in such a way that its racks can be easily hung over a bedroom or closet door. An affordable choice, the over-door shoe rack comes with slots for putting shoes and knobs for hanging shoes.

Shoe shelf with seats

An ideal choice for people who prefer to sit and wear shoes, these shoe stands come with shelves and seats. Wide in length with a handful of shoe shelf space, these shoe stands come in single, side seating as well as a three-door seating rack.

Wooden shoe rack

Crafted out of high-quality wood such as sheesham wood, mango wood, reclaimed wood, cane and engineered wood, the wooden shoe rack is durable, sturdy and offers a touch of timeless elegance. The wooden shoe rack easily blends with the aesthetics of any interior and is one of the most preferred shoe rack designs.


When you are trying to search for a shoe rack for your home, you need to keep in mind the number of pairs you own as that will determine the size of the shoe rack or the shoe cabinet. It will also depend on the type of footwear you are storing such as heels, boots, shoes or flats. If you are placing your shoe rack near the entrance, you can opt for a slim design. A bulgy design will be a hindrance whenever you pass by the door. The accessibility of the shoe rack is of paramount importance. It should be placed where it is easily accessible, like an entrance or a drawing-room corner. You can also choose a shoe cabinet with a seat if you are prone to wear heels, strappy flats or any other type of footwear that involves using your hand to fit them in your feet. If you keep your shoes outside the house, you can go for a shoe rack with a lock as a precaution against theft. For a lightweight option, you can choose a plastic shoe rack or a shoe rack stand.

If you have elders in the house and have enough space, then you can opt for a shoe rack with a seat, where you can sit and wear your shoes. If you have a small space or you have kids running around, then you can wall-mount a metal shoe rack. This way there will be no shoes lying on the floor and come in the way of your kid’s playtime. If you have rustic decor, then a wooden shoe rack is a perfect match.

There is no such thing as owning the right number of pairs of footwear. If you are someone who has different footwear for different occasions and outfits, then a shoe cupboard or a shoe cabinet can be of assistance. It offers expansive storage with a shoe drawer and shoe cabinet to store your footwear along with other accessories such as a shoe cleaner, shoe spray, brush, etc.


A shoe rack is an essential piece of furniture. A shoe stand keeps your shoes organised and also enhances cleanliness in your home. It protects your shoes from catching dust, dirt and moisture, and also declutters your space. Therefore, you must consider buying from HomeTown’s extensive range of shoe racks and shoe cabinets.

For a small apartment, where space constraints limit your options, go for a shoe bench or a shoe storage rack, which is ideal for a few pairs of shoes. For a higher number of shoes in compact spaces, look for a storage shoe rack or a pull-down shelf.

HomeTown aims at delivering a variety of options for your home. With our fine range of shoe rack and shoe cabinet, we want to make sure to give you the best when you are looking for a shoe rack online. Not to forget our outstanding deals and discounts, there is always room to explore an array of shoe rack design at HomeTown.

HomeTown offers year-round sales and deals with nearly 60 per cent to 80 percent discounts. This way the shoe rack that you choose will easily fit in your budget. Buying a shoe stand online at HomeTown eliminates the hassle of stepping out or waiting in long queues to pay the bill. HomeTown has a timely and free delivery service. The products are carefully packaged and delivered with zero damages. Additionally, you can also get design and build services for design concepts, mood boards, furniture for all rooms, space planning, and so on.


1. What else can a shoe rack be used for?

- Many shoe stands in the market act as a storage unit and an accent furniture piece. Therefore, an elegant, stylish shoe rack will not only keep your shoes in order but would also enhance your interiors.

2. How can I organise my shoe rack?

- Firstly, you need to get rid of your old, unwanted shoes. Create space for the new ones. Start sorting these shoes according to their category such as weather-wise, formals, sports, etc, and then store them accordingly.

3. What is the ideal place to place a shoe rack?

- A shoe rack can be placed anywhere in the house including the living room, hallway, balcony or bedroom. It is important to consider the availability of space in the house for your shoe rack, keeping in mind its size and type. However, a shoe rack should ideally be placed in the living room or hallway, which is closer to the main door. Placing your shoe rack near the door allows accessibility and avoids the possibility of you strolling in the house wearing shoes.


HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after-sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!