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If there is anything at your home that sets the tone and style of your room, it’s a sofa set. Manufactured by using heavy, solid materials, sofas are usually intended for relaxing. They are the second most definitive and the largest furniture after beds that uplift the style quotient of a room considerably. At Home Town, we offer a unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and chic sofa sets. Some of them include Constantine solid wood sofa, Tuscany half leather three seater sofa, Benedict Fabric Two Seater Sofa Brown, Caesar One Seater Fabric Recliner Brown, Nichols sofa, Rahea fabric sofas, Corinth Letherette sofa Ivory, and many others.

If you are not a professional buyer and want to choose the best sit for your buck, we’re here to help you. Read our expert guides that cover the essential elements of the inflatable sofa to think about when considering a purchase. Do consider these five factors: Seat Type, Colour, Features, Size, Purpose, Price/ Condition.

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When shopping for a wooden sofa set online with us, you will come across two kinds of seating options the higher seating and the lower seating.

  • Higher Seating – It provides the ease of getting up.
  • Lower Seating – It’s more relaxed and casual.

Therefore, when you purchase a sofa set, make sure who will be using it – Is the user tall, short or older? What material of sofa would one prefer – Wooden Sofa Set, Leather Sofa Set or a Fabric Sofa Set and finally what will be the sofa color that will suit your home interior. You can find sofas of different heights at Home Town – from seating height of 8 inches to 24 inches.

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It’s advisable to think prudently about the size of the place where you will place your new sofa set. Home Town offers you sofa sets in various sizes and shapes. What if you buy a couch which is not suitable for the place? It’s nothing but a waste of money. It’s therefore, essential to measure the area where the sofa sets will be placed.

Sofa Sets at Lowest Price

The width of the sofa set also plays a vital role in making the purchase decision. When you measure the space in the lounge, make sure whether it can accommodate 2-seater , 3-seater or six-seater. We have a wide range of sofas to choose from.

Sofa Set Online Shopping

Before buying your sofa set online, consider precisely what it is manufactured to be used for. Our sofas come equipped with plenty of features. They offer you many benefits over solid wood sofa set. Here is a list of benefits:

  • Sofas are much cheaper whim compared with other systems.
  • A host of sofas can be used as beds.
  • It’s a great way to reproduce and move around the living space, due to their lightness.
  • Our sofa sets are much sturdy and resistant to damage.
  • Sofas are comfortable

Purchase Wooden Sofa Sets at Home Town

HomeTown offers you different types of sofa sets.

  • Sectional sofas - Sectional sofas are in trends this year. Being a multi-purpose, these sofas can be put together 3 or 5 as per your requirement. You can find sectional sofas mainly in L-Shape or U-Shape. The modern sectional sofas at Home Town are Bernie Sectional Sofa in Teal & Beige Colour Left Hand Sid, Xavier Fabric Sofa Set Three + One + One Beige, Aldrich Solid wood Single Seater Sofa W/O Cushion and much more.

  • Sofa Recliners - Sofa Recliners are another category of sofa sets that you can buy at Home Town. When choosing a recliner, make sure there is enough room at the back and front. Recliners can be an electrical mechanism or manually operated. The electrical feature lets it open entirely and reclines backward. It gives ample space to sit.

  • Sofa cum Bed – Do frequent overnight guests come to your home? Then bring in multi-purpose sofas, i.e. sofa cum bed. This is a kind of couch which magically transits as seating by day and beds at night. When you open this full-length sofa set, it becomes a bed. Make sure your room has the proper width and length to house the fully-opened sofa bed.

Explore Sofa Set Designs That Meet Your Needs

Select exclusively designed sofas at the lucrative price at Home Town. Whether you want a sofa set that can complement your interior scheme, personal preferences, or space, we help you fulfil your wish and select the right piece. Not falling short of features, a vast range of design is unveiled for customers. What sets us apart in the furniture industry is the variety of quality and durable products that we offer to our clientele.

Why Purchase Wooden Sofa Sets at Home Town?

Shopping at HomeTown lets you have an excellent experience. Each product is manufactured and supplied to customers after conducting research, keeping in mind their every need. Keeping in with a stylish flavor, modern couch or sectional sofa add zest and bring a finesse touch to any room. We have in our stock classic sofa set for those looking out for traditional styling, reflecting the elegance of space. Their pristine design with enchanting features makes for a definite highlight.

Shop for Leather Sofa Sets Online at Home Town

Shop for an exclusive range of modern and traditional leather sofa sets online at discount prices. You can also avail the fabulous discounts from time to time and make your purchase cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our latest hometown sofa sets and find the right choice for you.